I would love to see them bring it back! it may have had some crisped rice in the chocolate because I remember the surface was kind of irregular, not smooth like a Kit Kat.

Bring back the older candy bars!!! I grew up in Missoula Montana and remember this candy in the late 70s!

It was my favorite.My sister and I thought we were the only ones who ate them. I grew up in a small town and they were sold at the 7-11 store up the street. The process of making candy wrappers recyclable isn’t going to happen tomorrow, but Mars is further along than many of its competitors. In the early 1960s, Mars began selling “Junior” variants of its popular candy bars, but then discontinued them in the late ’60s, deciding to come up with a slightly larger variant called “Fun Size.” The quick popularity of these morsels, particularly around Halloween, led many competitors to follow suit, including both Curtiss and its parent company, Standard Brands (which itself used “Fun Size” on its Planters Jumbo Block candy bar, making the entire concept of it being a “jumbo block” a complete misnomer). I absolutely LOVED the 10:30 bar. Check it out and be sure to subscribe. IF THEY MAKE IT AGAIN OR IF ANOTHER COMPANY WOULD THEM THEY WOULD MAKE GOOD MONEY ON THEM! (I can’t even find a photo of the bar anywhere.) Now everything is the same. "We accidentally dropped this caramel fudge in some peanuts, so let's sell it and pretend it was on purpose. 10:30 Candy Bar - Abba-Zaba Chocolate - Altoids Citrus Sours - Altoids Ginger - Altoids Dark Chocolate Covered - Bit-O-Licorice Black - Cow Sucker - Brach's Cherry Twisters - Brach's Coffee Candy - Brach's Stars (Dark Chocolate) - Brach's Dem Bones - Brach's Sprinkles Bub's Daddy Gum - Cherry Hump - Chicken Dinner Candy Bar - Chocolate Babies - Chocolite - Chum Gum “They contend that plaintiff purchased the federally registered trademark of ‘Fun’ solely to get a second day in court and that, in reality, the two actions are one and the same.”, Trademark infringement. Also check out the other =Food of the 70s?> pages.

I would love to see the 10:30 come back, but I guess it will only be in my memories, I grew up in the south eastern states and there was one country store that sold 10:30 candy bars .I loved themWish I could buy them today. I'd be interested to hear if anyone remembers buying one outside of the northeast. These are the best candy bars, ranked in order.These are all candy bars that a popular and sold in America. Nos partenaires et nous-mêmes stockerons et/ou utiliserons des informations concernant votre appareil, par l’intermédiaire de cookies et de technologies similaires, afin d’afficher des annonces et des contenus personnalisés, de mesurer les audiences et les contenus, d’obtenir des informations sur les audiences et à des fins de développement de produit.

A bowl of properly trademarked “Fun Size” candy. “Normally, we would insist that you take your images down or else I and our more formal and scary hired-gun lawyers would come and take all your candy away,” wrote Dole Vice President and Division General Counsel Richard Jacobs. The sweet combination of white chocolate and cinnamon with wafer-like insides just creates the perfect candy bar. where can i find them now? I was born in Brooklyn and moved to Washington DC in the eighties. it may have had some crisped rice in the chocolate because I remember the surface was kind of irregular, not smooth like a Kit Kat. A bar chosen over others many times. If a 3 Musketeers bar and a Caramello had a baby, it would be a Milky Way. I suppose I was around 14 at the time. My son was talking about the Mandela effect and explaining, that it's a memory that never really exist! Let's take a perfectly good Hershey Bar and shove a bunch of peanuts into it. You wrapped a chocolate cloud in chocolate?

We must be a special people.

//-->, Loading images, if this message doesn't go away you may need to enable javascript in order to see pictures, Candy bar from the mid 70's kind of like a rice crispie car in the shape of a baby ruth with a sweet vanilla coating, I rmemeber it wasn't around long and was deadly sweet.No one seems to remember it, help....called 10-thirty bar.

It melts in your mouth. I hope someone, somewhere can bring it back. And sign up for our newsletter—it'll make your inbox a little better every Tuesday and Thursday.

It was one of my favorites! Paycheck Candy Bars are a copycat recipe for PayDay bars. Matt Sullivan is insane. heeheehee. My Halloween needs are simpler: it’s pretty much all about the candy.

Maybe if the company who made them gets enough reponse, they'll bring it back. Be sure to check out the front page of the website, too—it's full of cool stuff. If you have never had a Sky Bar, you need to seriously re-evaluate your life choices. I actually have no memory of the stripes at all, but looking at this picture of the Danish® bar, the memories are coming back. I Remember them. Does anyone know where it can be found or who made them. Informations sur votre appareil et sur votre connexion Internet, y compris votre adresse IP, Navigation et recherche lors de l’utilisation des sites Web et applications Verizon Media.

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All rights reserved. When I was younger, I used to buy these candy bars at the 5 and dime.

This has led us to tasting most of the candy bars currently for sale in America, and some of them -- quite frankly -- are better than others. Did you know that with just a few ingredients and a little time, you can make your favorite candy bars at home? Last year, a wise soul with a great sense of humor named Adam Padilla came up with the scariest Halloween-related thing I’ve ever seen. This was truly one of my favorite candy bars growing up. The way I remember it, the 10:30 bar was very mild cinammon flavored wafers coated in white chocolate with pink stripes.

We'll eat whatever Betty White sells us, okay.

The Curtiss Candy Company, best known for Baby Ruth and Butterfinger candy bars, came up with a variant of this concept first, called the “Junior” candy bar. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window). ), thawed 48 bite-size candy bars (I used mini Reese’s and mini Snickers.

They're literally sweet memories.. 4 Answers. Yessss finally I’ve found my people! Million Dollar Candy Bars are a homemade version of the 100 Grand candy bar. :-(, It was heavenly I ask god to have one for me when I get to heaven, i remember the 10 thirty candy bar. 10:30 was the BEST candy bar ever made. A professional pastry chef, cookbook author, and writer, Elizabeth LaBau has published more than 600 articles on baking and candy making. Does anyone know if they still make the ten-thirty candy bar? google_color_border = "E7F0EB"; Strange there are no pics.

i wish they would make them again, Oh my goodness!!! ( Log Out /  i remember goin to this little corner store after church every sunday without fail to get one. google_alternate_color = "E7F0EB"; I used to love this candy bar! Initially, the case was a quick loss for Mars, as the defendants were quick to point out that a company on the West Coast had previously trademarked the term “fun” for candy-related uses way back in 1926.

For pieces of candy that are generally, on average, less than an ounce in size, we sure cover them in a lot of paper, plastic, and other materials. I grew up in Philadelphia in the ‘70s and this was my favorite candy bar. ", "We accidentally dropped our Pay Day in this chocolate, so let's sell it and pretend it was on purpose.". buggerhead. It sure was very tasty and delicious, it was the best candy bar I had ever tasted, but why did they discontinue making them, I had the time of my life back in those days enjoying this candy in 1975.

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