You may be convinced that it's dead and five minutes later it'll kick and move its head after another nudge. Some cases also have no identifiable cause. If your frog used to eat like a pig and is now hardly touching the bloodworms, that's a bad sign. :D. mariekbloch (author) on October 06, 2015: No idea. The African Dwarf Frogs float alot. I have two Adf and one is floating to the top, I see no red or shedding on her, but I just recently got new fish in the same tank. I'm wondering what on earth (or in aquarium) could have happened? When frogs shed, however, the skin usually comes off in one piece, almost as if they were taking off a suit. The bigger one is now floating at the top of the tank, hes got some shed but Im not sure its only shed. It could have been something else though, a different disease. I added salt to the tank (probably not the right thing to do, but the man at the pet store advised me to do so), and then the frog began to shed. All product links on this page are monetized.Special Offer: Try Backblaze Unlimited Online Backup for free! I change the tank water/filter every 6 weeks or so. Now since then everyday it looks like there dying or dead. To make sure your frogs stay healthy, always keep your water parameters in check. I'm heart broken, My dwarf frog has a red tail it looks like or his rear end you would say can anybody elaborate on what it is. He is very active but just hangs at the top. They were eating, but they got thinner and thinner, somehow starving to death. He is still alive 24hrs later. He hangs out up there with my Betta... Just floating around. He had to take a big jump from the kitchen counter to the ground on his journey . I have a male and female that were hatched from eggs that came in the mail 25 years ago in February 1994. One was floating at the top and the other was at the bottom in a very weird position. Water conditions include other aspects as well. Just a simple wipe down with a rag or did you use chemicals? They will go to move and they move a bit then they freeze and float to the bottom very awkwardly. All product links on this page are monetized. This means your tank is cycled (has good bacteria), since an uncycled tank causes spontaneous ammonia and nitrite spikes that can kill your frogs. However, even when it’s fully grown, the frog can shed its skin once a month. Linda, please put your ADF in a 1 gallon tank at the minimum. I would stay away from amphibians for a while. I've had our African clawed frog for 17 yrs. Dropsy is a usually-fatal condition in which fluid abnormally builds up inside the frog's body. They are not exploring. Looks like an air bubble . The details of treatment can be found at The Aquarium Wiki. Avoid buying frogs with any of the following: And of course, any of the previous signs of a dying frog. Both have always been active and liked to be together never fight. There can be several factors that might cause disease in African dwarf frogs. There is nothing in the tank that would eat him. The content of this website is not meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Not even a dead Frog? Also her stomach seems bloated, and her mouth is now red. Some of these conditions are contagious, and others aren't. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. African Dwarf Frogs should always eat whenever they have the chance. Some were still in the tank and today I went back to my room to discover on of my guppies had died- a bloodworm in it's mouth. This is mostly normal too. I once kept all different types of tropical fish.At different times through many decades.And for a short time I had afew of these funny little guys.Which co-habituated well with the fish at that time.And they seemed to be semi hearty.When I had mine for a realistic time before they died.A friend of mine had one he kept in a old five gallon glass water bottle.That one lived for many years.Named it after Lion spinks the heavy weight boxer. African dwarf frogs are susceptible to many fungal diseases. Now, maybe you’re asking yourself what is to be done with the shed skin that they leave behind. You only have to worry if they are trying to ESCAPE the water, that is a sign of chytrid.

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