Martirosyan: How did you first get into acting? But you know, really what we hope to do and I think professional development will help, is it to make it look better. That’s a lot. But there was this one kid that I didn’t really identify with any particular disability and he was walking around, eating snacks. But then, while we were there, we started a company. There’s nothing like it, really. It was interesting, because Rodrigo is just an amazing storyteller, but he doesn’t know of this disability world at all, so I’ve been sort of leading him along and we had this great meeting with Amy Hanreddy. Nobody, right? The program I was looking at had to do with nutrition for pregnant moms and kids. I thought, okay, my daughter didn’t speak at two and they said, “Get her into speech therapy,” the next day she was in speech therapy. The Perry family has a 2005 wheelchair van with over 160,000 miles. It wasn’t disability back then. The lines are so long sometimes they can’t be seen. But also, where we put our resources is in staff. As well as adapt the curriculums to the students. Last week was really wonderful. To help expedite the process of the Perry family getting a brand new wheelchair van for Auria, the community can make donations to All Things Possible. Chet Cooper: We had a meeting recently with the conference producers of ABILITIESme happening in the United Arab Emirates. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Auria Perry is 13-years-old but at the age of two, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Before CHIMEapalooza, Benjamin and I did this small fundraiser, and I kept thinking, This does not feel like our community. Thanks to the Fort Mill non-profit, All Things Possible, help is on the way. If you get there and your kid doesn’t have an IEP, and you just know it’s a great school, you wouldn’t even know how cool the school really is. A friend of mine said: “You want the kid to freak out on evaluation day, because then you get more services. Brenneman: No, sorry! Nothing says a family vacation like an RV, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, It's looked — and felt — like a whole different world as we've been social distancing and attempting to keep each other safe, See All the Celebs Taking RV Trips This Summer, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, From Empty Streets to Virtual Weddings: What Life Has Looked Like During the Coronavirus Pandemic. I’ve wanted to teach this class for a while. The family is pictured together in 2013 Brenneman: I pitched a movie to Showtime the other day. Have you experienced anything like this? Brenneman: That’s right; it was a terrible idea! "He looked up at me and said, ‘Right here?’ And I said yes. And at the end she said, “What’s really cool is, you could cast a doctor with a disability.” Rodrigo got really nervous. As long as you’re not being disruptive, which he wasn’t, I think CHIME just gives you a little bit more slack, especially with an after-school program where they’re coming off of a big full day. The Perry family's car struggles makes it hard to get their daughter to doctor's appointments, school and the park. Martirosyan: What are you working on creatively, these days? Brenneman: It was for the CHIME Institute, not just for the elementary school. I can’t even tell you how many times we’re like: “Where’s the person who’s supposed to be running this show? I vaguely knew there was this profession called acting, although every time I’d bring it up to my parents, they were like, “No. So part of why I took over the fundraiser is I thought: I want to connect the charter school to this bigger mission. Cooper: Do they have augmented devices to speak with? The non-profit is planning to gift the Perry’s with a wheelchair van specially made to make sure Auria can get to and from places safely. 'We gotta win this state' | President Donald Trump makes final push in North Carolina on eve of the election, Uptown Charlotte businesses and CMPD prepare for potential post-election protests, Panthers rookie Jeremy Chinn discusses the 2020 NFL season, 2 tiny New Hampshire towns cast first 2020 Election Day votes, Charlotte nonprofit helps underserved families in unique way, Local 4-year-old using money from her lip-gloss business to help foster kids, homeless neighbors. Amy Brenneman is best known for her TV roles on Private Practice, NYPD Blue and Judging Amy, which was based on her real life mother, who was a state superior court judge in Connecticut. His mom came up to me; she spoke a Peruvian language and she said to this doctor, “Can you help me? Right now, Charlotte’s terrible with her sense of time. All Things Possible says a sponsor will match donations up to $15,000. The Daylight star actress Brenneman is living a happy family with her husband and children. It’s really important for us, especially in this product-goal-oriented moment we find ourselves in, to go, “We’re not going to have costumes, but we’re going to do something.” I’m actually going to look through their writing and start crafting a little production. It’s for kids who have a hard time sitting. It’s all about the stories. Then they have to go back home and the ship doesn’t return for another year, if it comes back at all. As the threesome made their way up a large hill, Bodhi went into meltdown mode. And then CHIMEapalooza was such a success and Ben and I did publicity around it. There’s a guy who does traditional plays with the kids, like The Wizard of Oz or whatever. When you dig deeper you realize why. Often times there’s such a need, we’ve done stories on the Mercy Ships, where people literally walk for days to be seen by a doctor. You get behavioral, you get this, you get that.” My friend went on: “I deprive my kids of naps and food before their IEP.” (laughs). Cooper: How’s that campaign coming along? We were doing a warm-up, we’re on the floor—and we have two nonverbal kids, so they do the warm-up in their own way. It’s not politically correct, “Those poor kids.” It’s really, “This is why this community feels so great.”. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? With nonverbal kids it’s always awesome to figure out how they can communicate. People walk around and there are these mini-classrooms especially for younger kids, and outside the classrooms will be a little trampoline. One kid I don’t know as well. Because it’s about authenticity, acceptance and communication—all this stuff that’s interesting. I don’t know why politicians don’t do it. I teach a class there; I’m going to teach this afternoon. Tell me about your recent CHIMEapalooza event? “We focus on those that cant walk that need wheelchair vans in order to be transported to their medical and therapy appointments and school," Executive Director, Lisa Sexton said. “Being able to change people’s life in a dramatic way that ensures their safety and mobility is quite a gift and we give glory to God for that.”. So CHIME had been on my mind. He’s a fantastic kid. “They told us at that time she may or may not have difficulties with her physical abilities," Perry said. Amy said that during one recent morning, she was running late while trying to get her 7 ½-year-old daughter Charlotte Tucker to school. We talked about it later, and we’re not there yet, but I said, “Hypothetically, what is it about that idea that makes you nervous?” And he said, “I have to direct.” It just is a new thing for him. Comedian Allison Cameron Gray, a buddy of mine, is going to be part of the next CHIMEapalooza. Martirosyan: That’s why I love watching Jon Stewart. Martirosyan: CHIME is a great story. Bodhi and Charlotte are Amy’s children with husband Brad Silberling. It has transmission problems and issues with the ramp door. The first day she was miserable and had this epic tantrum, it was so embarrassing. Happy together: Amy and Brad Silberling, her husband of 20 years, have 14-year-old daughter Charlotte Tucker and a 10-year-old son Bodhi Russell. One challenge is follow-up. “To a friend’s house or to the store.”, “Many of the children we work with were born with a missing chromosome or having too many or very premature," Sexton said. I had the radio on this morning and heard, “The Pentagon may have a couple more furlough days because of these trigger cuts,” and I thought, “Good.” (laughs) I mean, I feel bad for those people, but they’ve had it pretty good for a long time, so okay, a furlough day or two. Cooper: Are you going to bring in those Pittsburgh tap dancers; the ones who do that Riverdance-style performance? Cooper: Was this CARE part of the woman empowerment portion of the program? RELATED: Charlotte nonprofit helps underserved families in unique way. So I said to the principal, “I feel really bad!”. Martirosyan: At the end of your class at CHIME, will there be a performance? Brenneman: I started doing plays when I was in seventh grade and I never stopped. Cooper: I like the term “scaffolding”; it conjures up images of building around a certain issue, and then assuring everyone access to it. Brenneman: A small one. So that’s been a goal: drill down on her language. It’s on film. In LA, though, we have resources. Brenneman: Isn’t tap dancing like Fred Astaire? Brenneman: I am and recently I got really involved with Prop 30 [which increased some taxes that were allocated to education], too, because I thought, man, CHIME is going to go down the tubes. Brenneman: Oh, yeah. But it’s a good feel. Brenneman: It’s really community-based theater, selfexpression. Cooper: It’s good that they’re doing that. Her speech person knows that; her teachers know that. She’ll say something’s going to happen tomorrow, even if it’s any time in the future; it could be a month from now or next year. As the wife and mom of two, daughter, Charlotte, and son, Bodhi, Brenneman is … Brenneman: Benjamin and I wrote it and we included my friend Tim Daly and Lorraine Toussaint—and some performers with disabilities into it.

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