did you see this updated version of this baileys recipe (new blog post)? I think you should make it, sip it, then send it. was it killer good!!!! It’s not Christmas and I’m an expat in a Muslim country and will have to try your recipe!!!!! Your email address will not be published.

Ew i drank it all anyway after sifting the clumps. Your email address will not be published. Lynne xx, Hi there

We can’t buy alchool any more in Canada. Some day. You and the hens will LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Här skall du få det rätta receptet på Bailyes, 4 dl vispgrädde thank you….

I’ll give you all the credit on this one.

Have a stunning day! Once you try the homemade baileys, you will NEVER go back to the store bought bottle version. No one will know your secret. Nice Christmas budget, huh? will that work? 4 years ago. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I would mix the whipping cream with milk so it wasn’t too thick. Isn’t the baileys recipe ‘knock your socks off’ awesome?! How to make Baileys at home.

That is awesome ! YUM !

I only had vanilla vodka on hand so, I used that instead. Serve over ice. Add the cream, cocoa, sugar, honey and extracts, and whisk thoroughly.

Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. *   Did you throat punch anyone in the mall yet? No kiddin. Thank you ! The Best Skinny Bitch Blueberry Muffin Recipe. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. There's a few laughs; a few tears; and no limits. Love your blog. I liked Tracy Black’s thinking too! RT @lynneknowlton: Homemade BAILEYS recipe that will knock your socks off ! Well I have fallen head over heals for your blog…I am not sure if it’s because I love all your amazing DIYs or if it’s because I have finally found a blogger who enjoys drinking as much as I do. Without mistletoe pressure. When I venture out, I dress WARM. https://lynneknowlton.com/homemade-baileys-recipe/. Love the idea, will let you know how it goes x, what if i wanted to make a big batch and give away as christmas gifts at work?

$$$ When I saw her recipe for homemade Baileys I knew I had to try it. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. I for one love Bailey’s Irish Cream in my coffee.

This Baileys recipe should come with a warning label. Remember…baby sips…baby sips….hiccup xx. And seeing as you have only the one stolen bottle, (that’s your excuse, right?) Reply. Cheers! That could work in a pinch. This may even up the ante of the annual X-mas basket X-Change (“You put a freaking smoked turkey in this year? This Baileys may cause you to laugh louder at jokes. So it pays to know how to make your own.

They will get such a kick out of it. Funny, I was the only one ever able to get Chef Ted to smile…. I will be sure to bring you some on my next trip to Paris !

Wow.). I haven’t tried swapping the vodka out with Tia Maria. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.

Live in Alberta need to ship to B.C., fingers crossed here…….can I ship it out? Done! you say that you use Vokda, my understanding of baileys, is that it is whiskey based, Ontario Canada! Lynne. She is an awesome pal to me on twitter as well. I think he was asking about shelf-life in the fridge… but then he tasted it, and agreed — 10 minutes is the lifespan of this recipe after opening the bottle. Lol.

welll… I’ve been doing all the Fall recipe I use to do at home… so I’ve been eating way tooooo much apples…. http://t.co/dz9e8e9VZq, You do know that Baileys is an Irish Cream… Made with Irish Whiskey and a coffee flavoring as well…, I have even tried the homemade version with the Irish Whiskey and I pinky swear promise …. 0 0. Can’t wait to try it out!! Anyway I found Lynne’s recipe for the Bailey (Big thanks and congrats by the way Lynne, you light up my days when I read you xxxx) So I try to find all the ingredients at the supermarket… And yes eagle brand here is Nestle and co.. you also can buy the U or other supermarket home brand whick is cheaper and will do the exact same thing… Awee what a great taste….

Love the treehouse…. I want to make this for Christmas gifts but can you tell me where you got the bottles? What better way to start the first week of March than with a recipe for Irish Cream Liqueur. Hi Pam, Your Christmas tree balls. The best homemade baileys in the history of ever. I’m trying that today ! Was pretty good. I was hiding it Ancient chinese recipe.

6. First, love your wit!!!! Sort of. Merry Christmas coffee drinking , Thank you.

My face hurts from laughing. All I can say is, thank goodness I’m retired because that shit is delicious in coffee and all sorts of wonderful by itself. all it took was a little homemade booze. Ahhhh shucks, thanks for sending it to your besties. LOL. xx, RT @lynneknowlton: Homemade BAILEYS recipe that will knock your Christmas stockings off ! OMG!

I’m gonna give this recipe a whirl….vodka, cream, chocolate… how can you go wrong? I must have forgotten to reply to your comment… but I didn’t forget about you.

But then the whiskey is SO EXXY!!!! xx.

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. I know some recipes call for Whiskey (and when I tried them, the taste wasn’t as great)… in my humble Baileys opinion. I have never met anyone who didn’t LOVE this recipe. To die for!!! Ohhh yes ! :)). It’s strong. P.S. I added extra syrup. DO?? This is easy sneezy to make.

can you explain why u are using vodka. 1. Our neighbor cranks out bottles of homemade kahlua,, aka “Christmas Cheer”, every year and long have I been wanting to usurp her. http://t.co/dz9e8erxo0, […] some help? Carolann's, St. Brendan's, and McCormick's are all good Irish Creams, and much less expensive than Bailey's. High speed will heat up and curdle the cream. Can I post this on my blog and link to yours???

I was worried about the cream factor as well. Search the word island, or beach in the upper right search box of my bloggy and you will find some fun posts in there . I would even go as far as to say that it's better than Bailey's because of not only price,but taste.A .750 ml costs 15 bucks,and you can get a 1.75 liter one for 30 bucks,almost the same price as Bailey's … Did you try it? OMG…you’re freaking hilarious….I have a new favorite blog! Lynne xx.

The problem with that, is that the baileys has cream in it, and it would need to be kept cold. Lynne, Another Baileys recipe ~ fantastic ~

Happy Holidays, xoxo, You are most welcome Brook. Did you make the baileys? What a bonus. I made some last year Oh so good however, it seemed like something curdled.

hee hee… *hic*, Too funny Kerry, This is very delish….wonderful gift for others as well as for self! . Homemade BAILEYS recipe that will knock your socks off! Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. That is why I drink. Christmas BALLS. 2 eggs Cheerzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Baileys may very well be the answer to all problems.


I will not ask where the rest of the drunken goodness has gone. I need to come up with a funky name for it. Lynne, Came across your website looking for blueberry muffin recipes. What the what what? Baileys is one of my most favourite things – especially at Christmas How was the baileys for your party!? Great gift! All they have to do is add cream xx. As a matter of fact, an updated version of this post is here too : Love the recipe and the blog. I’m a Canadian living in south France, as I have been homesick this past weeks, with the cool air coming back and no ”forest” to go walk into during this beautifull leaves changing color season….

I’ve been a fan of Irish Cream since forever.

haha. DO?? New York + Greenwich Hotel = H.E.A.V.E.N on earth. Some recipes are definitely made with Irish Whiskey ~ but they don’t taste NEARLY AS AWESOME as this one. This sounds worth a go. As long as it is a can of sweetened condensed milk (maybe Nestlé makes the same one?!) Enjoy !! Baileys makes you want to HUG everyone. Thanks Linda, Hi Linda, oh goodness, I’m not sure what size it is in ounces. I only thought it came in one size, to tell you the truth. Have fun!

What did you do wrong? * hiccup * Here now is an improved version of the Bailey's clone recipe that appears in More Top Secret Recipes. Happy holidays ! I don’t want any sloppy kisses.

It is so great to make it, isn’t it? what size the condescend milk tin?

You may get googly-eyed and a little bit tipsy.

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