It's revealed that he had dated a woman in a Woody Woodpecker outfit at a fairground for three months until she left him for the man who cleans the vomit on the roller coaster. Lenny is survived by his best friend and wife of 40 years, Marsha; his parents, Gerald and … [3] Another example of his apathy towards salvation is that he shrugs after being pulled from a ladder which would have seen him and. Akira | In The Simpsons Game, Carl and Lenny are shown arguing while bird-watching, and having forgotten Lisa and Bart's names when they save Lenny and Carl from logging machinery, even though Lenny and Carl have known them all their lives. Officer Eddie | One time Carl and him drunkenly suggest to Barney that he take them to the Playboy Mansion and the Girls College, respectively. She also states that she wishes Carl were her son. Occupation Scratchy, Minor Characters „ ~ Lenny Leonard.. Lenford "Lenny" Leonard is a recurring character from The Simpsons, and the second best friend of Homer Simpson. Lenny seems to have little regard for his own life: "Quick and pointless, that's the death for me". Lenny has a Sister that dates Carl only on Valentine's Day. Milhouse Van Houten | Cnbc Asia Tv Live Streaming, However, Lenny is once shown living in a dilapidated house, and pleads with Marge to not tell anyone how he lives. I'm not supposed to get [object name] in it!". It is also shown that Lenny greatly values all his friends when he throws them a lavish party (after winning on a lottery ticket) to celebrate their amity.[15]. Comic Book Guy | Carl then responds "Yes, this again." Homer Simpson | Lenny published a newspaper called The Lenny-Saver with the headline: "The Truth About Carl: He's Great." Every Valentine's Day, Lenny dates Carl Carlson's sister and Carl dates Lenny's sister. Later on both Lenny and Carl can be recruited by Marge in her mob to ban the sales of the Grand Theft Scratchy game to minors. Professor Frink | Mr. Burns Waylon Smithers (occasionally) Now you'll have someone who'll rub your back - without being asked" while glaring at Lenny, who sighed "Oh, not this again." Plopper the Pig, Groups and Organizations Relatives Two non-canon future family portraits from the 2006 couch-gag suggesting, that Lenny and Carl might be gay. His weapon of choice appears to be an AR-15 rifle with a vertical grip, which he says "are manufactured for a reason: to take out today's modern super animals like the flying squirrel, and the electric eel." On one occasion, he is promoted to head of the power plant when Mr. Burns goes bankrupt; which Smithers later describes to Homer Simpson as a "reign of terror". Cletus Spuckler | [7] Lenny is also a successful writer who wrote a series of mystery novels, one of them entitled "The Murderer Did It",[8] which are called "scary good fun" by Stephen King. Seymour Skinner | UFoHTH, Co-worker of Homer Simpson at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, job title unclear, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Strength, working skills. The possibility of a sexual relationship between Lenny and Carl has constantly been alluded. He is the best friend of Carl Carlson and, along with Carl, second best friend of Homer Simpson, behind Barney Gumble. [24], Lenny is apparently divorced - Carl says that he sang "The Best Is Yet to Come" at Lenny's wedding,[25] although it was later shown that Lenny punched Carl for giving a bad speech at his wedding. When Homer opened a chapel for gay couples after Gay Marriage was legalized, he speculated that Lenny and Carl might be interested, and Marge responds with "Don't you push them - they've gotta work that out for themselves." The possibility of a sexual relationship between Lenny and Carl has constantly been alluded. Homer mentioned to Moe that both Lenny and Carl are with their mistresses. Bart Simpson | I wanted the black one!". Homer to safety. Lenny appears to be well liked by the Simpson family. According to Moe, Doreen cheated on Lenny with everyone, except for him, even though Moe showered her with gifts. His grandmother spent 20 years in a Soviet labour camp, hinting that Lenny may have ancestors from the former Soviet Union, or have ancestors who were POWs. ", Lenny's hero worship over Carl has reached a mounting point. Lenny is also one of the few characters allowed to possess a "Simpson's Family" trait: Homer's beard line.[1]. Hobby [2] Lenny seems to have little regard for his own life: "Quick and pointless, that's the death for me". Krusty the Clown | Salford City Fc Board Of Directors, Lenford "Lenny" Leonard is a recurring character in The Simpsons and a supporting character in The Simpsons Movie. Do-Gooder [13], Marge has a picture of Lenny in her hair. Despite being shown in the First Church of Springfield, Lenny is a Buddhist. Born in Chicago, he is also a war hero and a three-time juror. He is also best friends with Carl, and they get along with Homer sometimes. Lenny's best friend is Carl Carlson, as they are rarely seen apart; his other friends are Homer, and regulars at Moe's including Barney Gumble and Moe Szyslak. Though only a lowly nonentity at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Lenny holds an exceptionally high ranking position at the local Stonecutters's Lodge -- 17 points above Mr. Burns, in fact. Carl Carlson states that he and Lenny have the same mother when a major fire is closing in on her work. He can also later be found standing with Carl later in the level prior to the mission, The Fat and the Furious. I loved... his recipe for caramel sundaes. In "The Simpsons Guy", Lenny sits next to Glenn Quagmire and Quagmire asks Lenny if he likes sex to which Lenny replies "Eh" causing Quagmire to note that they are not very similar.

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