With her first skill, Cecilia absorbs AoE damage. Brave Shine has a complex battle system that rewards skilled play. lol this list has many things wrong , don’t follow it, its way better to follow guitar rock videos if you really have to follow a guide. Levia’s Summon Demon can deal a tremendous amount of damage to a single, main target, while her additional damage is proportional to the enemy HP. More importantly, even if he gets killed, Lucius will instantly resurrect, activating Death Guard that has a very long duration and grants invulnerability to the next four attacks. So that’s all in the Brave Nine Tier List: S Tier Legendary Characters to the C Tier Legendary Characters. She has a permanent resistance to Damage over time attacks. Use links at the bottom right to jump to the tier list, arena, or novice arena sections. If you have to build the best team, you will need the top-tier characters from each of these roles; the characters who possess the defender role help you to defend the backline allies; DPS, magician, supporter.

Bazz-B and Tenjiro were already talked about here. His skills are straight forward. The core mechanics of Brave Nine revolve around party management and combat strategy. Use links at the bottom right to jump to the tier list, arena, or novice arena sections. In the mileage summon, you need mileage points(use diamonds to summon characters in the events to obtain this currency). He closely follows the latest trends in the gaming industry in order to keep you all up-to-date with the latest news. Also any time an enemy attacks her with a normal attack it is countered with a freezing. Bleach brave souls asia tier list Bleach brave souls asia release. Copyright 2020 © BlueMoonGame.com | Mito Games Corporation | Our website use cookies, please read our Privacy Policy.

In this way, you get a fresh chance to summon and obtain the mercenaries you want. Go to the shop -> recruit mercenaries -> there you have many options; normal, class, friendship, mileage, legend, and events(chances up). All this makes her impossible to be killed by anyone except for maxed out top tier heroes, and they struggle against her as well.

Because of this position-centric theme of battle, unit classes and their placement are so important. Units are now ranked at 1/5 with a level 10 trans slot. This makes her pretty much immune to any long-range attacks. Added new units from the TYBW Summons: Separation.

I'm surprised to see that Klab still release good premium units like 5th Anni Ichigo for power, Izuru&Gin and Rukia for Tech, 5th Anni Byakuya for Speed, when you have these 4, you can go for almost every type of mobs for their respective attribute. Same for TYBW Toshiro over Nemu. We hope that this information might help you decide which mercenaries are worth investing in and which aren’t. Currently the characters that are in S++ tier are: Raffy; Nartas; Lucius. These units can get you through most of the PvE stuff in the game but are not recommended for competitive play in the Arena or Colosseum. In offense, she deals additional damage with Titan strike, and if an enemy dies she heals again. PlayStation Now vs. Xbox Game Pass: Which Is Better? Rukia has 3 melee collision SAs, meaning all of her SAs hit consistenly, unlike Uryu's SA1 and SA2. When awakened Christina unlocks an ability Tricolor Bomb that deals Damage over time. Hope they will continue to release more strong premium characters, I like limited characters too but I like the idea of obtaining the good characters from BBS tickets etc. Reroll in this game is quite easy. Below is a summary of the changes made, though please do check out the list proper before giving us feedback on the list. Welcome pros and casuals to our Brave Nine (ex Brown Dust) complete tier list and best mercenaries! This tier list also focuses on units the player will want to invest in when building an end-game party, meaning monsters and item units are excluded because they have other, more important uses outside of battle. Love the changes and thanks for keeping us in the loop. He is a decent defender that slowly drains away the enemy’s HP and is a big nuisance to warriors, all of this makes him a good pick for Novice Arena. If Horan’s enemies are successfully taunted all damage will be reduced and swiftly countered by her. Why is bazz b so high? ... Brave Souls community.

She boosts all stats of allies and can become immune to debuffs. The skill will also affect secondary targets in a cross shape (centered on the main target), dealing smaller damage, but usually enough to instantly kill them. Ever since escaping he was looking for a way to get revenge on the Twilight Order. Note: As a general reminder, S tier is a tier reserved for only units who stand out even from the A+ tier units. And what is it about Bazz B that has him rank in S+? Each of these skills gains another charm subskill.

He looks like a boy even though he is 163 years old. Notice that there are fewer mercs in both the 4 and 3-star lists. He taunts enemies to attack him in return, he receives reduced damage.

The game made by the BlueMoonGame team is now available in stores. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. She is a tough hero that can be a solid support to any team in either Arena or Novice Arena. Close. A fairy that commands one of the elementals, Gluttonous. For defense, he has a damage barrier that reduces incoming damage along with removing DoT applied to him. In the normal summons, you need scrolls(can be obtained by playing the game; through missions, quests). In other words, the more HP the target has, the higher Angelica’s damage will be. And, In the event summon, you can spend scrolls and diamonds. Mercedes is a defender whose best skill is her first skill. For mind Koga looks like still a very good Hollow killer as premium along with newly released Arrancar killer Kisuke and Soul Reaper killer Fierce Battle version of Ichigo.

u/ather1n, Byakuya has a shave type sa1 which really hinders him down u cant even kill 1 wave with it as for his sa2 its really great but sadly not enough to actually cover up his shit sa1 and below average vacuum type sa3. In order for your ranking to count, you need to be logged in and publish the list to the site (not simply downloading the tier list … There are 4 classes roles in total, namely: Each merc is also categorized as a 5-star, 4-star, or 3-star unit depending on how rare they are. GamingScan is reader-supported. Brave Nine is a strategic turn-based battle game featuring over 300 unique Mercenaries presented in stunning artwork. *The element of the unit is denoted by the color: fire, light, earth, water, dark, thunder. The way around this is to make a tier list for each of the 3 categories of mercs. while i think he's not good, he's still better than her, another one is bazz-b being rather higher than tenjiro.

Unlike in PvP where your goal is to have a high winrate (over 50%), in PvE the only way to progress is to beat each stage sequentially 100%So while there are some units that can help you beat most of PvE content, there will still be stages where you will use different forms with different formations, because you are not looking to beat “most of the campaign” but your goal is to proceed through all of the campaign. If you are satisfied, continue with the account. If you disagree with our tier list, or feel like it needs an update feel free to leave a comment to let us know! Kry gained his powers by being an experiment for the Twilight Order. The Best Graphics Cards For Gaming (2021 Reviews), The Best PS4 Pro Accessories (2020 Reviews). Do you have any suggestions? Looking for a new and totally epic game? Refithea is one of the Six Devils. She counteracts any normal attack by her own boosted attack if an enemy dies by this attack she instantly heals. Mercenaries in Brave Nine are categorized into 5, 4, or 3-star units depending on their rarity and overall combat ability. Posted by 6 months ago. We are home of news, updates, discussion, information, and more pertaining to the mobile game! Please note that all links starting with geni.us will redirect you to Amazon. While not a bad SA, it drags them down compared to others. Let your awesome gaming start right now! GamingScan © 2017-2020. Asmode is a unique mercenary that debuffs and damages enemies by supporting them. At the beginning of a battle, she activates an Ice Barrier that reduces incoming damage. So here is the most up-to-date Brave Frontier unit tier list for 2020. Currently the characters that are in S++ tier are: The characters in S tier are slightly weaker than the ones in S++ tier, but still very strong. Friendship summon lets you summon the mercenaries(up to 4-star) with friendship points. EX – Seir, Vernoia, Siegmund. Apache was added to the S+ tier, Nemu was added to the S+ tier, and Halibel was added to the B+ tier in their respective niches. She can stun enemies making her useful in staving off warriors and ranged units from attacking for that round.

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