When the recharge price is 900,000 coins, the cost per shot (at 2,500 shots) is 360 coins. However, it is far more cost efficient in the long term to instead use the crystal shards on potions and use the money from selling them to re-enchant your crystal equipment. •  Hunters' Normal(u) Crystal enhancement seeds can be used to create enhanced Crystal shield, Crystal halberd and Crystal bow OSRS.

However, the price is decreased by 180,000 coins each time Ilfeen re-enchants a seed for a player, in the following manner, until reaching the minimum recharge cost of 180,000 coins: The amount that Ilfeen charges is dependent on the number of crystal seeds she has re-enchanted, not the number of crystal bows she has recharged. A crystal bow is created when an elf sings to a crystal weapon seed and enchants it into a bow. Offers the second highest one-handed Ranged attack bonus in the game, outclassed only by the, Increases accuracy and damage by 30% when fighting, Offers the third highest one-handed Ranged attack bonus in the game, outclassed only by the, Offers the fourth highest one-handed Ranged attack bonus in the game, only behind the. +0 Items that disassemble into Tensile parts, Items that disassemble into Flexible parts, Items that disassemble into Precise components, Items that disassemble into Dextrous components, Items that disassemble into Seren components, https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Attuned_crystal_bow?oldid=24552567, Supplies its own ammunition, disallowing the use of, Has a 9 square attack range, which decreases the distance a player needs to move in order to attack targets, Passive effect: damage-over-time effect that ramps up in damage the longer it is in combat against a specific foe that is treated as a poison, Passive effect: stores damage received in combat (must remain equipped), As a shieldbow, it allows the use of defence abilities at a cost to damage dealt, Has a chance (up to 12%, based on Agility level) to deal +25% damage, Degrades: has 60,000 auto-attacks, and costs, Can also explode and do damage to the player using it (the higher the Firemaking level the lower the chance), Untradeable, requires significant progress in the. After 250 hits, it degrades into a "Crystal bow 9/10", and thereafter for every 250 hits, it will degrade another 1/10th until it reverts into a crystal seed after a total of 2,500 hits, and must be recharged before it can be used again.

In order to obtain a crystal halberd, one must talk to Islwyn who will offer to sell you a "new" crystal halberd for 750,000 coins. •  Phoenix Unlike Ilfeen's recharge price, the price of a new crystal bow does not decrease. RS Before the Evolution of Combat, the crystal bow (as well as shield) used to lose some of its combat bonuses every time it degraded. The crystal bow (doesn't have to be fully charged) is the item Falo requires players to show him when he sings about: A bow of elven craft was made, it shimmers bright, but will soon fade. This article is about the crystal bow. Crystal bows start with 100 charges, and lose 1 charge after every 25 shots. She can be found teleporting back and forth between two clearings in Isafdar.

Regarded to be the best way of training Ranged at the cost of it being expensive. A crystal bow with 2/10 charges is a possible reward for completion of Roving Elves.
However, when the recharge price decreases to 180,000 coins, the cost per shot is 72 coins. •  Mud pie The crystal bow degraded over time. •  Dark The crystal bow is a bow made from enchanted elven crystal. Although crystal bows do not require any ammunition, they still have a cost associated with their use, in the form of their recharge cost. It has the accuracy of a tier-90 weapon, but the damage of a tier-80 weapon.

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