Apple began surveying their own employees every four months to find out how likely they would be to recommend the store as a place to work. Instead, they focused on their customers and it has paid off. Speaking of brand loyalty, a recent report from RBC Capital Markets has revealed that in a survey, they found that as far as customer retention is concerned, Apple is doing a much better job at keeping their customers on board compared to the competition, like Samsung. For most brands, marketing’s role focuses on increasing brand awareness, creating new leads, and then passing them to sales. The 4th step (“Listen for and resolve issues or concerns”) encourages employees to get to know their customers better so that they can offer them a higher degree of convenience and personalization. Gradually, it will come to the point that consumers only give preference to devices that work best in the ecosystem where they live. Luckily, companies can use several strategies to retain more customers and facilitate repeat business. And if consumers are happy with the products they buy, they will probably recommend them to others, or just talk about them online. This can foster a tremendous amount of trust and respect for your brand. Leave your email to get our monthly newsletter. Also, whenever you switch your iPhone, you know your data is always safe in the cloud and all you have to do is, log in using the same credentials to access the data. Apple has strategized and prioritized customer retention and loyalty. 3 Marketing Tactics to Continue with Customers to Increase Retention. They continuously adopt different measures to boost the chances of customer retention. Best of all – you can easily set up automation scenarios, run transactional NPS campaigns, and integrate our service with tons of useful platforms and tools. Brian X. Chen, New York Times, pointed this out, arguing that any product review is worthless without an understanding of the company’s customer service. Also, increasing personalization on more channels can increase consumer spending by around 500%. All customers want to feel like they’re successful and respected—whether it’s with their boss or within the industry. As of 2016, the company had an NPS of 72 – one of the highest in the technology industry – following a decrease in 2018 to a score of 63. 1. Apple essentially prevents accidental Caps Lock keystrokes by requiring users to hold the Caps Lock key a bit longer for it to turn on. Gathering information on what types of content customers are consuming also enables you to create personal and relevant content that helps your customers succeed. They continuously adopt different measures to boost the chances of customer retention. Apple’s Support Page helps with this too. And if they do the latter, it’s safe to assume those people are loyal customers. If there are any issues with their product, people know they can easily make a reservation at their local Genius Bar, and take the product in for support. By that, we don’t mean they just create products that are new. What’s more, companies with highly engaged employees can see a revenue growth of around 2.5 times that of their competitors – not to mention high employee engagement can also reduce expensive staff turnover by approximately 40%. Is innovation tied to Apple’s NPS, though? Though they have created a brand new, still the company keeps trying to urge the users to stay in the ecosystem. More than likely, people aren’t going to stop consuming your resources when they become customers. 4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog Content and Boost Traffic, Dentists and Doctors Should Rethink Marketing Basics, 6 Employee Wellness Ideas to Rejuvenate Your Workplace. Four Ways to Power Your Organization For a Digital Transformation, 5 Essential Tips For Law Firm Business Development, How to Handle Your Business When It Comes to Fitness, Managing Personal Finances During the Pandemic, Lucrative Side Hustle Jobs to Make More Money, How To Do Business Remotely with Customers in Australia, The Phenomenon Of TikTok: Explain Why We Stick To Short Videos For Hours, Your Guide to Speed up Macbook’s Performance, The Most Important KPIs to Track for Ecommerce Growth, Google’s Mobile-First Index: 9 Helpful SEO Tips. An Easy Guide to Getting a Perfect Credit Score, 10 Huge Investing Mistakes You’re Probably Making as a Beginner, How to Build a Strong Brand on Social Media: The First Steps You Should Start With. It is the place where all your data is housed. Contrary to what you might think, one of the most important customer retention strategies starts before you make a sale, during the decision-making stage of the buyer journey. As a result, those customers will most likely become Promoters for the brand they like, raising its NPS score. Whether you run a technology business or have an unrelated brand and want to learn from Apple’s amazing success, the factors below can help you improve your customer loyalty and retention: One of the most frequent reasons customers don’t purchase something – especially an expensive or unique product – is anxiety about whether or not it will work as it should. This kinds of experiences are usually a result of Apple’s 5 steps of service (the acronym for those steps is actually APPLE). Personalize Messages. Apple’s customer satisfaction and loyalty have been growing steadily over the years, reflecting the way consumers view the brand. The outcomes of these calls, together with the customer comments, provide important coaching and feedback messages that are passed along to employees.”. The company has been reaching out to the users with the aim to motivate them to persuade them to stick to Apple. The brand’s services are usually highly oriented towards offering users a personalized experience. According to research, 84% of consumers say it is somewhat important that the company they buy from is innovative. For Apple, feedback is clearly important, given they make it very easy (and also encouraging) for customers to leave feedback for most of their products and services. Apple has been nurturing customer retention and loyalty for a very long time. And if your employees are happy and productive, your customers will be satisfied too. Or, you could do something more simple like sharing exclusive insights about trends that are happening in your industry. How can you amplify their success? From Apple to other industry-leading companies, the best way to learn retention from big companies is to survey your customers, read their feedback and use it to improve your product, service, and experience. Apple continuously keeps working in the labs to evolve its existing set of offerings. For some people, reading an article is a much easier task than connecting with customer service reps. All of that has a huge positive impact on relieving purchasing anxiety, which eventually ends up contributing to Apple’s NPS. NPS feedback is analyzed and provided to stores on a daily basis. Apple hardly disappoints its users as most of Apple’s new editions or the new products are not just as per the expectations of the users, but they sometimes even surpass the expectation of the users. They have thoughtfully planned their product roadmaps. Business Analyst / Business Intelligence Analyst as well as Experienced programming and software developer with Excellent knowledge on Hadoop/Big data analysis, Data Warehousingt/Data Staging/ETL tool, design and development, testing and deployment of software systems from the development stage to production stage with giving emphasis on Object-oriented paradigm. 5 Amazing Cloud Computing Solutions for Remote Workers, Tips to Follow When Starting a Delivery Business, 4 Types of Videos You Should Create for Your Small Business, The Sticking Points in Optimizing Your Sales Funnel for Better Conversions, 4 Insanely Effective Ways to Generate More B2B Leads, The Beginner’s Guide to Sales Funnel Stages, A Step-by-Step Guide to Cross-Selling and Upselling, Understanding the Chapter 11 Subchapter 5 Bankruptcy Process. But that’s not all – the company also offers support on Twitter, and has a dedicated YouTube support channel too. If that will happen (and it very likely will happen), Apple is more than prepared for this. Thus, most of the Apple users tend to stick to Apple as they are used to iCloud. Question: Q: Customer Retention Hello, does anyone have a toll free phone number or an email account for Apples Corporate Team ( 408-996-1010) at there head offices? What Do Companies with High Net Promoter Score Have in Common? Concerns that getting an answer from the company might be difficult if the product doesn’t work as it should also come into play. Certainly, because they are either too satisfied or happy being an Apple user. What if Someone Got Injured on Your Business Premises? Your marketing team is on the front lines when it comes to facilitating the perception that customers have about your brand. And that boost was achieved by just spending $2/person on snacks and drinks! (2020 NPS Benchmark). Apple has been nurturing customer retention and loyalty for a very long time. Whenever Apple receives a poor score from a Detractor, the store manager follows up over the phone to clear up the issue within 24 hours. How does omnichannel support contribute to a high customer satisfaction, you ask? The main reason they manage to offer products like that is because they focus on innovation. Besides that, Apple customers also know they can rely on Apple-authorized service providers and Apple Repair Centers if the Genius Bar just isn’t an option. Contrary to the common belief that Apple doesn’t like to listen to its customers, Apple was one of the first big proponents of Net Promoter Score. Apple is one of the top ios/iPhone development brands in the world. For instance, Apple Music uses personalization to pick the best soundtracks for every user. While running NPS surveys can seem difficult if you don’t have any experience with them, the reality is that they’re quite easy to manage – if you use the right NPS platform, that is. A simple Google search is enough to reveal how many Apple customers are pleased with the unique experiences the brand offered them – like replacing a phone for free because a customer waited too long for the problem to be diagnosed, or replacing a month-old computer with a brand new one because a key was depressed for someone who was going to college. Plus, companies with engaged employees outperform businesses without engaged employees by a whopping 202%. And when users noticed problems with the product, they were quick to act on that feedback. But, it is definitely not easy to convince an Apple user to switch to any other platform. The response is rapid, and it has serious positive results for Apple’s ratings. It’s the result of an incredible focus on delivering a great product and an exceptional experience to customers – something Apple, as the world’s largest tech company, has turned into a streamlined process. That might not seem impressive, but it’s actually a pretty good score, given that eNPS is usually lower than NPS since employees are stricter critics than customers.

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