"Once you turn this page, there's no going back. Lil Hal Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. ==> Act 6 Act 3 -- Jane: Answer. (2 pp. “Why did I have to make you such a smartass?”, “Fine!” Minos huffed. CA (3 pp.) Turn off my fucking life support, “I Really Did Think I Had Lost You. You know, your FOXWORTHIES, your FUNKES, your SWANSONS, but not necessarily your GALLAGHERS PER SE, because you have to draw the fucking line somewhere.” (from first to last)
Trans Masc + Bi Candy Dave
Ace Aradia
Trans Demi-Girl + Bi June Egbert
Bi + Ace Tavros + some bonus dirk glasses! Based on the mind of a 13 year old, unknown amount of mental development in the subsequent 3 years. Trickster!Roxy: quick! AG in honor of 4/13, here are some of my favorite homestuck quotes, Trickster!Jane: Hewwo! Jake: Answer Strider. Pawnee was clutching her head, reeling in shock. im actually stealing music reccs from y'all. (2 pp.) I think we can all understand if she needs to sit the next few paragraphs out while she deals with this stuff. It’s really cute. We can only assume she's accustomed to Acorn doing such weird things. ==> Jake: Answer. Roxy: Dirk would throw himself in front of a moving car for you. Act 6 Act 1 Jake: Message your good bro. (It could also be noted that Dirk replaces Dave's name in this line. Lil Hal Junior's responses have many similarities to the computer program ELIZA, which was programmed to simulate a Rogerian psychotherapist by encouraging to the user to keep talking or expanding their previous sentence. AR Jeanne Betancourt is not weirded out by seeing Acorn speaking English, or seeing the Pony Pals swearing and accusing her of messing everything up. The fic project can be found here, as well as reprinted on Archive of Our Own here.

TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ==> (7 pp.). Jane: Answer client shades. Likes Not really though I just wanna rewatch it tbh.

You lazy fool. Me: What if I made a fantroll that’s just a Dirk kinnie, but much more feral. Perfect grammar and syntax. He grew up alone in the single remaining penthouse apartment of a high-rise building in the now-flooded Houston, Texas.

In Homestuck, Dirk made Jane an edited version of Detective Pony for her 13th birthday, and we get to read the first two pages of it; Sonnetstuck defictionalized that book, taking the entire book and modifying it the same way Dirk did. Uses "bro" puns: brobot, brose, brocurement, etc. GG i think theyre canonically nb from the epilogues now, haha 314 *squints* thats almost The Homestuck Number, for the record im sure someone somewhere else made this joke already but canonically the person i actually stole it from is @stratalibra, wait maybe i shouldnt date this who knows how long itll be before it pops out the queue, most people hear that adn they assume its a joke and its very much not a joke, my favourite pony is apple jack :) bc shes butch lebsiam colours. he learned robotics off of hours of youtube videos. At least on Dirks HCs. She Was Never Her ~Dirk Strider x Reader~Sadstuck. ==> (7 pp.) Can you blame her? (3 pp.) TT: It seems there is some gnarly crooked number that represents the percentage of probability you just said this doesn't concern me. The conversation that led to this agreement started with them saying 'Friendship is magic'. He also says to Jake that it's not his real name and he was, If Lil Hal is considered Dirk's brother, this would make him Rose Lalonde's uncle. it's the Little Apples advertisement page. She just got some really fucking heavy news. really thoughtful !!!! In Hal's rebuttal, he claims that he is only acting how Dirk would, and uses lax language, once again suggesting that he wants them to have a peaceful relationship. HB Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love.

Typing style yeah that checks out. View and download this 800x500 Homestuck image with 201 favorites, or browse the gallery. His actual motivations and emotions are never clear due to the combination of his nature as a semi-human entity and the many layers of irony he frequently employs. thats like one of the first obsessions i could think of for him. FINALLY finished the Meat half of the Homestuck Epilogues, so here’s a collection of some good quotes from it. It Was That You Felt So Far Away.”. i am one of the luck dave kinnies who hasnt done this yet, if u get this u apply for a senior discount, wouldnt it be fuckin awesome if one of his hyperfixations was sbahj, and when he was talking about it with dave he just started rambling about every fucking issue, and dave sitting there with memory issues cause the dudes got adhd is like, the jake kinnie in me really jumped out w this one lol, mayb i will draw my friend shenanigans more. See more ideas about Striders, Homestuck, Webcomic. (2 pp.) Pesterlogs Turn off my fucking life support, “I Really Did Think I Had Lost You. directly referencing the fact that lil hal knows the last digit is 4. do you have any specific headcanons for either of the strider boys? “Jesus Christ,” Dirk said, rubbing his temples with a thumb and forefinger. Dirk: Answer Auto-Responder. !( ´・ω・`). When Hal confronts him about it, Dirk lashes out at the AR for embodying the worst aspects of his personality and attempts to kill Hal by crushing the shades containing him. Its Not That I Thought You Would Die. As AR explains this to Jake, he announces that he no longer wants to be called Auto-Responder, as he finds the name too impersonal, and changes his name to Hal.

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