0000001878 00000 n Annas and Glantz (1986) suggest that "a nursing home council, composed primarily of residents, should review and approve any protocol before the research can be conducted at their facility. While it is recognized that memory may be a problem for some elderly subjects (thus putting into question their ability to provide continuing consent), the question for the IRB is whether, despite some impairment to competence, subjects can make reasonable choices. What do you do when someone doesn't?

The subject population should comprise cognitively impaired persons only under the following circumstances: when competent subjects are not appropriate for the study; if the study is related to a problem unique to persons with that disability; and if the study involves minimal risk [Annas and Glantz (1986), p. 1157]. Every year, about 70 per cent of long-term care residents have at least one fall, and half of those result in injury.

[See Guidebook Chapter 6, Section D, "Cognitively Impaired" for a discussion of the problems of research involving institutionalized subjects.] For research-related updates, visit ored.rutgers.edu/coronavirus. [See Guidebook Chapter 6, Section D, "Cognitively Impaired."]

In healthy older people, loneliness has a pattern of stress response similar to that of people who are under chronic stress. Also, conducting research with older patients may be more difficult and more costly. Masks and distancing make it tough for the, Older Americans are risking coronavirus exposure to get their medications, We are all humanitarian negotiators now: 3 steps for planning your ‘please take social distancing seriously’ conversation, Social distancing: 6 ways to help older adults change their routines, Robopets: Using technology to monitor older adults raises privacy concerns, Coronavirus: why young and old must pull together to survive this. Does the proposed consent process provide mechanisms for determining the adequacy of prospective subjects' comprehension and recall? 0000002891 00000 n But is incarceration a 'cruel and unusual' punishment for those who don't understand why they are behind bars?

0000002709 00000 n The format of the paper includes introduction, body and discussion/implication and conclusion. 0000002386 00000 n Wearable gear and changes to living spaces aim to prevent falls and limit injury. In some states, over half of deaths are in nursing homes. 235-36]. Also, conducting research with older patients may be more difficult and more costly. <<85BBA4AC9BCD88488A251A44BA4D44B6>]>> Most older people are neither cognitively impaired nor live in institutional settings. In the past, persons in nursing homes or other institutions have been selected as subjects because of their easy accessibility.

Hip fractures are a common injury sustained in falls in long-term care. The government doesn't know how many people have died of COVID-19, in part because it didn't require nursing homes to report cases to the CDC. Studies have shown that education, health status, and inadequate communication about the research rather than age contribute to lack of comprehension and recall [Sachs and Cassel (1990), pp. Social distancing is leaving older Americans more isolated and opening them up to serious health risks.

Audiologists recommend enhanced communication strategies in the time of coronavirus to help the nearly 60 million Americans living with hearing loss in one or both ears. Thus, research on the elderly is both ethically required and ethically suspect. Immunosenescence — the decline of immune system function with age — means that vaccines are not as effective in older adults, the demographic most susceptible to many diseases, including COVID-19. Despite these difficulties, the inclusion of older persons in the research enterprise is important. It has been suggested that in order to screen subjects for sufficient comprehension and recall, a two-part consent process be used, where the second part involves a test of the subject's comprehension and recall of the information presented in the first part. 0000005182 00000 n 846 0 obj <> endobj

0000003960 00000 n Some older adults are struggling to practise social distancing during the global pandemic, even though they're at high risk. startxref The latter is more has more pages in length. 0000002736 00000 n

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