position: absolute; The good news is I’m in direct contact with the top guy at FLX and he has assured me all will be good. I have what is basically the same spec bike direct from China. Hello, I am the fortunate Canadian to have the first and one of 20 BabyMaker prototype bikes. The BabyMaker is my first ebike. I had requested the bullhorn style bars and it came with drop bars. I am a little concerned about the frame and aggressive body position. Joining VeloClub not only supports the work we do, there are some fantastic benefits: Crowdfunding sites have been a mixed blessing for the cycling industry. For starters, its chain is designed such that you can pedal seamlessly without encountering any hitches.

On level 5 you can rocket up any hill, the torque and quickness is impressive. I hope FLX can sell a lot of these. The Babymaker (… yup, still hate writing it, good to know) is available on Kickstarter for US$1,049 for the base model, with a ‘PRO’ model for US$1,337. I do apologize, as I am certain this is not the news you want to hear. The single speed belt is a big plus for me to minimize maintenance on a commuter. ​​​Due to the high volume of emails we are currently receiving, please allow 48 hours for a response from our team. Its pro version offers better usage and safety functions. I (Court) wasn’t the one who reviewed the Baby Maker here, but I did cover a similar ebike called the Propella, which can be purchased with a 7-speed drivetrain. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to come up with some estimates depending on bike ordered how soon they will be built then in turned shipped out.

A single speed road bike with a reliable and smooth belt drive, very aesthetically pleasing, minimalist design that hides the battery and uses a no-nonsense display, also comes in a variety of color ways to choose from, a perfect setup for those that want an agile and stealthy setup, Driven by a 250-350 watt hub-drive motor from AKM, 25mph top speed, high-resolution 12 magnet cadence sensor, comes with a minimalist display for a stealthy look, 36v 7ah battery is completely hidden within the frame, stays protected and helps the bike blend in, Mechanically makes use of a single speed belt drive, this makes the bike not only very smooth and quiet, but also means less maintenance and it won't rust over time and should prove more reliable, features linear pull brakes, these work great with the dual contact points in front and rear, Battery is not easy to remove and could result in poor battery life if left outside with the bike, no fender provisions, no rack provisions, aggressive riding position may not be for everyone, no motor inhibitors, and no battery integrated lights, 23" Seat Tube, 22" Reach, 32.75" Stand Over Height, 37" Minimum Saddle Height, 18.75" Width, 65" Length, Rigid Aluminum, 100mm Hub Spacing, 9mm Axle with Quick Release Skewer, Horizontal Dropout with Steel Sleeve, 125mm Hub Spacing, 3mm Adjustment Screws, 12mm Keyed Threaded Axle with 17mm Nuts, Forged Aluminum Alloy Arms, 170mm Length, Square Taper Bottom Bracket Spindle, 64 Tooth Steel Front Belt Ring with Aluminum Guard and 5 Bolt Spider Provisions, Wellgo M255, Aluminum Alloy Platform with Fixed Pins, Black, Threadless, Sealed Cartridge Bearings, Tapered 1.2" - 1.5", Slight Rise, Aluminum Alloy, 35mm Length, 28.8mm Clamp Diameter, Bull Horn, Aluminum Alloy, 80mm Rise, 135º Bend, 475mm Width, Tektro R313 Mechanical Rim Brakes, Two-Finger Levers, Dual Pivot Caliper with Quick Release, FLX Branded, Vinyl Covered Gel, Active Footprint, Aluminum Alloy, Double Walled, 21mm Outer Width, 36 Hole, Black, Stainless Steel, 13 Gauge Front 12 Gauge Rear, Black with Silver Screws, Fixed Downtube Mounted Battery Pack, Sans 1.4lb 3 Amp Charger, Basic Assembly Toolkit, Topology SW102, Fixed, LCD Display, Buttons: Power, -, +, M, Walk Assist: Hold -, Backlight: Hold +, Clear Values: Hold M, Settings: Double Tap M, Pedal Assist Mode (0-5 with Arrows), Current Speed, Odometer, Battery Life (5 Bars), Average Speed, Max Speed. I was lucky to come across their Indiegogo campaign early and was quite pleased when I saw the bike. One that is particularly impressive is the FLX Babymaker. As far as electric bikes are concerned, the FLX Babymaker has one of the sleekest designs you can find in the market. Whether the story ends up with a bunch of happy customers or a blaze of ignominy remains to be seen, but either way, I’ll be watching … mostly because I can’t look away. We do our best to cover a LOT of ebikes here, but also guide towards the best ones.

© COPYRIGHT 2019-2020. I’ve felt this way about similar ebikes in the past, but it’s nice to have choices, so we just do our best to cover them here and provide more data to help people decide :), How do you think this bike compares to the Luna Stealth or Ride1up Roadster? Thank you so much for sharing this link, Doc! Only if it doesn’t cost whopping $5k (cheapest version too), I would definitely go for it. In the end,I am certain once these unhappy owners will be very happy. I’m amazed that they have been able to sell these globally… especially with the shipping and health stuff we’ve gone through recently. Something goes wrong will the local bike shops say that they deal in chains and not belts? It was born that way.“ Immerhin sollte die Produktion der Bikes angesichts der recht einfachen Technologie kein Problem werden – das ähnlich gehypte aber deutlich anspruchsvollere Calamus One scheint nach wie vor nicht erhältlich zu sein. However, the lightness is actually quite useful. And speaking of attractive, I was especially struck by the classic look of Sterling Silver diamond frame with tan accents (bars, saddle and tires). I couldn’t find the tires alone, but this is the bike that was using them. You could always swap back to platform pedals if you don’t like the setup, just make sure the thread matches before trying to screw your existing SPD clip-in pedals onto the crank arms, or you could ruin the thread.

I see a lot of anger in the posts about “schedules moving” but the reality is this was an Indiegogo campaign.

I don’t know if the company has grown, gotten investors, or just white-labeling products from China? After discontinuing the Gain Urb, Ride in style: Do you already know Le Picot? But in updates they asked to stop asking “when will I get my bike?” which would not be difficult to determine. As far as electric bikes are concerned, the FLX Babymaker has one of the sleekest designs you can find in the market. They have a clever marketing game and bike name so I guess its consumer beware when it comes to price.

Doch bleiben auch – wieder typisch für viele Crowdfunding-Kampagnen – einige Fragen offen: Man schreibt von einem 350W Motor mit 500W Peak Power, den europäischen Pedelec-Richtlinien entsprechen aber nur Motoren mit 250 Watt Dauerleistung. If you keep in mind you are buying a competent stealth road bike for under $1,500 you really have nothing to complain about, you even get top shelf brakes and drive train.

Sounds like something’s going to break so I’ve had to stop riding until FLX addresses it. Mechanically makes use of a single speed belt drive, this makes the bike not only very smooth and quiet, but also means less maintenance and it won't rust over time and should prove more reliable, features linear pull brakes, these work great with the dual contact points in front and rear. It arrived September 24. Unlike most electric bikes, the FLX Babymaker does not have its battery sticking out of its frame, leaving it visually unappealing. Erforderliche Felder sind mit * markiert. Umso mehr muss man sich fragen, warum dieses Rad einen solchen Hype generiert? Predictably, the marketing blurbs on the Babymaker’s Indiegogo page are a combination of generous exaggeration and bombastic nonsense. Do you think this bike will do the trick? People have been excited about the Baby Maker, but there are definitely some trade-offs, and I’m sure this has been a challenging (but also good) time for the company because bikes in general have been so popular this Spring/Summer. Better quality mousetrap.
Interessierte aus Europa müssen zu den oben genannten Preisen noch 249 USD für den Versand hinzurechnen, ggf. Hey! It’s an exciting product, but your points about proprietary parts are good ones. If you look close at the pictures, there’s just not a lot of clearance… maybe enough to go up a bit, but I’d probably take the bike into a shop to ask for precise help before making an order. Der Singlespeed-Antrieb ist einfach wie puristisch und trägt ebenso zum recht leichten Gewicht von 14,5 kg bei. border-radius: 2px; As far as electric bikes are concerned, the FLX Babymaker has one of the sleekest designs you can find in the market. Zur weiteren Ausstattung des Babymaker gehört ein Akku mit 7 Amperestunden (Ah), mit dem das eBike laut Hersteller je nach Fahrweise zwischen 24 und 80 Kilometer weit kommt. That’s an uplifting and reassuring post. Before you buy a bike from these guys, take a look at their “D” RATING with the Better Business Bureau and the mountain of horrible reviews for customer service all over the internet… Despite all their happy, high energy, “we love you” nonsense, they have HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and they do not give refunds or exchanges! I work in a professional environment and don’t have access to a locker to store clothes in the office. The real limitation is not the motor but the gearing. Hi, Bill! Hmm, thanks for the feedback Michael. 2nd Battery for G3 Trail - other FLX batteries are available. The raise money thru group funding and then have your bike drop shipped from China.

The Babymaker will be my first venture into e-bikes. Would getting a belt drive and disc brakes be worth it?

pounds was very attractive. Thanks. FLX offers the Babymaker with just a one-year warranty, considerably lower than is commonplace in the cycling industry; an extra year can be added … The start boost is actually quite useful on a single speed, so I’ll usually leave it in one of these lower gears for stop and go city riding. Solche Artikel sind dann als Sponsored Post markiert. The price was low, basically $1,150, for a stealth old school bike that is electric. The fixed smile of a man with a Babymaker between his legs and an endless horizon ahead of him. Of course, there is also the fitness/recreation purpose. Anyone have a pic off the Blade or Blade 2.0 with the Touring Package?

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