Doesn’t it feel good to have them all? I find it easiest to face towards Hyrule Castle and run along the right side of the tree. You’ll find that it is now Ganon’s Castle. If you don’t have it, just skip this part of the guide and return later. Kill the Club Moblin again, then climb up the ladder at the end. Boss Key Room – This strange little room is twisted around at a funky angle, and as you can probably guess, we’ll be returning at another angle later on. Simple hit all the targets and you’ll be rewarded with an upgraded Quiver! Use Z targeting to tackle one at a time, then just keep your guard up as you get close. Once you get there, you may notice a couple things different, like maybe even the fact that there are monsters everywhere… Maybe…. * Go on the left side and push it all the way back. Well, Talon (the fat sleeping guy) got kicked out and Ingo (the dirty worker in the stables) is now the owner of the ranch! Now Playing. One of the triggering locations for the Poe is atop one of them. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Forest Temple. Floormaster Room – Inside, you’ll find a single, new enemy called a Floormaster. A new version of is available, to keep everything running smoothly, please reload the site. artists. Use your Hookshot to defeat a Skulltula that is located above the building. Lava Room – In this room, our goal is to melt the silver eye switch on the other platform. Follow the path to the right passed the archway and then turn around. It is hardly worth it and I’d only recommend it if you are trying to 100% complete the game. Climb up on either side and go back to the main room. We got both of these earlier in this chatper. After that, just follow the path until the end. Stand at the top, inside of the “Y” shape of the road next to the boulder to make it appear. #4 – Between Lon Lon Ranch and the entrance to the Gerudo Valley area is a tree all by itself. For some reason, this one tends to confuse people. Also, his lightning attack NEVER hits any of the corners… After three successful shots with your bow, his horse will abandon him and he’ll fight you alone. Within The Well – Simply run to the other end and open the chest for a Small Key. Use the Hookshot to defeat the Gold Skulltula. Heart Piece #21In Kakariko Village, right when you come out of the Windmill, jump onto the fence that is straight ahead. The Moblins won’t change from their original path, so as long as you stay “out of their way” they can’t harm you. In the area right before Hyrule Field, the guardhouse on the left now houses the Ghost Shop, with a sadistic owner inside. view site. Add this game to my: Favorites. Characters:Mystery Man Unfortunately, she can’t go very many places and is limited to Hyrule Field for the most part…. Ganondorf! Gold Skulltulas:#47, #48, #49 There’s nothing big to save up your money for in the long run other than refilling your quiver or buying back tunics if you don’t kill a Like Like fast enough. Use the Hookshot to defeat it and grab the token. Round the corner and you’ll be reunited with the RED BLOCK. Here, you’ll find two Blue Bubbles to kill, a silver eye switch to ignore for now and a locked door to go through. It’s pretty straight forward, for the first chunk, just follow the left wall. Walk up the ramp and into the arena. The Forest Temple has a dark and eerie vibe to it. This will cause the water in the well nearby to drain as well as the one in the previous open air room (it’s one and the same). On your way leaving the ruins of Hyrule Town is the old guardhouse, which has been since changed into the Poe Shop. The Skulltula can be found on the backside. Go back down the ladder and find your BLUE block. Defeat her the same way you did her sisters, which will light the flame and open the nearby door. Blue Bubble Hallway (North) – This small room has a single, new enemy called a Blue Bubble. Make your way to Kakariko Village on the east side of the Field. You’ll find that it is now Ganon’s Castle. These flaming skulls are invulnerable to your sword until you stun them or knock them with your shield. In any case, climb the ledge and run up the stairs to find yourself in the top of the Windmill. We’ll get to them in a minute. You can Z target one of them to make the other leave you alone. Before that however, there’s one more Skulltula we can get. Optional: Gold Skulltula #51 You can race him once again. Start the wiki, Do you know what kind of music this is? With this, we can finally tackle the first temple. You can enter the Skulltula House to claim your newest prize, a piece of heart. At nighttime you will find a Gold Skulltula located here. Forest Temple is a popular song by Smokes Let's Go | Create your own TikTok videos with the Forest Temple song and explore 0 videos made by new and popular creators. To continue onward with the main quest, just to section 7.2. #7 – In the same spot, there’s a regular brown boulder waiting all by its lonesome. Right next to the Magic Bean Plant (left side of the Graveyard) is a grave with flowers in front of it. 7.3 Hookshot GoodiesProgress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces 17/36Tokens 44/100New in this section You can talk to Guru Guru down below and learn the Song of Storms right now, but we don’t need it until much later, so I’ll mention it again when the time comes. PRO. Be sure not to fall down, as it will take you back to the room where you fought the two Stalfos earlier… In any case, after you defeat this one, a platform floating above will come down and fill in the pit. Fantasy And Fable From Beyond The Mythic Realm, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. After climbing up the Blue Block, look around on this level. Ruins (Northwest) – You’ll find yourself back in the northwest room with the ruins. Do you know any background info about this artist? After beating Ingo at both races, he’ll lock you in the ranch so you can’t leave. Stalfos Room (North) – You’ll be locked in this room and immediately face off with two Stalfos. Gold Skulltulas:#45, #46 Items:Bottle #4. Anyway, just keep moving to avoid this one for now. Go through the door. In any case, make your way to the switch, which unlocks the next door on the other side of the room. Navi initial states that we should return to the Temple of Time. Skulltula Hallway (West) – Kill the Skulltula using your Hookshot, then head through the next door (with candles). The Skulltula can be found on the backside. Ride it up to the higher ledge and roll into the wooden box to find the heart piece. Simply sneak around corners and run for the next alcove until you’re close enough to kill each one. Optional: Gold Skulltula #53 I still recommend just zooming ahead of him right at the start and trying to stay ahead. Jump out of the way as soon as you see them jumping, and try to stab whenever you see an open spot. Work your way left and use the Hookshot to claim the token. Rather simple really, but can get quite frustrating. Ocarina of Time Walkthrough – Forest Temple. I find it easier up top. Either get ahead of him first and try to stay ahead of him by using your carrots slowly and blocking him, or wait until you’re near the end and speed past him by continually using carrots. Curiously, you’ll find nothing. By running through these invisible rings on Epona, you can whip out your Fairy Bow and shoot them as they run away from you. Grand Hall – Welcome to the Grand Hall, the main room of this temple. From here, you can either shoot the switch through the torch in the middle when you’re on the opposite side, or just jump on the same platform it’s on and use Din’s Fire. Get away from the shadows on the floor, then shoot the giant picture of Amy to make the five blocks fall from the ceiling. From there, you can kill the Skulltula on the wall and retrieve the token with your Hookshot. Heart Piece #19Found inside the Windmill. After he leaves, open the chest to find the Hookshot! The door closes behind you and you’re stuck with a giant blue block…? Continuing on, there’s a Big Deku Baba blocking the way ahead. Do you have any photos of this artist? Let us know what you think of the website. Another rendition of the Wallmaster, these nasty things need to be defeated quickly. Scrobbling is when tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. What? Out in Hyrule Field, it’s actually more calm, since there are no longer any Stalchildren or PeaHats. When she goes invisible, you can toss a Deku Nut at her to cause her to appear right away. You’ll find the last Poe Sister, Meg, chuckling (or crying?) #2 – At the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch is a tree. Ruins (Northwest) -As soon as you enter this room, you’ll see a Big Deku Baba right in your face.

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