We hope you’ll support us. Steep uphill terrain requires specialized "kick turn" technique. The Fritschi Tecton is a little less robust feeling than the Marker KingPin, mainly because of the more extensive use of plastic in the construction. One of the more surprising ride qualities that we didn’t expect to crop up in our head-to-head binding test was a noticeable difference in the energy the ski transmitted when mounted with the different bindings. I spent a bunch of time on the Zed last season, and found the heel tower movement to be a significant annoyance – though like Sam said, I don’t think it poses an issue from a performance or durability standpoint. For long-term reliability of release and touring transitions, and ease of use, the Zed 12 is the lightest thing going. We carry around a little concern for its durability. This particular day we found almost 10,000 feet of amazing skiing through the central portion of Grand Teton National Park. 1.4 lbs, Dynafit invented the tech category, and it continues to set the standard for reliability, weight, simplicity, and price. High on Mount Shasta. Hagan Mountaineering Pure 8. I’d like to hear more in relation to Kyle’s question also. The beefier and bulkier Plum Summit, Dynafit ST Rotation, and Marker KingPin collect more ice than most. The best backcountry bindings walk a fine line between being lightweight for long tours, but strong enough to handle aggressive skiing on the way back down. We have had zero issues with the binding. Transitions, adjustments, getting in and out; how does the Zed do? This review seemed overwhelmingly positive but with some possible gaps in terms of durability/longevity, but also what differs to ION other than weight. Stepping in and out is almost exactly the same as the vast majority of touring tech bindings. Next we looked at each binding's toe piece range of motion. The Zed 12 tours very well. If we weren’t skiing them back-to-back, I doubt we would be able to discern many differences in performance. For the downhill, you turn the heel tower back to the forward position, allowing you to step into the heel pins and ski. The G3 ZED is a lightweight, high-performance version of the Ion. Forward Elastic Travel: 4 mm. Unlike the ION, the ZED uses a single screw to adjust both the vertical and lateral release values of the heel (again, it’s simple). They are that tiny. The Dynafit Speed Turn 2.0 is the result of a few very incremental upgrades and refinements over 30 years of development. Pokud uvidíte někoho šlapat do kopce na K2 Wayback s prostorově malou patou, máte téměř stoprocentní jistotu, že má na lyžích vázání Marker Alpinist. All of the other bindings in our Lightweight Touring Binding Shootout have heels that are so light that they require a touch more effort to kick turn — since there is less weight on the back of the ski, the tails don’t drop without a proper “kick” of the ski. Some or all of this gear can and will be pressed into other uses, but our reporting and scoring is based on classic, popular, human-powered backcountry skiing. The brakes are simple and stow out of the way much like those on your alpine bindings. Nearly every ski binding company now offers an option that handles the resort and the backcountry. Na testování jsem měl set Marker Alpinist s brzdami namontovaný na 177 cm dlouhých lyžích K2 Wayback 96 model 18/19. But for many skiers who are looking for a lightweight touring binding, the ZED is an excellent option. And again, those who are familiar with tech bindings will find no surprises here. Občas bylo nutné provést důkladnější očištění, když u brzdy zatvrdlo více sněhu. To go from tour to ski mode, as long as you can pull your skins with skis on, the G3 Zed allows you to keep 'em on. Almost all "traditional" tech toes collect ice under the center of the toe piece. Víc vydrží. First, we looked at how easy they were to step into and out of, as well as how easy it was to transition to touring or downhill again. Most of its aluminum parts are sourced and produced by the climbing company DMM in Wales. Release performance is difficult to objectively assess, as we can simply not crash enough to collect reliable data. The ZED’s toe bumper has also been made smaller and lighter. PLEASE step up and put some real energy into this section of the review! The binding doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but offers an easy step-in aid, and simple, non-rotating heel post with three heel-riser positions, and ski-crampon adapter. Complaints? Bindings that go downhill better are heavier. It might be the best binding on the market if you look at price, weight and features! All the other award winners have all the range of motion you need. The Salomon S/Lab SHIFT MNC 13 was the biggest binding release of 2019. Outside does not accept money for editorial gear reviews. In either direction, weight-wise, from the Dynafit Speed Turn, durability suffers. It’s a simple and easy-to-use design. Again, since all of the bindings feel so similar on the downhill, it’s slightly subjective aspects like the Raider / Core’s nearly all-metal construction that help it to stand out. Je lehčí. Making a financial contribution to Outside Online only takes a few minutes and will ensure we can continue supplying the trailblazing, informative journalism that readers like you depend on. You wouldn't be wrong to flip a coin in your choice for an all-around AT binding for human-powered backcountry skiing, as the Atomic and Marker award winners are both that good and that close in scoring. Related: Buying Advice for Alpine Touring (AT) Bindings. All of the bindings in the test performed surprisingly well (though the real standout in our Shootout was easily the ski — the Salomon MTN Explore 95 that we had all the bindings mounted on is just soooo good). It is pretty light; ski mountaineers who want to save weight can easily save money and sacrifice very little performance with this binding. The toe is extremely stabile thanks to the angles and the carbon reinforcement. Each binding puts your boot sole a different distance from the ski, and each binding has a different "heel-toe-delta". Otherwise, it would be hiking, and we would choose entirely different gear. A more rigid initial connection between ski and boot lends better downhill performance. This is undesirable, as normal skiing forces "appear", to a binding, to be the same as the forces associated with an injuring fall. Super odolné a pružné pásky, které fungují i při velmi nízkých teplotách. Testers called the MTN “dependable, lightweight, and efficient.” The MTN is sold with or without ski brakes, depending on your preference; but most testers preferred the weight savings of brakeless bindings in the backcountry. That is still discounting the scenarios for relate that are different than the shop test (eg flexed skis or forward/backward load in twist). The Atomic Backland Tour is a relatively new product, but it employs largely proven technology. In our rigorous testing (both on our feet and test pair and in the company of ski partners and backcountry ski clients) we experienced no issues with the retail version of the Zed. It doesn’t have best-in-class power transfer and it has the fairly harsh feel that most lightweight pin bindings possess. Heel risers are important useful features, but remember don't use them on terrain that's not steep enough to warrant them, because it will keep your leg from being able to straighten out completely and will wear you out more quickly. In theory, G3’s higher pivot point on the toe contributes to higher holding force in the toe pins, and the toe design also makes it easy to clear it of ice buildup. The lightest bindings have the lowest stack heights. I also was keen the opportunity for a classic Coast Range ski descent (G3 dangled some amazing ideas for our “test day.” As bindings get lighter, they get more expensive. Both the Dynafit TLT Speed and Marker Alpinist offer a slightly less harsh ride. All of the bindings featured above require backcountry boots with tech inserts — sometimes called "Dynafit inserts" — but there are. You might find, however, that backcountry work especially well for going uphill when mounted on lightweight, backcountry-specific skis. Marker Alpinist 12 Tech Bindings - brand new & unused - never mounted ( set without stoppers) I have upgraded to Dynafit Rotation 12’s which suit my requirements better, so am moving these on. If your most common heel lifter change is (and it should be, for maximum biomechanical efficiency) between low and mid, and you practice extensively with your chosen bindings, our test team can confidently report that the twist style heel lifters of the Speed Turn are actually faster to change than the flip style lifters of most other comparable options. To get more info on the new ZED binding, we had a very interesting conversation with some of G3’s engineers, which you can check out here. We think the former. Marker Kingpin M-Werks 12 is the beloved Kingpin on a performance-enhancing diet. Nor does the Marker Alpinist or most other suitable options. More than most other types of gear, the difference in weight from one binding to another is quite large. So we have been and we will continue to think about and work on how best to address these issues, and how best to offer genuinely useful information that won’t give our audience a false confidence about the safety of the products we review. It has all the moving parts (and associated places to hold ice) of a heavier binding, but there are big spaces in the toe piece that shed snow and ice better than most. Napište malými písmeny, jaké je hlavní město ČR. Víc dovede. The more sophisticated tech bindings have a greater stack height. In our testing, the remainder of the bindings have the same downhill performance as it pertains to positivity of connection and elasticity. Our team's experience with backcountry skiing adds up to well over 100 years of combined, human-powered, deep-and-broad experience with backcountry skiing. Here Ian Nicholson skins up the Boston Glacier on the Forbidden Tour, North Cascades WA. Jednoduché, minimalistické vázání, super lehké a snadno se obouvá. Every step I took with either the high or low climbing riser engaged pushed the entire heel piece back a few millimetres and then it rebounded into the original position as I took my weight off of it for the next step. Unmounted, these bindings look more like jewelry than technical equipment. Of course, binding release isn't perfect, and people get injured all the time. The ZED works exactly like most other tech bindings. Snadné a rychlé uchycení čehokoliv na cokoliv. It’s noteworthy because the brand is now owned by the same parent as Salomon and Atomic, so Armada-branded bindings are officially a thing, and they look especially handsome in all black. He has notched a summit to sea descent of Mount Saint Elias and made the first integral and first solo completion of California's historic Red Line Traverse. For climbing mode, you turn the heel tower 90 degrees in either direction to allow your ski boot to pivot while skinning. These bindings are marketed and understood as "ultralight" ski bindings, implying a specialized niche. For anyone who skis resort and backcountry equally, or those who want a single set-up for everywhere they ski, this is now the best option on the market. Only the co-award winning Marker Alpinist betters the weight of the Atomic. Interesting and the first time I’ve heard of it. Transitions use the proven method of twisting the heel piece 90 degrees (either direction). Z nadhledu je jasný ústup od předimenzovaného použití šesti pružin ve špičce k minimalistickým dvěma silnějším pružinám. We tested the Salomon version, but know that everything we say can be extrapolated directly to the Atomic. ATK raider). Once in touring mode, the heel lifters can be adjusted between three settings with your ski pole.

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