[3]. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Heather Cox Richardson, often where they are interviewed. SFBATCO [20]Live with Rod and Marce on Twitch TV, every Thursday at 6 pm. I ask her about politics and violence, and she talks about the importance of language and the power of hope. Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Ron Suskind and noted Boston College historian Heather Cox Richardson, the podcast examines the national political landscape and dives into the historical context. It is a show for people who love history and for those who want to know more about the historical people and events that have impacted and shaped our present-day world. She talks about how she sees herself as a “translator,” discusses the advantages of being an older woman, and explains how being a parent has made her a better scholar. The Booksmith [5]features Lucy Jane Bledsoe Tuesday September 22 at 8 pm. Heather Cox Richardson is an American historian and Professor of History at Boston College, where she teaches courses on the American Civil War, the Reconstruction Era, the American West, and the Plains Indians. Ben Franklin’s Worldis a podcast about early American history. 42nd Street Moon [13]. That the current condition is waking people up from autopilot and creating the realization they need to pursue change personally to create the society in which they want to live. The series begins on September 18 at 5 pm. Artwaves Laurel Ollstein, whose latest play, "Pandora," will be streaming on the theatreworks.org website from September 24, 6 pm - Septembre 28, 6 pm, is interviewed by host Richard Wolinsky. So Republican language has gotten more and more crazy. Kepler’s Book [8]s presents Refresh the Page, on line interviews and talks. When did presidents begin inviting guests whose story they include in their speech? Each episode features a conversation with an historian who helps us shed light on important people and events in early American history. That the American dream needs to be rewritten and move away from the heteronormative nuclear family as its centerpiece, to a more community-centered and diverse view. And, be sure to check out Bill’s podcast with Heather Cox Richardson, exploring how her daily LETTERS FROM AN AMERICAN found a large and … Hosted by Pulitzer Prize-winning author and journalist Ron Suskind and noted Boston College historian Heather Cox Richardson, the podcast examines the national political landscape and dives into the historical context. © Copyright Trustees of Boston University. She has been a theatre and television actress, short story writer and director over the course of her career, and worked with Tim Robbins' Actors Gang in Los Angeles for fifteen years. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. 6 pm to 6 pm. Registration required. This latest project is a theatrical retelling of the myth of Pandora, the first human woman in Greek Mythology, who was said to have opened a box which allowed all the ills of the world to escape. New Top Discussion. For months, Richardson, a professor of history at Boston College, has been writing a daily digest of all things impeachment, titled Letters From An American — and to her surprise, it’s attracted a something of a cult following.Adam Reilly and Peter Kadzis sat down with Richardson and talked about why she started her project; what it’s been like to be continually immersed in a story many people actively avoid; what she’s learned that she didn’t know before; and what the stakes are for American democracy as the Senate weighs its options. Heather Cox Richardson is a historian of American politics with a number of important books on the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the ideological evolution of the Republican Party. Freak Out and Carry On, WBUR's politics and history podcast, addresses the urgent issues of our time through the lens of history. In the third episode of the 2020 Election season, I interview Heather Cox Richardson, Professor of History at Boston College. Links to announced on-line and streaming local theatre & book events [1]. Relatives in Mexico and the States wanted to know if Maria’s family was watching, too. But Ron - please let Heather talk! The Thanksgiving Play by Larissa Fasthorse, live streamed September 25 to October 3, On demand October 9 to October 18. It’s exactly the path we started on in 1951 with God and Man at Yale.”. I will continue listening because I am "freaked out" about the current political environment and need some soothing "carry on" historical perspective. Bystanders by Patricia Milton, an audio play, streams through September 20. If you’d like to add your bookstore or theatre venue to this list, please write bookwaves@hotmail.com [29]. This week on Freak Out And Carry On, Ron Suskind and Heather Cox Richardson talk with Tom Gjelten, of NPR. Shotgun Players. They discuss President Trump's ideas about immigration, and how they fit into the long debate over which people are allowed to come to America. The phone kept ringing. New episodes available every Thursday. Heather Cox Richardson. Aurora Connects conversations every Friday, 4 pm. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Listen to the trailer for "Anything For Selena," a new podcast from WBUR and Futuro Studios coming in January 2021. Thanks to all our listeners! Bill Moyers talks with historian Heather Cox Richardson about her decision last fall to start writing small essays on the history behind today’s politics and posting them on her Facebook page as LETTERS FROM AN AMERICAN. TheatreWorks Silicon Valley [17]. Contra Costa Civic Theatre [28]Check the webpage for theatre classes for young actors. Richardson’s recent focus is the way American conservatism has influenced the direction of the Republican Party over the course of the past several decades. I believe in American democracy, despite its frequent failures. Berkeley Rep [16] Romantics Anonymous, live from the Old Vic in Bristol, England, a musical with book by Emma Rice, lyrics by Christopher Dimond and music by Michael Kooman, September 26 at 1 pm. 8 pm Tuesdays: Tuesday Talks Over the Moon. The passion of the woman's march, the origins of the new populism on the left, Teddy Roosevelt's political transformation in 1884. Bookwaves/Artwaves is produced and hosted by Richard Wolinsky. Freak Out and Carry On, WBUR's politics and history podcast, addresses the urgent issues of our time through the lens of history. Earlier this year, she released a book titled How the South Won the Civil War, subtitled Oligarchy, Democracy and the Continuing fight for the soul of America. Updated daily with the latest episodes Wish you’d been around to comment on Mueller indictments announced in mid-February! Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts [19] new on-line programming series featuring classes, concerts, poetry sessions and more. Complete 34-minute podcast interview. And It Can’t Happen Hear, a four part radio play, on October 13 at 5 pm. California Shakepeare Theatre 18 The Direct Address series continues with Resisting Shakespeare: Or, How to Fall In and Out and In and Out of Love. The first five episodes are now available streaming. Heather Cox Richardson is a noted historian, a Professor of History at Boston College, specializing on the Civil War and reconstruction – but in the past year she’s taken on a different role, chronicling America’s daily political life in a series of commentaries titled Letters from an American, which can be found on her Facebook page, as well as at heathercoxrichardson.substack.com. The production, recorded in Zoom toward the end of May, 2020, is a workshop reading featuring actors from the Bay Area and beyond, and is directed by Giovanna Sardelli, is free on-line with registration. Theatre Rhino [11]Live Thursday performance conceived and performed by John Fisher on Facebook Live and Zoom at 8 pm Thursday September 17 is Straight. Heather Cox Richardson, in conversation with host Richard Wolinsky. American networks and Mexican programming aired the same top story. Maybe you’re checking the news sites or social media for the occasional update, or even tuning in to live coverage on cable or NPR on occasion.Whatever your approach, though, you’re probably not following it anywhere *near* as closely as Heather Cox Richardson. Ron and Heather wrap up Freak Out and Carry On, reviewing the year that was. Or call 1-800-MY-APPLE. FiveThirtyEight, 538, ABC News, Nate Silver, Westwood One Podcast Network / Dan Bongino. [14] Nassim Soleimanpour gives a one-day playwriting workshop, Wed. September 26, 10 am to 2 pm. In this conversation, she explains how “movement conservatives” since the Buckley era pushed the GOP to embrace increasingly extreme candidates and positions, setting the table for the Trump nightmare: “Americans figured out fairly early on that [Republican economic policies] didn’t really help them. For me, the real sign was when Carly Fiorina, in the debates in 2016, said that Democrats were literally killing babies so they could sell their body parts . They’ve had to ratchet this language up more and more. Listen to a conversation about the history of racism in America and explore the role that higher education, and Boston College in particular, can play in fostering dialogue, deepening understanding, and bridging divides that have long challenged our country. The potential to innovate and create change through crowdsourcing government and society. She previously taught at MIT and the University of Massachusetts. [15]  Josh Kornbluth’s Citizen Brain, live streamed October 16 to November 8. Freak Out And Carry On Presents: Anything For Selena. American Conservatory Theatre [12] (ACT) In Love and Warcraft by Madhuri Shekar, On Demand recording of the live production, Sept 18-25. Selena Quintanilla, the Grammy-winning ascending Mexican American popstar had been killed — swiftly, violently — by the president of her fan club.The story shook the country and changed Maria’s life.In "Anything For Selena," host Maria Garcia goes on an intimate, revelatory quest to understand how Selena has become a potent symbol for tensions around race, class and body politics in the United States.The series weaves Maria’s personal story as a queer, first-generation Mexican immigrant with cultural analysis, history and politics to explore how, 25 years after her death, Selena remains an unparalleled vessel for understanding Latino identity and American belonging. Dr. Richardson discusses her wildly popular “Letters from an American,” and offers wisdom for the coming months and years. . San Francisco Playhouse [9] The Zoomlet play Monday September 21 at 7 pm is The Logic by Will Arbery. But the Northern victory was short lived -- Southern ideals spread quickly to the West. Be honest: how closely are you following President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial?Maybe you’ve tuned out altogether, since the outcome seems like a foregone conclusion. Marin Theatre Company [22] Lauren Gunderson’s play Natural Shocks streams through Soundcloud on the Marin Theatre website. She discusses her daily column and how it came to be written, elements in her book, and of course, current events. Her insights include: Support the show (https://www.postcarbon.org/support-what-could-possibly-go-right/). New Conservatory Theatre Center [25] presents In Good Company, a podcast about life when it goes off script. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Heather Cox Richardson, often where they are interviewed. Magic Theatre. 699K likes. Subscribe now so you don't miss it!About The Show:On March 31, 1995, nine-year-old Maria Garcia came home to find her mother glued to the TV, tears rolling down her rosy cheeks.

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