Huge palls of smoke rising from the stricken ship. U-331 and von Tiesenhausen receiving his Knight's Cross. Meanwhile, von Tiesenhausen did not sit around to watch his kill. British warships continued to harass Rommel’s convoy lines through the Mediterranean and bombarded his supply depot at Tripoli with devastating effect. ", When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Barham was actually the 2nd British battleship to be sunk by a U0-Boat. As the huge ship, the HMS Valiant bore down on them, finally at the last moment, the U-331 slid beneath the waves and the battleship passed harmlessly overhead. The only way the comment can be correct is if "the U-boat" refers to U331, as HMS Barham was certainly the only British battleship sunk by this particular U-boat during the war. Please Register or Log in to add a comment. "It always takes me back to that day in November 1941," he said. They were astonished, not only to have survived the lethal depths below, but the hull which should have been crushed, did not as much as spring a leak. Battleship sunk on 25 of November 1941. In the meantime, the HMS Barham swerved to avoid the incoming torpedoes. She was again attacked and damaged by Luftwaffe aircraft on May 1941, during the German airborne invasion of Crete. On December 12 1939, she collided with a destroyer, the HMS Duchess, sinking her in the mishap. Meanwhile, the 8th Army was supplied through the friendly port fortress of Tobruk. The opening of the U-Boat offensive in the Mediterranean coincided with the highwater mark of Axis victories at sea. Only the Ark Royal, Barham and Galatea were sunk by U-boats in the Mediterranean basin. explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. "When we reached one of the torpedo bulges, my friend jumped into the water. "I shot to the surface," he said. Three explosions were heard – one, two, three - and one or more of the torpedoes hit near a magazine. Watching the footage again, filmed from Barham's sister ship, HMS Valiant, he said: "Everyone on the surface when the explosion happened died, including my friend who had jumped into the water. Please log in to add to WorkSpaces. But she had just passed by and he was forced to target the second battleship in line, the HMS Barham. Old Sandancer. He went on to serve as a gun range finder aboard HMS Nelson, involved in bombarding German defences in Normandy on D-Day. The connection of the U-boat threat with these sinkings was clearly evident as of these three battleships sunk, two were the direct result of U-boat attacks. Lieutenant Hans-Diedrich Freiherr von Tiesenhausen, the commander of U-331 would summarize the attack many years later – to have escaped the enemy above, and the lethal depths below “In such moments you do not speak. Welcome to the HMS Barham Association website. Will Leicestershire rubbish tips be open in second lockdown? At 410 yards, the behemoth size of the battleship had completely filled his periscope lens. "We had no idea there were U-boats in the area.". Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Recycling and household waste centres were closed for some of the first lockdown, Coronavirus case confirmed at Glen Hills Primary School in Glen Parva, 'We are a school that has always been extra vigilant, we are doing the best we can in very difficult times', Mum's holiday hell after she breaks spine in Turkey, 'I knew something had broken, I felt it and I heard it', Two men arrested in Earl Shilton, near Hinckley, on suspicion of kidnap. Register now. Caledonia. Dramatic pictures of battleship HMS Barham sunk by U-boat attack. "We looked at each other and said, 'right, let's get up top!'. The British withheld news of the sinking, and in the absence of evidence, Donitz withheld his praise saying only that the attack was “very satisfactory”. Huge palls of smoke rising from the stricken ship. When VE Day arrived, he was escorting an Arctic convoy north of Norway. The results appalled the entire crew – the U-331 was at an unprecedented depth of 820 feet. Richard Laland is one of only two survivors from the doomed battleship HMS Barham still alive today. Mediterranean. "I saw one of my shipmates in the water and asked him, 'where's the ship?' After modernization during 1927-28, she served in the Mediterranean until war broke out in 1939, when she was reassigned to the Home Fleet. (Mute & Track Negs. A fortnight later, she was attacked by the U-30 which put her out of commission for six months with a single torpedo hit. Commissioned on August 1915, she displaced 29,150 tons and was intended to replace battlecruisers as the main offensive thrust during an engagement. ), Unknown user Coupled with the belief that the British intended to make an amphibious landing at Algeria to trap Axis forces in a pincer, Hitler declared an “emergency”. Richard Laland is one of only two survivors from the doomed battleship HMS Barham still alive today, A Leicester hero in war and peace will be remembered, Famous city author lived in a ‘mystery bungalow’, Meet our Heroes of Leicestershire 2017 - and read their stories of courage, compassion and dedication, Local schoolgirl, 15, dies with cousin in Greek island parasailing tragedy, Jessica Hayes was 'beautiful, bubbly and extremely popular', Live updates: A42 closed after crash near Ashby, Updates: Main road in Wigston closed after 2-car crash near McDonalds, Government confirms what shops and businesses will close from Thursday, Downing Street has released a provisional list of what it classes as essential and non-essential, How Leicester and Leicestershire Covid rates compare with other places as new lockdown looms. "I was disorientated but reached out and felt the ship. (Mute & Track Negs.) HMS Barham was sunk by a U-Boat in 1941. A veteran of World War One, she received six hits during the Battle of Jutland. The HMS Royal Oak was torpedoed by U-47 in Scapa Flow and the HMS Barham was torpedoed by U-331 (Tiesenhausen) in the Mediterranean. Clinging to a piece of wreckage, Richard was picked up by an Australian destroyer, along with other survivors. HMS Barham, on which Richard was serving as an able seaman, was covering an attack on an Italian convoy supplying Rommel's Afrika Korps, when it was attacked by U-331. He could not identify what ship it was, just that it was a British battleship. The third battleship sunk was the HMS Prince of Wales, the most powerful and modern warship in the Royal Navy when she was torpedoed and bombed by Japanese aircraft. One torpedo missed, but three others found its target on her broadside. During the Second World War, the British possessed the most powerful navy in the world – indeed many battleships were attacked during the war, but only three were ever sunk. The HMS Barham was one of five fast battleships of the Queen Elizabeth class. Mon 23 Jul 2001 21.31 EDT. Soon, the U-331 surfaced to periscope depth and spotted a procession of three British battleships flanked by eight destroyers. One third of his supplies were not getting through. The HMS Barham, assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet under Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham. A member of the Wigston branch of the Royal Naval Association, he is a member of the HMS Barham Association. "We were standing by a … The enemy struck at 4.25pm as Richard was on a tea break and talking with a friend. This is the only British battleship sunk by the U-boat during this war. "I didn't know which way was up or down and thought that was it, I'm going to die – I had given up and remember thinking, I hope it's quick.". It doesn't specify 'at sea' so is incorrect, as HMS Royal Oak was sunk by U 47 at Scapa Flow in 1939. Nevertheless, the magnitude of losses likened the British to their own version of “Pearl Harbor” during these forty days, that it temporarily broke the Royal Navy’s command of the Mediterranean. He replied, 'it's gone'.". The enemy struck at 4.25pm as Richard was on a tea break and talking with a friend. HMS Hood wreck found 60 years after sinking. We always welcome comments and more information about our films.All posts are reactively checked. HMS Royal Oak was sunk by in Scapa Flow in October 1939 by U-47 commanded by Gunther Prien. However, as the ship plunged to the sea floor, a surge of water pushed Richard upwards. "The Germans were at the gates of Alexandria at that time and we were accompanying destroyers trying to stop their supplies," said Richard, who lives off Groby Road. HMS Cumberland undergoes "Pre-Wetting" trials - a new radioactivity protection process. Divers filming a BBC documentary have found the wreck of HMS Ark Royal, the famous wartime aircraft carrier.

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