Isn’t Irene the face of the group ?? – Specialties: Acting, Rapping

Thanks for the comment! Drink: Green Sunrise (Ingredients: Green Kiwi, Green Light Bulb, Green Leaf), Here are the current official representative items for Yeri Irene:

Many times companies increase the idol heights, so it looks better. I have a friend and she’s 160 cm tall but it’s not bad. I know that they didn’t label that as her position, but she’s basically the definition of a sub-rapper. J-Hope>Jimin>Jungkook>>>>>>>>>>>>V>Suga>RM>Jin.

I mean look at the ot5 pic they used lol, who’s in the center?

I’m a new fan but I already watched almost everything of them. Please support them. See more. I don’t know why she’s the least liked on in the original OT4. Drink: Pink Island Ice Tea (Ingredients: Red-flesh Watermelon, Pink Ukulele, Red Hibiscus flower), Here are the current official representative items for Seulgi

It’s more like Hoseok ≥ Jimin >> Jungkook>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>what u said they are all so stunning. So for a example Irene wasn’t present that leaves you with Joy/Yeri to rap her part but no they made Wendy do it and that happened like 3-4 times in music shows same goes for Time Slip so the point is she is mainly a vocal but has the capability to rap well making her a sub-rapper.

^_^, standing with them as in like a symmetrical formation, with one in the middle and the others on the far sides, hi can someone tell me the members from left to right. That’s all.

In Irene’s profile, it says “41th” when it should be “41st”. And those visuals aren’t even trying to be idols anymore.

Yerin: Lead Rapper,Sub Vocalist,Maknae • Sayonara Wendy’s sister is married with Linus Sebastian, who owns the famous Youtube channel Linus Tech Tips.

They aren’t same level at all. • Swimming Pool

Sub-Unit: IRENE & SEULGI Thanks for the info, it has been added to her individual profile as well. all rv members are talented, if you can’t stand irene then GET THE HELL OUT OF THE FANDOM! * Her favorite movies are ” Begin Again ” and ” The Fault in our Stars ” because they comeback with the song called Cookie jar(I know it was japanse song.. but can you change the picture? Irene is friends with Jennie Kim. I did on this comment already it was their first season of level up project the one joy wasn’t in (unfortunately but at least she’s in the 2nd) * She currently shares a room with Irene and Seulgi. Your weight is a healthy weight but if you want to be more slim and toned then that’s also healthy.

Even with girl groups, people get caught up in ranking them. @chlorineobsession:disqus I think Irene is definitely the face of the group. , My first bias was Wendy but after watching Sungjae and JOY’s we got married, I started to love her more.

I’m in the same height with them but my weight… TT. * She claims that she has a habit of clinging to others by linking arms and holding hands. HaHa! @shiripeled:disqus

She also ranked #29 on the list of Most Beautiful Faces 2016 The Silkie is known almost solely for their hit cover of the Lennon-McCartney song "You've Got to Hide Your Love Away," which made the Top Ten in 1965 (and, curiously, only made the bottom of the Top 30 in their native Britain). , your welcomeee and thanks for considering changing it :)). Wendy : Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Sub Rapper Also how do people/fans determine idols positions?

, their most recent Korean comeback was zimzalabim, please change it, @trustedbin:disqus Thank you for the comment, it has been updated! Joy is lead rapper & lead vocal (that’s he way it SHOULD be). Joy is absolutely gorgeous, but they all are! but Irene could be the visual and the fotg, lol, the other girls might be promoting more as well, so they no longer have a designated face, the girls get a lot of hate for weight gain… especially Wendy, but it’s just her body type.

Red Velvet are apparently preparing for their Japanese comeback right now! * . 5Wendy, Joy ranking in different categories Wendy #Yerimie From Gayo Plaza Radio Interview (2017- Red Flavor Promotions).

SM is a sucker for visuals. Hmmm sounds like jimin lmaoo. You should listen to Ice Cream Cake, Dumb Dumb, Huff n Puff, Time Slip, Don’t U Wait No More, About Love & many more. Yeri is definitely not a sub-rapper. Joy is probably 5’6 or 5’7 but in some societies, people don’t really care about BMI or anything like that. And Yeri says on Knowing brothers that she is scared of people & k-netizens.

Typical Reveluv , Don’t waste your time with Blinks. , These would probably be the best pics to use for the new profile photos for this comeback. album (and in their Help! Can’t wait. Seulgi has actually been officially measured recently and confirmed to be 160cm (5’3).

irene – is really the queen of endorsements for RV , I can also confirm that Joy’s weight was written as 49kg (108 lbs) on her show “Pajama Friends”. Wendy should be #1! I hope that they stay healthy and eat properly. The niece of Bom (2ne1) was a Kpop Idol. 15.

real height) * No official confirmation yet on when Red Velvet will have their Korean comeback (people are speculating sometime in May). I suggest you make your way out.. Red Velvet can dance and sing in circles around BlackPink.. not trying to dis, just stating facts.. and just fyi, Red velvet got huge here in the U.S. and is their popularity here is still growing , The reason why Yeri isn’t popular is because she joined the group later on, she got a lot of hate at the beginning, & her “lack” of stage presence. The lead vocalist that is on a main vocal level to me is Hyelin of Exid. , – Seulgi ranked #71 on the list of Most Beautiful Faces 2015.

They’ve been the de facto animals almost from the start of OT5. Well, I actually know a few people that have unbiased Yeri because of her lack of stage presence. Wendy: Main Vocalist,Sub Rapper 1992 - 1995 LABEL(S) Big Boy Records DISCOGRAPHY. Wendy – Main Vocalist

Yeri’s awesome as well!! People please vote for yeri! I dont think that Joy is the center, but yeah surely she is the most popular. you cant say Wendy is a sub-rapper just because she substituted a member’s rap when that member was absent. Wendy 155cm Kpop Discographies Also I have to tell you that I totally agree that Yeri is talented as all the rest of the girls and that we should support them all if we are real Reveluv, Irene and seugli also Wendy had the right position but, Joy – lead vocalist and lead dancer and 2nd visual It was confirmed by Yeri and also posted on allkpop.

wendy! She’s so good! this is a thing I like about Red Velvet, that they switch the Center from comeback to comeback because there are too many talented members who deserve that rank. from Eazy-E's Ruthless Records. – Update: All of the girls now have their own rooms after moving into a new apartment. Seulgi is main dancer, it’s normal she’s better, because “main” is better than “lead” in Kpop. He has brought about the latest diction of the rap style and is regularly featured in the channels of WWE’s titled Wreckless. We only list the latest Korean comeback.

* She collects stickers, pens and notes

Irene: Visual, main rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, leader, center.

Slowly but steadily, after each comeback she’s getting more popular. – She used to make YouTube videos, but she deleted her account We used Yeri’s pic and we also used Joy’s pic for her individual profile. So, we posted both versions.

* Her favorite number is 43 , the reason being 143 can mean 'I Love You' Lead and Sub are clearly used as two seperate positions or else one wouldn’t exist or be used so often as a seperate position by groups, articles, shows, etc. We changed Irene’s pic with the one you provided, thanks! wrestler Orlando Jordan's theme song, "Do It Big". Coming to the private and personal life of Silkk The Shocker, the actor comes singer is seriously involved in a relationship with the eminent singer Mya. Note 3: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web. – Her English name is Katy. Soft and silky, yet with firmness of texture, and in subdued coloring, they seem appropriate for any room. Disclaimer * Her favorite type of clothes are dark colors and chic clothing.

We all have a blood type, believe it or not. [5] Like look at Yeri lately. My another favorite is sexy Seulgi. reminds me of the rookie era. This is literally just a random online poll and there’s people accusing others of using bots based on disinformation?? La'Mar Lorraine Johnson (born July 12, 1978), professionally known by her stage name Sylk-E. Fyne, is an American female rapper from South Central Los Angeles and former member of the unreleased group G.B.M. i know this is their official positions but personally i believe it should be, Irene: Also, it’s an highly inaccurate of measuring health as well, as it doesn’t take into account genetics.

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