Therefore 50p + 20p + 20p + 10p equals £1. This White Rose Maths compatible pack builds a mastery approach to converting pounds and pence by providing varied opportunities to develop fluency, reasoning and problem-solving across both the PowerPoint presentation and activity sheets. We do not have any pound coins and so, we first look for groups of penny coins that add to make 100 pence. We start with 50p. 57 pounds 40 pence represents 82% of regular price. In this example, we have two pound coins and some pence coins. Converting between Pence and Pounds. Gather the pence coins into groups worth 100 pence. We have three pounds in pound coins. In total we have £2 and 80 pence, which is written as £2.80. Each group of 100 pence is worth 1 pound, which can be added to the pounds total. Here are some examples of how to make a pound using different pence coins: Any combination of coins that add up to 100 pence are worth £1. When converting pounds into pence it is easiest to turn the pounds into hundreds of pence, and then add the pennies we had to start with: £5 and 60p = 500p and 60p = 500p + 60p = 560p, £3 and 85p = 300p and 85p = 300p + 85p = 385p. We have £3 and 10 pence, which is written as £3.10. Here is a collection of coins, with £2 in pound coins and some more pence coins.

We will move the 50p and the three 20p coins over to the pounds column. Add the pound coins together to find the total number of pounds. In total we have 2 pounds and 40 pence. We have a two pound coin and a one pound coin. We can count money more easily by separating it into pounds and pence. Found worksheet you are looking for? We write this as £3.20. Each pound coin can be written as 100 pence and then the totals can be added using column addition. In this example we have a £1 coin along with two 50p coins and two 20p coins. £3 and 90 pence is written as £3.90. Here is another example of adding money using column addition. £1 is worth 100 pence and here are some common ways to make one pound. We have £1 in pounds and we will look for combinations of pence coins that add to 100 pence. The first step is to separate the pound coins from the pence coins. 10 × 10p = 100p. Sometimes we cannot make exactly one pound because we cannot make a group of exactly 100 pence. Worksheet will open in a new window. £2 and 33p = 200p and 33p = 200p + 33p = 233p. We need 10p more to make 100 pence. 50p + 20p + 20p = 90p. We have 24 pence in the pence column. We write this as £2.40. Use the 'Enter' key or press 'Go' to submit each answer. We separate the pounds and the pence with a decimal point.

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