Next, fold the t-shirt in half. No sewing supplies are needed to make a tube top out of a T-shirt, but you do need a pair of sharp scissors, ideally fabric scissors. On one side, use the marker to draw a rough vertical line where the front and back layers meet at your sides. For this top, I selected a striped t-shirt to alter. These lines mark the side ties for your DIY tube top. Now, fold sleeve right-side out. So why spend more money on a simple piece of fabric when you have many options to remake it without costing anything. The shirt can be loose or fitted. Fold over the collar and about an inch or two of fabric. However, t-shirt reconstructions can be done successfully with white t-shirt and also graphic t-shirt too.This no sew project is perfect for beginners because this no sew tutorial demonstrates a simple t-shirt reconstruction without using a needle and thread. Step 07: After finished cutting, fold the top of the tube tob about an inch and pin it all way trough. View all posts by Chamodi Weerasekara, Step by Step Simple Tie Dye Shirts Instructions, Best Fitting Bathing Suits for Body Types, Bring The 90s Teen Fashion To Your Wardrobe, 90s Fashion Women Trends That Can Totally Use Today. This article has been viewed 113,598 times. To make a crop top from a t-shirt, measure 17” down from the neckband and mark. There are so many things you can fall in love with when it comes to sewing –like gorgeous fabrics, unique designs, fantasizing the next dress you are going to make, and that awesome feeling when you create something just by yourself. In addition to being totally eco-friendly, you can also make some awesome accessories out of it! Measure and draw an identical vertical line on the other side of the shirt at an equal distance from the original side seam. Cut a vertical line down the middle. This will leave you with two separate rectangles of fabric, one on top of the other. If this is hard for you option is used t-shirt that perfectly fit you from the bust and waist area. Step 1: Lay the shirt, front down, on a flat surface. This is made from an old t-shirt, so you don’t need to spend many on expensive crop top. It's great for those random XXL shirts you get for free (think bar mitzvah giveaways, your prom tee, charity walk shirts), but never end up wearing because they're way too big. ), DIY & Crafts: 68 Fun and Flirty Ways to Refashion Your T-Shirts. Bandeau tube tops are once again gaining in popularity and are a perfect top for those long summer days. Space these lines 1.5 inches apart. Then do the same with what was the back part of the sleeves. Sew some beads onto the tube top to make pretty designs. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. After, measure 1 ¼” away from the center front and chalk mark. It doesn’t matter you need to create a DIY tube top from an old tee or modify your old tank top, either way, you can follow this guide. From beginners sewing projects to no sew hacks, we have you covered with a wide range of DIY fashion tutorials. This will be a built-in support to the garment that will not shift of chafe when worn. For this project, I felt like no sew was a possibility, which then allowed more people the chance to pursue the project. To attach the D-ring, lay the t-shirt flat. Repeat with the other side of the collar and sleeve. Take the body of your top… Then, hold the shirt up to yourself and have a friend gather up what formerly was the front part of each sleeve and tie them together across your back. So neo sewing tube top is all you need right now. Before you give away those old tshirts or turn them into rags, consider making a no sew tshirt bag instead!. Miley Cyrus Turns Her DIY Sculptures Into Works Of Art, Proves There's Nothing She Can't Do, Ariana Grande's Emotional Performance Of "My Everything" For Her Grandfather Will Bring You To Tears, 21 Genius Eyeliner Hacks That Will Change Your Life. First measure your bust size and waist size using a measuring tape. Double-knot together the matching front and back ties along each side of the tube top. If you have an old shirt you don’t use, you can easily transform it into a tube top. The line should mark where the side seam would be if the shirt fit you tightly. There are countless creative ways to refashion a T-shirt, including many that don't involve any sewing at all.

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