Alexis Rohlin is a professional writer for various websites. Having said you planning on  supplying air from the ceiling (register at the ceilings) i would suggest to place the register above the windows or along the walls. Wrap duct tape three times around the ends of the metal duct sleeve to secure the flex duct connection. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. I am tempted to do it myself as I'm pretty handy, but I'd probably regret it later :) I had one contractor come for an estimate of $ that I thought was high. Put on work gloves. Main trunk is normally rectangular shaped and boxed in along the main beams in your basement. Rule is to have 1 -1.25 cfms (cubic feet per minute) per each square foot. How to Install a Bathroom Sink P Drain Flex Tube, How to Connect One Recessed Light to Another, How to Install an Ice Maker Filter for the Freezer, Inspectapedia: Loose, Leaky, or Blocked Air Conditioning or Heating Ducts, How to Replace the Speed Spool on a Troy-Bilt String Trimmer, How to Connect a Kitchen Faucet Supply Line, How to Hold Insulation on a Slanted Ceiling. Flexible HVAC supply lines are commonly called flex duct. Hold the two ends of the flex duct insulation together and wrap duct tape around them three times to hold them in place around the spliced connection. A much easier approach would be to use a vent with a T-frame designed to attach directly to the ceiling tile. The most common solution is to add a vent adapter to the existing pipe and attach a vent cover over the ceiling panel. 1001+ Best Design For Inspiration Ideas 2020, Pictures Of Swimming Pools In Small Backyards. There are two round aluminum ducts running in the floor joist about the room we are making. Mounting the pressure switch. How do I cut in two vents (one in each duct) into the round duct pipes and have them go through the ceiling tiles. Be sure to cut all the way around the flexible HVAC supply lines, through the outer insulation and the interior ribbed core. My suggestion would be to calculate the total square footage of the new space you are converting and bring new ductwork from the main trunk to it. There are two round aluminum ducts running in the floor joist about the room we are making. I am going to be putting a suspended ceiling in and it will be approx. You will just have to find a way to mount the cover - either by installing the adapter tight to a ceiling joist or by building a frame around the adapter. I am finishing a part of our basement to turn into a bedroom for my sons. Duct Tap Ins. Actually if you trace back those two pipes they will lead you back to the main supply or return trunk(s). Place the ductwork in a fashion that is as straight and to the vents as possible, without bends or angles; When you're ready to tap into the existing ductwork, make sure its a supply duct and NOT the return! Ducts should be able to run between studs in the wall and then turn into a joist bay (the space between two joists). She has produced works for Red Anvil Publishing and was one of the top 10 finalists in the 2007 Midnight Hour Short Story Contest for Ideally you would bring a new supply and a return from the main trunk and not from the take-off’s.Those two round pipes are already dedicated to one of the rooms in your house and if you where to take off from it you would reduce the flow (cfms) to the existing registers in your house. Push the supply line ends as far as they will go into the interior of the metal duct sleeve. Make sure the studs and bays line … I am going to be putting a suspended ceiling in and it will be approx. Cut the two flexible HVAC supply lines or flex duct to the desired length with a utility knife. Can I use the existing Ductwork to heat my basement? It seems like I can find parts pretty easily to do it to square ducts but not for round ones. These are the parts you are going to need; First picture is the top take off and it’s used to connect the new supplies to the main trunk. Then you take a box of 6" "flex duct", and push it from one access to the other (it doesn't matter which one you start at) with a long stick or pipe or whatever. You may have to add some additional pipe to make up for the 8inch difference. Flexible heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or HVAC supply lines or ventilation ducts, can be spliced together with a metal sleeve and hose clamps. So, at the trunk you would cut in a 6" saddle (this is a "tap" that your new duct will connect to) and at the other access you would cut a "4x10x6 90 boot" into the floor. Like said one 6" solid round pipe can supply about 120 cfms of air. I had an addition put on my house and I need to splice into an existing duct, run across ceiling and into another room. Unroll the insulation jacket and pull it up and over the spliced connection, including the hose clamps, duct tape and metal duct sleeve. 8 inches below the duct work. use the minimum length of flex duct to ensure the air goes through properly. Also it is important to use right type of grille, 2 or 3 way ceiling grill will spread the air across the room oppose to one way which will blow air in only one spot. When supplying air from the ceiling it can get uncomfortable during cooling season with air directed above the habitants. Rohlin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in English from Madonna University.

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