Liam means a strong-willed warrior and protector.

Some of the names are longer and you can create a nickname from it to keep it short.

From Gaelic ‘brigh.’ The name has been incredibly widespread in Ireland, in honor of Brian Boru, High King of Ireland. “Dermot” is the Anglicized version. © Copyright 2020 Irish Studio LLC All rights reserved. This name means “son of defilement,” from Gaelic “corb” (defilement) and “mac” (son). This name means “red-haired king,” from “ruadh” meaning red, as in the red-colored hair of foxes. In Irish mythology, Oscar was the son of the poet Oisin, and the grandson of the hero Finn MacCool. This name means high, noble, and strong. Currently we have 45 Girl Names Contains Meaning word Warrior in our Irish collection. Brian Boru’s son Donncha was a High King of Ireland until his death in 1064. Most important task is giving a name to the baby that would be parents usually do. This name means “little wise person,” “old” or “ancient.” Derived from Sean with a diminutive suffix.

This is an old Irish name that means “swiftness” or “nimbleness.” Daithi, the last Pagan king of Ireland who ruled from 405-426 AD, had 24 dons.

Some believe it to mean sallow, pale green, or “little pale green one.”.

It is also the Irish cognate of the name William. It was the name of a 7th century Irish saint. One of the rumors about the Navigator is that he was the first European to set foot on American soil, a thousand years before Columbus. From the word “con” meaning hound or wolf. Niall of the Nine Hostages was a 4th-century king of Tara. Irish is the first official language of the Republic of Ireland, Irish is a Celtic language These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. Become a Friend of IrishCentral - help us to continue bringing Ireland to you, Coronavirus live updates: Ten deaths reported between NI and RoI today, All Saints Day: Ireland's saints and their blessed sites, Making the dead welcome - All Souls’ Day in Ireland, Apple crumble with Kerrygold and Irish whiskey cream sauce recipe, Remember the blessed on All Saints’ Day in prayer, Denver cancels 2021 St. Patrick’s Day parade due to COVID, These 25 people have been named the most inspirational in Ireland, Eve Hewson reaches a career best in 'The True Adventures Of Wolfboy'. Read More: The most popular Irish baby names in America. As a diminutive form of “Aod” which means fire, this name implies the meaning "born of fire" or "fiery." It is the short form of the Irish name Uilliam, which comes from the Frankish Willahelm. Nick names can be used to shorten the official name. This name means “little lord.” Tiernan O’Rourke was a 12th C. Irish king. Meaning “red” or “rust-colored.” Borne by Rory O’Connor, the last high king of Ireland, who reigned from 1166-1170. This name means "brown-haired warrior."

“Gift from God.” Anglicized form of Sean.

This was the name of a 3rd-century king of Ireland. Meaning “fair-headed,” “white” or “clear.” Other translations include “small blonde soldier” and “handsome.” Fionn MacCool was a central character in Irish folklore and mythology - he was the leader of the warrior band “The Fianna.” Known for being brave, handsome, wise, and generous. “Ruler of the world” is the implied definition of this name, from “domhan” (world) and “all” (mighty). This name has several known meanings, including “war,” “strife,” and “bright-headed.” The word cille also means “associated with the church,” so the name is often associated with the word “church” or “monastery.”. Finn is the Anglicized version of Fionn. Irish language names for boys are the perfect way to honor your Irish roots! This is a very old name meaning “little seal,” derived from the diminutive form of “ron” (seal). At least 17 saints bear the name Brendan, but perhaps the most famous would be Saint Brendan the Navigator. 7. By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Irish Baby Names with their Meaning.

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