He later portrayed Dr. Meade on The Bold and the Beautiful from 2012 to 2013. corey caldwell

Jon Hensley, an artist manager known for his work with Shooter Jennings and Wanda Jackson, has died in his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
You just do the things that are normal without thought. Moreover, though the feud has not been hot for a while now, it seems the Shooter camp still has some bad blood here. The collaborative album, The Party Ain't Over, was eventually released in 2011. That is the reason it was prefaced, and concluded with verbiage explaining that this was a developing story. Thank you for all that you do, for being a constant and consistent champion of real country music and for sharing the gift of your discerning opinions and brilliant writing with the rest of us. June 3, 2015 @

I see no need for Trig to apologize. kentuckycountrymusic.com/...kentucky-native-, Jon Hensley (radio personality) - Wikipedia, “The Colonel” Tribute To Jon Hensley - Black Country Rock. I know that at the time Trigger was the only person who reported Jon’s passing. I never saw the entry. ” If you choose to keep the article up despite high emotions and requests from close friends and family then I suspect you are going to find out very quickly the power of an angry internet.”.

Some people have been saying that he died of a cocaine overdose, but that information has not been released. The show was eventually syndicated and picked up by over 20 commercial radio stations across the country, and by the age of 25, Hensley had interviewed rock icons such as Chris Robinson, John Paul Jones, Porter Wagoner, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson on the show. You are a sorry excuse for a human being! Don’t mean to start shit but my old lady would be pissed too if I passed after a fight we had. It seems that similar tactics employed at the height of the feud have once again been implemented here. The Colonel Jon Hensley. In the future I hope that he and I, as well as our supporters, can engage in meaningful, constructive debate and all work towards a common goal of protecting the legacy of country music”. Jon Hensley died unexpectedly on June 1st in his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Maybe they found cocaine on his person or cocaine in his system. 6:18 am. One of the artists that Hensley reached out to was Jack White of The White Stripes, who accepted and offered to make the record on his Third Man Records label. They remained in Tucson for three days, departing eastbound at 6:00AM on the 23rd for their return to El Paso. If so, have they apologized to you or retracted any of the crap that has been dished your way? I too run a forum and if you think country music is controversial then try the topic of education. Get beautiful photos on every new browser tab. In my opinion the girlfriend is being completely ridiculous and petty.

Mary did the same. 1:45:51. Jon Hensley is given credit for helping to revitalize the career of Wanda Jackson when the Queen of Rockabilly began to perform and record again after a lull in her career. As for the negative comments about Trigger, get a life, he is only doing his job. I then contacted another friend who had interacted with both Jon & you Trigger and he had no idea what the hoopla was, but only because he hadn’t had time to read through it all. I think Mary, who I meet when she was dating Aaron, aka Chuck Falcon, so I’ve known her, not well, but for awhile, just did something normal and that was post something. Jon Hensley, an artist manager known for his work with Shooter Jennings and Wanda Jackson, has died. BR549, Gary Bennett, Goose Creek Symphony, Jon Hensley, Shooter Jennings, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, The Dirt Duabers, Wanda Jackson, First off, my condolences to everyone who had been touched by Jon at some point in their lives, whether you shook his hand once, or family and long time friends and colleagues. 100% respectful and proffesional. Best known as the host of the nationally syndicated Are You Ready for the Country? However because of the issues that have arisen due to this post, and the specific requests from Jon Hensley’s girlfriend Mary Sparr, I decided to temporarily remove the originally-posted obituary for a brief period. Out respect of his family! I was curious as to cause of death and this article came up first. Am I missing something? He had and I asked if I knew anything. My family just went through this with my brother-in-law 2 months ago when he overdosed on heroin at 27 years old. The official cause of death for my loved one was respiratory failure however his vital organs were in such bad shape from the years of cocaine abuse. 6:51 am, The Greenville topix is saying cocaine overdose .. Google Greenville topix. and ends with @The_Triggerman: @kycountrymusic Jessica, nobody was reporting on the death of Jon Hensley, there were many to report Jean Ritchie's death. I know that here was not a friendship between Jon and Trigger. The post Trig put up was kind, concise and respectful. Commonly occurs with all famous .. When I got to work I asked Clayton Brothers, who is friends with Mike Natcher & his band mates, if he had heard. Best known as the host of the nationally syndicated Are You Ready for the Country? and whats the problem..because maybe drugs was involded..someone help me here, keith elgin

They are entitled to their feelings and to grieve quietly with the ones they love. Costello complied by writing to the nomination committee, sparking a lot of interest for the campaign, while Dylan responded by questioning on-air why Jackson was not a member of the Hall of Fame during his popular radio show broadcast on SiriusXM. 8:24 pm, **THE STATEMENTS POSTED BY ME ARE MERELY MY PERSONAL OPINION AND ARE NOT TO BE MISCONSTRUED AS FACT. I AM CHOOSING TO EXERCISE MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH***. I guess we should all be sympathetic towards the family and friends ,but its his friends that seem to be going over board with their negative feeds, what I really like to say every encounter I personally had with him in business was horrible, he was responsible for Shooters tour dates ,so maybe being at shows on time, playing the agreed time that your supposed to, not having an attitude like the promoters were at fault, maybe not leaving a green room looking like a frat party happened, and asking were you could get an eight ball in a concert hall office and his habits were no secret, so I guess now that he is gone all of his buddy’s want to defend him, sorry thats crap. Go Trigger. Death is horrible. i seen the autopsy!!!! We call that the Tall Poppy Syndrome in NZ. Enter and check it out! It’s hard to admit to yourself but in the end you have to acknowledge it’s the individual who chose to do drugs knowing there’d be NO positive outcome. There is no fathomable way this article actually hurt her as much as she claims. From those difficult decisions I know that there are two types of results, people will be happy and people will be upset. We are all the additional interesting videos there on the net regarding the possible wedding of Jon Hensley.

Folks need to be patient, and not assume a cause of death until we hear something official. If You Missed It: Whole Lotta Celebratin’ Goin’ On: 85 Years of The Killer, If You Missed It: Hall of Fame’s “Big Night at the Museum” Event, Randall King – Takin’ It As It Comes (Official Music Video), New Bill Anderson Song “It’s A Good Day to Have a Good Day”, Lucero – Outrun the Moon (Official Lyric Video), “It’s Over” – An Original Song by The Petersens (LIVE), Eric Church – “Through My Ray-Bans” (Official Lyric Video), Nick Shoulders | “Too Old to Dream” | Western AF, Charley Crockett – “The Man That Time Forgot” (Official Live Video), New Tyller Gummersall Song “Singing These Songs For You”, Brandy Clark – Who You Thought I Was | Live at the Grand Ole Opry, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/05/opinion/linda-greenhouse-where-credit-is-due.html?_r=0, Kalie Shorr Voices Music Row’s Guilty Conscience in “My Voice”, Another Dallas Cowboys Setback: Kane Brown Set for Thanksgiving Show, Why Jennifer Nettles Is an Imperfect Advocate for “Equal Play”. I knew Shooter and Trig have butted heads, and do not know if the Jon/Trig feud is related, but I’d say it was a standup move on Trig to post this.

My point is to remove the Shooter Jennings angst out of it because I’m sure he’s quite used to media circuses, while Mary and her family are not. it’s sad, really.

It saddens me to know end that it could have been a drug overdose, hopefully, this tragedy will convince someone out there to get help from drug addiction,if that is in fact what he passed away from. And as explained at the time, and as explained in this article, because people seized on the fact that the obit wasn’t posted to construe it as an attack on Jon Hensley, it was necessary for me to repost it after the situation had been diffused. Hensley ended his first stint in 1988. How anyone could find offense in it is beyond me. This is the rumor about no matter whether, Lately it says this or another celebrity is gay, but now also speculate with something halfway like whether. I have to say maybe you just didn’t remember that the girl would be blasted not only by social media, but by phone calls, people stopping by, and everything else. Burial will be in Eades Cemetery in Greenville. It was also written so everything was in a past tense.

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