Dgaf about nina purpleton tho. Amuro Ray | Kou also starts a rough and uneasy relationship with Nina Purpleton, an Anaheim Electronics engineer who designed the GP01 and GP02, who was also assigned to the Albion for further studies of Unit 01. Kou and his friend Chuck Keith sneak aboard, and Kou is left awestruck at the sight of the RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes" and the RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis".

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory There, he served as a test pilot for the Federation's newest mobile suit equipment— although he and his colleagues were the target for said equipment, rather than the actual operators. Emma Sheen |

Kou Uraki

Towards the end of Operation Stardust, Nina goes searching for Kou, and finds him trying to stop Gato from dropping the colony onto Earth.

Kou then fought Gato in a duel that left both Unit 01 and Unit 02 damaged beyond repair. However, when the Federation later decides to cover up the Gundam Development Project, Kou's rank is reinstated and his sentence is removed to prevent any suspicions from arising. She was also once rescued by Kou, after former Zeon pilot Kelley Layzner in his MA-06 Val Walo captured and threatened to kill her. Following Burning's death, Uraki is promoted from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Captain Eiphar Synapse. During the battle, Kou attempts to board the Colony to prevent its thrusters from firing, but is stopped by Gato and Nina, who reveals she used to be Gato's lover.

Nina in a state of happiness All this in around 10 seconds.

After a rocky start, Kou and Nina's relationship grows, and by episode seven, he tells her that he wants her to be with him. Finally, at the end of the series, after Kou is exhonorated for his part in the theft of the GP03, he meets up with Keith, Mora, and Nina once again.

Attempting to get closer to the Gundams, he is stopped by Nina Purpleton, the engineer of the Gundams, who scolds him.

He awakens in the unknown world and immediately tries his best to grasp his surroundings. Nina Purpleton | When the Albion is assigned to patrol the Shoal Zone during the Federation's Naval Review, Gato strikes again with a team of Rick Doms.

Kou survives the blast, but he has failed to both defeat Gato or prevent the success of Operation Stardust. He is a 19 year-old Federation pilot stationed at the Torrington Base. Uso Ewin | For his defiance of orders, including killing an ally to the EFF, theft of the GP03 and failure to stop Operation Stardust, Kou Uraki is sentenced by a military tribunal to a year of hard labor.

Powers/Skills The Albion and Kou later battle the Cima Fleet once again, but during the engagement Burning is killed by Cima, leading to Kou developing a grudge against her. Armed with a new Gundam, Kou would face off against Gato in his powerful AMX-002 Neue Ziel, and Cima Garahau in her AGX-04 Gerbera Tetra, in an attempt to prevent a Space Colony from making landfall onto the Earth's surface.


In episode 10, they kiss.
Shrike Team |

Oliver Inoe |

Born on the Moon, Nina was only 21 years old when she was a mobile suit engineer at Anaheim Electronics.

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As they are attacked … Karen Joshua | Leahlee Edaberry |

Kai Shiden |

Christina Mackenzie |

During the attack, Gato fired Unit 01's nuclear warhead and damaged two-thirds of the Federation fleet.

Chan Agi, League Militaire

Kou Uraki's dislike for carrots is a nod to his Japanese voice actor Ryo Horikawa, who also dislikes carrots. Later on during the night, unbeknownst to anyone, former Zeon pilot Anavel Gato, aka the Nightmare of Solomon, successfully infiltrates and steals the Physalis, which is armed with a nuclear warhead, and orders his team in hiding to attack the base, thus officially commencing Operation Stardust. Hangelg Ewin.

Mueller Miguel | Her devotion to the Gundam Development Project is up to the level of obsession, and often leads her into conflict with her colleagues or Earth Federation officers, most notably Kou Uraki. While aboard the Albion, she grew closer to Kou, and eventually developed feelings for him. Kou Uraki is the main protagonist of the 13 episode Mobile Suit Gundam OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory.

Apolly Bay | For defending Admiral Green Wyatt during the skirmish, he is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Mirai Yashima | Friends/Allies Seto Kaiba Posts: 1210 Joined: Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:18 am. Post by Seto Kaiba » Mon Sep 28, 2020 2:58 am Seabook Arno | Kou was then assigned to Lt. South Burning's team aboard the Albion to assist them in their mission to either recapture or destroy the GP02 and stop the Delaz Fleet from commencing Operation Stardust. Blex Forer | Cecily Fairchild | In episode 10, they kiss. Mondo Agake | The Albion heads to Anaheim's La Vie en Rose station in order to pick up the Gundam Unit 03 to continue their pursuit of the Delaz Fleet.

The Gundam Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kou and his friend Chuck Keith sneak aboard, and Kou is left awestruck at the sight of and. Because of Nina and Kou's actions, Operation Stardust is a success and the colony impacts North America. A talented engineer, Nina is extremely protective of her creations (which she expresses by constantly checking data of RX-78GP01 Gundam "Zephyranthes"). Elle Vianno | With Albion captain Eiphar Synapse suspicions of Delaz's true intentions, the Albion heads to Anaheim's La Vie en Rose station in order to pick up the Gundam Unit 03 to continue their pursuit of the Delaz Fleet.

Dr. Hasan | Delaz FleetAnavel GatoKelley LayznerCima Garahau RX-78GP01-Fb Gundam "Zephyranthes" Full Burnern, Kou Uraki on the official Gundam 0083.net, https://gundam.fandom.com/wiki/Kou_Uraki?oldid=480661, Lieutenant Junior Grade (field promotion).

Nina's love of her Gundam creations (from, Nina Purpleton: character information (part I) from Gundam Perfect File, Nina Purpleton: character information (part I) (Gundam Perfect File), Nina Purpleton: character information (part II) (Gundam Perfect File). Beecha Oleg |

For his defiance of orders, including killing an ally to the EFF, theft of the GP03 and failure to stop Operation Stardust, Kou Uraki is sentenced by a military tribunal to a year of hard labor. He was then assigned to South Burning's team aboard the Albion, in its pursuit to either recapture or destroy the GP02, before the last remnants of Zeon, led by Admiral Aiguille Delaz, decide to destroy the Federation Forces. Nina Purpleton from the official Gundam0083.net, https://gundam.fandom.com/wiki/Nina_Purpleton?oldid=455060, Strangely, even though Anavel Gato was Nina's former lover, she did not recognize him when he hijacked Gundam GP02A. is a character introduced in Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. Her relationship with Kou was rocky at first, as Nina was annoyed by his childishness. When he arrives, he sees a captured Gelgoog that gives him the peace sign, letting him know that it is Keith.

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