blood noun. The meaning "to flash the buttocks" is recorded by 1968, U.S. student slang, from moon (n.) "buttocks" (1756), "probably from the idea of pale circularity" [Ayto]. Related: Mooned; mooning. HeiNER - the Heidelberg Named Entity Resource, Dbnary: Wiktionary as Linguistic Linked Open Data, On March 10, 2006, NASA reported that the Cassini probe found evidence of liquid water reservoirs that erupt in geysers on Saturn's. We've listed any clues from our database that match your search. "cros...rd" or "he?p"). the light of the Moon; "moonlight is the smuggler's enemy"; "the Moon was bright enough to read by", United States religious leader (born in Korea) who founded the Unification Church in 1954; was found guilty of conspiracy to evade taxes (born in 1920). radiance seemed to die away. To shoot the moon "leave without paying rent" is British slang from c. 1823 (see shoot (v.)); the card-playing sense perhaps was influenced by gambler's shoot the works (1922) "go for broke" in shooting dice. , animals such as horses and lions, flowers, and landscapes. To display one's buttocks to, typically as a jest, insult, or protest. is featured in the 1974 film Murder on the Orient Express, based on the 1934 novel by Agatha Christie. If you do not agree, you can click "Manage" below to review your options. More Latin words for moon. If your word has any anagrams, they'll be listed too along with a definition for the word if we have one. Sorry, and we hope you continue to use The Crossword Solver. ; he carries a bundle of thorn-twigs and is accompanied by a dog. Some Japanese, however, see a rice-cake-making rabbit in the moon. heretic celebrating Easter 14th day of 1st moon. moon. inter planetas numerati sunt, facientes septem. The moon race and the U.S. space program of the 1960s inspired a number of coinages, including, from those skeptical of the benefits to be gained, moondoggle (based on boondoggle). luna. Greek selēnē (Lesbian selanna) is from selas "light, brightness (of heavenly bodies)." The old moon in the new moon's arms (1727) is the appearance of the moon in the first quarter, in which the whole orb is faintly visible by earthshine. A masculine noun in Old English. We use cookies on The Crossword Solver to help our site work, to understand how it is used and to tailor the advertisements shown on our site. Google's free service instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages between English and over 100 other languages. In Greek, Italic, Celtic, and Armenian the cognate words now mean only "month."

lunam. To fuss over adoringly or with great affection.

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