There was a very sad story in this episode, the gorgeous young patient Kanda died. This episode is my favourite so far. While she and Dr Tendo are in different leagues. Just a little bit! She was informed that the family was all teetotaller. If everyone was surprised then Sakura was the most stunned. Awww. Anyway, the day out of Sakura and Dr Tendo at the amusement park was so sweet. Dr Kisugi truly loves Sakura himself and would like to see her happy so he told her that Dr Tendo was begged by Mariko to drop Sakura as the assisting nurse on the oblation procedure for her son. She was paired with Dr Tendo and they became the Tendo Team. Dr Tendo volunteered to take the day off as well and go with Sakura. A runaway car was about to plow into pedestrians. Belinda Apr 02 2020 3:56 am There are extra minutes lasting just under 18 minutes to each episode? if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); And Takeru Satoh is gonna be the death of me, jenli Feb 05 2020 9:04 am evanessa May 01 2020 1:34 am Tendo Mar 24 2020 8:25 am He further added that Sakura is the girl he intends to marry. He said that they have a seaside resthouse in Singapore. Takeru Sato as Dr … She kept thinking about it until she was not sure if it was indeed just pure imagination. Hopefully Private Prince will get it's own adaptation ?

Sakura could not really decline a potential sister-in-law in her time of need. Some people are comparing this with Itazura na Kiss, but I honestly think that the similarity ends with the “sadistic doctor” and “stupid nurse” description. Jang Apr 17 2020 1:10 pm This is nice! Mone is doing 100% justice with the role. She told the hospital doctors that she would take the day off to escort Tsuruoka to the wedding venue herself. Nanase Sakura kerja keras kanggo nampa pangenalan saka Kairi Tendo lan dheweke uga nyatakake rasa jujur marang dheweke. Sakura was hopeless most of the times.

Dianne Mar 25 2020 1:49 am filomena ribeiro Oct 31 2020 5:51 pm

And that was how Dr Tendo found them, Sakura patting Kamijo reassuringly in the back while he hugged her. Some are funny, some are funny & ..

Claire Aug 18 2020 12:54 am

Anyway, it was the scheduling period for the nurses.

Este programa no está disponible en tu región. Anyway, Sakura mentioned about what he promised her in the ambulance.

He had to talk about the mechanical heart during a press conference to explain the procedure. Sakura was in heaven and was contentedly chomping away hot dumplings. Nanase Sakura is a 23-year-old rookie nurse. Sakura was at his beck and call. When the ambulance came, Dr Tendo instructed to bring them to Hiura Hospital. He asked her if she could be his. She then encountered another accident where an elderly man collapsed in the street, Sakura was once again aided by no other than Dr Tendo.

Kamijo, who the staff at the hospital calls the Trustfund Kid comes from a very rich and distinguished family who regularly donates to the Hiura Hospital.

Terima kasih sudah berkunjung ke Drakorindo! Their conversation was overheard by Dr Tendo. Suddenly there was a voice, it was Dr Tendo who instructed to clear Sakura’s calendar especially the eight because he was taking her out for a meal. Canr wait already, Sheena Feb 25 2020 7:54 am He was requesting oblation so he could spend the last remaining months traveling with his wife. @Alice I would totally recommend the "Rurouni Kenshin" movie trilogy! Everyone is just perfect! I just can't..... It's so memorable that it's now etched in my mind! She said it was her own investion/lyrics which she made up when she was studying nursing. Korean Drama. She had not been eating well because her broken rice cooker.   the subject is nice And it's true that this is quite overrated. Sakai looked at Sakura and said: “I came here to learned, you came here to be liked.”. Yuuki Sayoko further added that Dr Kisugi was the most popular doctor in the hospital, everybody loves him for his kindness.


Sakura felt rather guilty about it as she knew Kamijo was harassing Dr Tendo because of her. Then suddenly she started to blackout and Dr Kendo got really worried.

Other than that, its good one.

Wajib comment jika ada link yang RUSAK yaa! How many episodes does this drama have?!! Even their age gap is perfect. But Sakura declined the offer and started running. The next morning, Sakura was happily going to work with Dr Tendo when they saw an accident about to happen. One fateful day, he meets a young woman. It is easier to swallow an eight year difference at 37 & 45 than it is at 23 and 31. Chemistry and romance vibes is really strongm.

She told him without prevarication that she had ever seen him as a close friend, a confidante she can tell her troubles and share her thoughts with.

They found out that they were to share the same hotel room.

Wakayabashi assisted Dr Tendo and they did make a very competent and good looking team. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime();

Home was so impressive, Sakura called it a mansion.

Her accident really bonded them together. This is my first time to watch Japanese drama and it really worth it.i don't have any plan to watch this not until i saw the music clip on my Facebook and i got curios that's when i started to watch and it made me realize that sometimes love really conquer all when yypu know that she/he's the one your will spend the rest of your life then go for it. Drakorindo.Kim - Download dan nonton kdrama, chinese drama dan drama asia lainnya dengan subtitle indonesia gratis. The facility was rather antiquated. One of the male nurses said that was true because when he was on duty for the longest time, Dr Kisugi sent him food and he almost developed a crush on him. Dr Tendo had been tasked to speak about the successful operation done on little Airi.

Yes, Minori is dead. For some reason though, I thought this drama is overrated?

Dr Kisugi seemed to love her even more for her unadulterated honesty and advised her to seek Dr Tendo to thrash out the state of their relationship. He told her that she must not reveal it to anyone, especially at work.

I think Ryuusei and Rokurou will end up together.

The girl was everything.

Meanwhile, Dr Tendo was sitting alone in his office, looking rather thoughtful! She met Doctor Kairi Tendo several years ago and fell in love with him. The date threw a glass of ice-tea over Sakura. Anyway, the ‘star’ patient for this episode was the son of Mariko Negishi, the Head Nurse. As someone who also read the manga, I'm good with her portraying Sakura, I don't find her acting cringey at all (and she has a bright personality even during interviews). I have watch so many, I am obsessed with them. After numerous trials and errors experimenting with bringing a dead person back to life, Dr. Franken finally creates an ugly yet kindhearted monster who will never age and die.

They said that Dr Tendo was really worried. She met Doctor Kairi Tendo several years ago and fell in love with him. Sakura said she was actually good with injections and was so pleased with herself she accidentally injected the used needle to her hand. Korean dramas, Chinese dramas, Taiwanese dramas, Japanese dramas, Kpop & Kdrama news and events by Soompi, and original productions -- subtitled in English and other languages. Softsub silahkan download subtitle indonesia yang telah kami sediakan. do people know that japan makes a lot of romcoms and some of them have cheesier tropes than your average kdrama.

Very cute, hilarious, sweet, light, just fun to watch it. Hi to japanese drama...been a Korean fan so far.bit hesitant to enter into japanese due to language issues...this drama changed me...I felt so so happy and thrilled watching this lovely romance...hero s voice is so sexy and addictive... heroine is so cute and bubbly...a nice doc nurse romance...makes me wanna fall in love... H Jun 18 2020 10:33 pm

He was slightly more approachable so she walked home with him one evening.

And Dr Tendo realised this soon enough. Their Actor and actresses are great and so is the storyline it’s just that Japan should also move forward in doing their thing like south korea . While he looks so cute and vulnerable, she asked him about Minori. But she believed that he will be alright and wish him that he will be able to find something he really want to do with his life. ¡Déjanos saber. The special patient in this week’s episode is a cancer patient who only has six months to live. Camt wait. Just didn't like the ending but that's the case for all the jdrama lol. I’ve read the manga long ago and when I saw the poster for the live-action, my first thought was, “oh, the female lead is perfect for the role” since she actually really looks like the manga’s Nanase.

Sakura later learned that the patient wanted to attend the wedding of her estranged daughter which will happen soon. As Ruuyuko was so friendly, Sakura happily confessed that it was her. THANK you, bubbles Jun 11 2020 12:20 am

Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE!

There are lots of good Jdramas out there. One of the best live-actions for sure!


Sakura said how could she? really cute couple. I'm so happy I watched this drama. Worth the watch!!!! There came a point when Dr Tendo told her to just quit as she was not any good. So without much preamble, Sakura packed her bag and was ready to go on the same day as when Dr Tendo was giving the seminar on the mechanical heart. Fay Mar 07 2020 11:05 am It meant that Dr Tendo can now do the surgery on Airi. I dunno. They then return the patient to the hospital under Dr Kisugi’s care. And plenty of flickering candles for ambiance. They hugged tightly and Kairi presented her with the beautiful Tiffany engagement ring and made her promise not to cheat on him.

He said to Dr Tendo to take Sakura away and back to Tokyo.

Naira Apr 22 2020 5:02 pm

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