Scheduled maintenance is free for 60 miles. Shipping outside the United States requires an International Health Certificate, which is an additional cost that can vary from country to country. CA. See our terms of service for more details. We didn?? This isn't on the dealer, but one component designed that should be a bit more beefy, maybe with a metal clip. Jaguar sets the standard other automakers should follow. We reached out to Alex via e-mail to schedule an appointment and touch base with him regarding the car. style, speed, comfort, and the most intuitive car I ever drove..... convertible is a bonus. 14 All the whistles! in Retired Jag Queens & F1 Hybrid Queens. in ), ( Fun to drive car, but a lil bit easy to get bored. They honored everything we talked about and then some. 5 You can choose to assign your deposit to an existing or upcoming litter. 22 To All My Pet Parents:  I am currently recuperating from surgery. I have owned a Cadillac for the last 11 years. I was surprised she wasn't a bit nervous. Everyone is so helpful and attentive. ", "Nemo is by far the best money we've ever spent. The service department shines. ?t cover. I didn't feel rushed in my purchase and felt comfortable throughout the entire process. Mokave Cats has top-quality Bengal, Jag Cat, and Mokave Lynx kittens for sale. It's nothing like any other 'dealership' I've ever dealt with. Newhall, ", "Sable settled in very quickly and she’s just as you described. They come litter-trained and stay loving and affectionate throughout their long lifespan. Your Jag Cat seems to be just the answer. ), ( Although created from hybrid crossings of bobcat, Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat and Serval, Jag Cats are bred to be gentle and loving. He gets my car in and out when he says he will, and I have never had a problem with any of his work. WE ARE VERY PROUD TO ANNOUCE THE ARRIVAL OF OUR STUNNING LITTER OF HIGH QUALITY WEIMARARANER PUPPIES... 5 days ago My car is like my heart beat....Valuable!!!! We really can?? 6 I’m having a lot of fun with the portfolio XE. I sometimes send you a video or post photos of your kitten to its Personal page so you can have the pleasure of watching it as it grows. Website by Nora Scholin. Beautiful classy interior; responsive acceleration; A-1 service centers. For sale Mokave Jag Kittens Classifieds United States mokave jag kittens (1) Jobs, Cars, Apartments, Houses, Services ... anything, really As soon as I am able, I will move my website content to a Facebook page so that you can continue to stay in touch, ask questions about cat care, see some of my best Jag Cat pics and post photos of your own Jag Cats. I can ride all day and listen to this awesome sound system. Sewell Cadillac is the most amazing Cadillac dealership! Not only do they inhale more smoke, but toxins from the smoke in the air (or on your clothing, furniture, and carpets) is transferred to their coats where they ingest it orally through grooming themselves. ), ( It's important that you and the Jag Cat you want are a good match for your situation and environment. 67 I think they are one of the best-looking breeds I have ever seen.". Personal checks are not accepted. 19 This light issue is puzzling for what is supposed to be a rugged truck. Kings   ---   Queens   ---   Real Stories. It's stylish and comfortable. I could not have asked for a better car. Mokave Jag Cats are safe replacements for wild cats such as caracal, lynx, ocelot, or serval, all of which can be dangerous and unpredictable. He wraps his paws around my leg and holds on when I go out the door. The communication is superb. Call  904-292-9195  for more information. All your deposits are then locked onto and subtracted from the cost of that particular kitten, which is then posted as SOLD on my For Sale page. Creating a new breed such as my Jag Cats is really time-consuming and expensive. We got back from the test drive, quickly worked a deal, and we were in and out in no time. Overall a great experience and I am very happy with my purchase. During our time there we got to meet a fantastic very friendly Sale Manager named Mary Denawetz whose personality kept us smiling. Every option possible is in this car which I don’t think they could have thought of anything else to put in this car from heated mirrors&seats to auto tilt steering wheel and pedals to back glass auto shade&headlight washers. Shown below are photos of three of the four wild cats whose offspring helped to create my Jag Cats. Lancaster, Handles beyond expectation with little body roll, just short of being agile. 1. Jag Cats are bred to be true companions and bond strongly with their humans. It’s amazing how many options are in this car . I enjoyed the fact that I wasn't being pressured into buying a car like some other places. Up to ... 5 days ago Below are photos of Jag Cats (on right) compared to photos of actual jaguars and bobcats. I usually use Delta as they love my cats and take very good care of them. She had 3 cars we were looking at ready to go. 17 ?t skip a beat. Visits to my website since January 1, 2006: Website by Nora Scholin. would buy again, had a great experience, fast and smooth, recommend David Neuberth as salesman. cavapoo Puppies for adoption. Thank you so much TJ. 8 I am happy that I purchased this vehicle. Y CA. The experience started on chat with our amazing sales person Anita Whitten. Photos are updated whenever I can find the time to do so. in If no other people are waiting in line for a kitten from that litter, the selection decision can be delayed another week or two, if desired by a deposit holder. All young adults must be paid for in full prior to pickup or shipping. ?ve ever met and he commences to put together all the little things that come with the car and sits there with us and gives us the basics on how everything works. Depending upon the order in which your deposit was received, you will be entitled to 1st, 2nd, or 3rd pick of any available kittens in that litter. Terms of Use. PLEASE NOTE: The customer service is just outstanding. To purchase your Mokave Jag Cat, simply fill out the Purchase Order Form on the Available Kittens page and than call me at 904-292-9195 to qualify and make your payment. Valencia, ", "You sure know how to make monster cats. Finally it was time to shake hands to go, but I swear I felt more like giving every one a hug. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 6296 Jaguar models in Mojave. "Our Jag Cats are well mannered, social, and extremely intelligent. 56], ( Not only is she luxury, she is a smooth ride. I used to be a professional writer and am considering creating a Jag Cat coffee table book, which would pictorially show the history and evolution of this unique hybrid breed, showcasing it's star players and cutest kitten photos, a how-to on raising/training ANY cat, and the most funny/heart-warming Pet Parent stories. Although you are welcome to ask when a new photo might be posted, please understand that this is a time-consuming courtesy, not a requirement. The turbo power is unreal. The cost of each kitten is shown on the For Sale page. I will ship your kitten to the closest US border city where you can pick it up and drive it home; border crossings require only a normal vet-certified health certificate. After the purchase I was introduced to the service manager and his team, who were all very professional and polite. This vehicle is beautiful and smooth to drive. CA. Coat colors sometimes change as a kitten matures but usually range from golden-brown to red-gold with large spots or two-toned rosettes. I have sent the deposit for our next kitten.". Thanks again and I look forward to future buys! He also coordinated with the Lexus dealership to get an additional key fob / programming done. These unusual hybrids have great personalities and beautiful leopard like pelts. by FocusSTdude (Chad) from West Jordan, UT. We now have four of them!". "She purred before she even came out off the crate... slept in my lap on the way home. Got it with 6 miles on the odometer and promptly drove it 1900 miles in 2 days. 7. I used to be able to ship my Jag Cats for $300 - $400. ?FOREVER HOME(S) NEEDED? Canada: 10 I won't buy a vehicle anywhere else. "Sable settled in very quickly and she’s just as you described. Suspension is super soft which makes it drive like a boat, so it's comfortable driving a long distance. 30 ), "What you have created is truly the perfect cat for a person like me who loves the wild blood and it's personality traits... all that genetic mixing has created an animal of such beauty -- it's amazing to me. Although created from hybrid crossings of bobcat, Jungle Cat, Asian Leopard Cat and Serval, Jag Cats are bred to be gentle and loving. Siberianhuskyfor adoption He answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. Your reserved kitten must be paid for in full prior to pickup or shipping. About a year ago, I thought I needed a paint job on my car, but TJ suggested that he do his refurbishing special on it. The seats are extremely comfortable which is important because I have back problems. A very satisfied customer, Shirey, F Pace is a head turner and fun to drive but some. 21 The Mokave Jag Cat has a wide range of coat colours including the classic rosetted (spotted) wild cat look and also including snows, classic tabbies and black, which I presume to be a melanistic coat. It was a GREAT experience and such a smooth transaction. She is detailed, knows what I like, efficient in our dealings and such a doll to work with. We showed up to the dealership right on time and Alex was there to greet us. This was a great experience for me, Finally being able to buy my dream car, a BMW 5 Series! Beautiful Italian greyhound Puppies Jag Cats take  four years  to fully mature so keep them on kitten food until they are at least two years old if you want them to reach maximum size. It saved me a lot of money and the car looks great (he has pictures of before and after if you'd like to see them). Too many animals means less time spent with each one. "I picked Sheba up tonight from the airport. I’m happy to say that getting her was one of my best ideas. Mokave Jag Cats is a new large cat breed first registered in 2005. My wife and I found a used Lexus RX 350 online on their website. I have been looking to buy this car for years. She was definitely worth the wait. No pressure, no games. ), ( Quenya is very pretty. How much time do you have to spend with your kitty? Mokave Jag Cats actually become more beautiful and exotic-looking as they mature; therefore, the price of a kitten can increase as it grows. 5. 2 You can only compare up to 4 cars at a time. 4 "We are back from the airport. in Sex availability Both  male and Female... 2 days ago I have loved my car ever since and I would recommend this dealership to anyone especially my fellow car guy/gal. Thank you all!!!??? Payment of the pet courier service and any necessary paperwork is the responsibility of you, the Pet Parent. Every single employee is so dedicated to their job and they run like a well oiled machine. I find the best flight based upon your preferences and the kitten's welfare. ® By use of this site you agree to our Justin was great, he's every knowledgeable and he tells it like it is. This car definitely meets all of my needs. txt 213-545-8558 ..lovey golden retriever pups need good homes they have gotten all shots and vacci... ?FOREVER HOME(S) NEEDED?

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