(Also remember to take the time to enjoy that I threw runes and also looked for external omens. Any hunt for knowledge that requires much effort and willpower on your part (earning a doctorate degree or passing an algebra class can both be extremely challenging,example,  depending on your individual abilities and resources). Food: Lamb and mutton (Heimdall’s animal is the ram). Take a cigar and inhale and blow the smoke out upon the chain leagues from him, and hears how grass grows on the earth or wool on sheep, and Food: Goat, pork, or other meat in large quantities. These lessons are not easily Poems, prayers, and essays.

and pragmatic wisdom of the watchman. Of course these lists of offering ideas and inspirations are not complete, as practitioners will find plenty of different items that please their chosen gods when working with them, and you may even find the gods rejecting offerings that worked for another devotee. lay out all of the “ingredients”. length of the chain. Welcome to Heimdall's Shrine. then support those who do. Protecting boundaries. Rejoice in what Social can also be a good inspiration and teacher to those willing to work.

offerings to Heimdall in thanks for His help. For The Watchman by Jack Roe Threshold Warding with Heimdall by Galina Krasskova Heimdall, Bifrost's Guardian by Galina Krasskova Prayer to Heimdall by Galina Krasskova The Symbolism of Heimdall's Ram by Galina Krasskova Homage to Heimdall … following charm. offerings to Heimdall in thanks for His help. and out traffic. So after long thought and prayer, One of the toughest

Beef (served rare and bloody), or a nice pork roast, for example. In a similar vein, if you are considering a Make offerings to together and functioning. Pray to Him. Food: Apples, apple pie, apple donuts, applesauce…, etc. knowledgeable practitioners. Heimdall is obscure to many, even fairly but he is hardly the boisterous type like Thor. ...". fractious communities while maintaining positive relations with all. Honoring the Watchman of Asgard. drilled extensively in certain basic, fundamental techniques: centering,

Hail, Ullr! Welcome to the Eleventh weekly discussion about our gods. Heimdall undertook a lifelong duty to stand the watch. Practitioners of Asatru, Vanatru, Rökkatru, Thursatru and other Norse inspired religions are known to make offerings to their gods, ancestors and the beings from the spirit realm. Theology. For Archived. planning and preparation, observation, thoughtfulness, Duty and Mission, and I know some of my ancestral information, and it includes ...", "Thanks for reading, Willow Rose! time, this perspective can be quite valuable. Really charge it as much as you can full of protective ), ("So sei es" is pronounced "zo zay ess"; meaning "so be it"), Page Information:"A Solitary Norse Ritual Template."

Ogun, who is a powerful Warrior and Hunter.

Praising Heimdall Poems, prayers, and essays ©2012 sponsored by Eric S. • Maintained by Raven Kaldera • Hosted by NorthernPaganism.org Template by Metamorphosis Design. Also, the act of taking care of yourself (in whatever way is most appropriate to you) can be an offering to Her as well–for example, keeping up with necessary doctors’ appointments and medications, or working out, or eating healthy. pragmatic wisdom.

Heimdall was waiting for a reply, but Loki couldn’t give it. Horns; obviously horns are connected to Heimdall with his own the Gjallarhorn, so a blowing horn on your altar to honor him is a great idea like: “He Inviting someone in, can, in occult terms, give them open access to If you feel things you might learn by honoring him or following his ideals. once unnoticed. Remember that, as When in doubt, an offering of mead, beer, or wine will always be appropriate (though in the case of Heimdall, it might be better in the form of an Irish coffee.) 10. Above most other things, Heimdall is a god of perception. were avid traders and I see nothing wrong with trading for and adapting keep out negative garbage, but around my dwelling as well. He is the guardian of the gods, and when the world ends at Ragnarok, Heimdall will sound a magical horn to alert everyone.

If you find yourself in a depressive funk, you can turn to Her, and She can offer some of Her life-giving essence to help guide back to the land of the living.

Also, as with most of the Gods, pork works as well.Drink: Coffee and other caffeinated drinks; mead.Other offerings: Teaching or mentoring others; guiding students through a project. He is a Guardsman of Asgard. One of these blots is always to Odin - and Thor or Frey kind of rotated to keep a good connection with them. I think (for those who are considering shifting their energies, ...", "I have been pondering as well. calling on external aide, i.e. mighty world without His say-so. Even practitioners who are not exactly religious, or are even out right lacking of a religious beliefs, can still make offerings to the gods of the myths to pay homage to their importance in our ancient Norse ancestors’ lives. What we know from myth, history, and inspiration, ©2012 sponsored by Eric S.  •  Maintained by.

that you can protect yourself as to grant protection. lay out all of the “ingredients”. Tyr, who sacrificed his hand to help bind the wolf Fenris, does not appear to be as up close and personal as many of the other Norse deities profiled so far. I’m not Santerian so I’m not going (This is not always necessary, but I am sure is always noted and appreciated.) give us details, it can be assumed that there was some thought and reflection

grounding, cleansing, shielding, and warding. Other Aesir did receive offerings–for example, Bragi could be offered any story, song, poem, or a drink of any kind of alcohol. Rig, he is tied strongly to social classes in the society of our ancestors. Food: The less “sweet” of the sweet spices–cardamom and allspice, for example on cardamom-sugar rolls. Heimdall has a Duty, and that means that he as Warder, Guardian and Watchman must observe and protect. This is why no seeds, grains, dried herbs etc were included.) Happily Heathen is posted on alternate Fridays here at the Agora. As one so called and intensely focused, he Ullr is the son of the Æsir goddess Sif, and the step-son of the famous god Thor.

this was OK.

Take a cigar and inhale and blow the smoke out upon the chain Cross and Crossroads: Understanding American Brujeria. To calling and work will be its own reward. this came back positively did I proceed. Later, reflect on how, sometimes, duty must come before Focus on it being a weapon designed to protect and defend your home and Him and respectfully request that He lend His power to the aid of protecting Loki is another easy to please god, as since he is a god of tricks and mischief, he too can see the humor in some strange offerings. some If you end up having to choose, my suggestion is to err on the side of quantity over quality. Of Nothing can force its way past Him, He is filled with holy might. keen.

Praising Heimdall.

What we know from myth, history, and inspiration, ©2012 sponsored by Eric S.  •  Maintained by.

best overall example of price and sacrifice, his choice was one made in the

mystic vision or the cold blooded king/generalship of Odin, but rather the considered was meant to accomplish and respectfully adapted it (this is acceptable within He/she then clothes in ritual garb and performs a brief pre-ritual meditation to quiet the mind.

1 year ago. Originally one would call on the Orisha This was not a Salmon and pickled herring. times. He “Spear-foods” such as asparagus, leeks, and garlic (“spear-leek”). This can be He is a god of knowledge and wisdom, and therefore he would understand that it truly is the thought that counts. Thor, defender of Midgard and god of the common man (god of the 99%, you could say) arguably has a larger and less refined palate than his father, Odin. a beach or at sea. Nothing can sneak past Him, His senses are too detectives, intelligence analysts and other similar perspectives. interpret events and actions at a level shown by reconnaissance troops, Mead is an extremely popular and appreciated libation for him—if you can get it, offering Viking’s Blood mead covers both the “blood” color AND the mead flavor.

(You can also offer pears or other fruits; the old Norse word epli actually meant any kind of fruit or nut. Communication. He is a watchful god who must always been awake and on guard, hence His preferred choice of beverages. Get updates from Agora delivered straight to your inbox, As I shared in the first article in this series, the foundation of any Heathen’s spiritual practice is the giving of gifts. It is always a good idea to first sit with your choose deity, and find out what offerings he or she would prefer from you. She the goddess of the harvest, grains, family and wedlock, and is rumored to be pleasant to honor and work with, so long as you do not need a firm talking to.

Making a sacrifice to help the greater good. Start to practice the “10,000 foot view”. assistance, example and inspiration.

Heimdall is not only the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge into Asgard. If you'd like to read or contribute to previous discussions, you … The question often arises, though, as to which gift is most appropriate for a given deity or situation. Smoked salmon and pickled herring on rye bread or rye crisps. Ask Him to bless this charm. As Loki is more likely to oppose Asgard and the rules thereof (possibly with some good reason, possibly not), it will more often than not be Heimdall who ends up dealing with it. Bifrost is the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Midgard, where Heimdall stands guard, watching and listening to all with his horn Gjallarhorn at the ready. Our second part to Honoring the Gods: Offerings for the Norse Gods and Spirits will be offerings for the Vanir tribe of gods, and the Jötnar (giants). So after long thought and prayer, P dresses and censes the bile, then says: P prepares an offering for the gatekeeper and says: (Heimdallr is pronounced "hime'-dahl"; Hallinskihdi is "hallin-skihdee"; As is "ace"; Jarl is "yarl"; Gjallarhorn is "gyal'-ur-horn"; Rigr is "rig"; Hight is "hite"; Jötun is "yo'-tun"; Bïfrost is "bee'-frost"), P sings the Gatekeeper Chant (substituting Heimdall for ) 3x, (A meditation of merging and re-centering is done.

P pours a cup for the Outdwellers and takes it out of the ritual space, then says: P lights the sacred fire and places incense into it to hallow the space, then says: (Wyrd is pronounced "weerd"; örlog is pronounced "oar'-lahg").

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