inches total length; daily bag limit: one fish.

Adults are grey-green to olive green in color in life, with two to six lighter colored spots on the middle of the upper back. Moss, mussel, ghost shrimp, and red shrimp round out the top five baits in my study. Love (1996) listed the maximum size of opaleye at 660 mm TL (541 mm SL) that is almost double of that determined herein (L ∞ = 275 mm SL). My “research” (high school, albeit, but good nonetheless) found that during the Spring and Summer months, opaleye prefer green peas to all other baits. One was caught in Morro Bay in 1995 and the second was caught in Oxnard in 1996. I use to use the Owner mosquitos before and if I didn’t have my Eagle circles I’d be using those instead, very sticky hooks and penetrate the fishies mouth easily. Between March 15 and June 15, the limit is … (near Pt Conception): * Fishing is allowed during every month except July (except for lingcod; see Copyright © 2020 Ken Jones.

Picture four quadrants with hooks in each. that the take of these species was not successfully limited by the Shorepounder <”))){, Opaleye caught by Mahigeer (Hashem Nahid) at the Green Pleasure Pier in Avalon. A rarely documented isolated population also exists in the Gulf of California, which might be genetically different from the rest of the species. Yeah, that’s exactly the rig the guy was using. * Black rockfish may be retained from June through August only. (3) Use small hooks: size 8 to 12 baitholder hooks. to 34º27' N. lat. limit: five fish. These hooks work really well and the difference in using a circle versus a normal hook is night and day in Opaleye fishing. Set the hook at the slightest hint of a movement or all you will get back on the hook is the hollow skin of the pea. The size limit is 28 inches. information. "All of these regulation changes are designed to protect overfished species feet (30 fm) only. scorpionfish, rock greenling, some flatfishes and some sharks. Besides opaleye I regularly catch juvenile and occasionally legal calico and sand bass, black perch, sargo, senoritas, rock wrasse, and garibaldi. Size: Up to 17 inches and 4 1/2 pounds (a 9-year-old fish); most caught from piers are less than 14 inches in length. the need to protect vulnerable fish species. (near Cape Mendocino) to 36º00' N. lat. The California angling record fish weighed 2 lb 8 oz and was taken from the Horseshoe Kelp area near Los Angeles in 1995. Moss is one of the best baits for opaleye. Divers may continue to fish under current regulations. (DFG) announced. Establishing the RCG Complex bag Design by Graph Paper Press. Also pick the best peas, no tears or imperfections, use the intact ones and toss the others in the water as chum.

While trying to provide fishing opportunities, managers must also consider One day a friend of mine saw some guy’s on the jetty with a bunch of huge Opal Eye. Then he would lower the entire thing near one of the pilings where the opaleye tend to feed. Hope you got a good grade. Your email address will not be published. hardships on various members of California's fishing community," said Marija From: bigworm In March, the Pacific Fishery Management Council and the California Fish and

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. limits in northern California should reduce the take of nearshore rockfish, Opaleye hang around rocks, kelp, and other structure like pilings, so that’s what you want to target whether it’s off of jetties, shorelines, or in harbors. * To view a table of regulations in this area, go to * The leopard shark sport fishery inside San Francisco Bay is open from May He would cut open a mussel and insert four small hooks into the meat without cutting the meat out of the shell. lingcod: 30 inches total length; daily bag limit: one fish. The diving record fish was another 2 Lbs … Also I’m impatient when it comes to opaleye, if I’m not getting bit within 10-15 minutes at most I move on. China, gopher, grass, and kelp rockfishes - within the Rockfish, Cabezon, Opaleye are in the nibbler family, and they are omnivorous. Always double-check for updates. below). The shallow nearshore rockfish bag limit until now placed tighter

Carrie Wilson, Information Officer, (831) 649-7191 Date: May 3, 2004 including raising the minimum size limit, reducing the daily bag and The big ones have a large forehead and seem to have a personality that says “I’m older than you, toss me back in.” And I always do throw them back because, frankly, I just don’t like the taste of Opaleye. Game Commission took action to reduce the sport harvest of lingcod statewide, The dorsal fin is continuous and the tail fin has a straight margin. and Greenling Complex (RCG Complex) bag limit. If you appreciate Ken's writings on fishing, please consider making a donation for this unique content.

CA-OR Border to 40º10' N. lat. Forgot to mention tides. Minimum size limit: 30 rockfish especially. Pinch of shot 6 inches above the hook. Can’t disagree with Ben’s conclusions on fishing for Opaleye, but read on only if you enjoy light line fishing for smaller game.

sub-bag limits for shallow nearshore rockfish, and establish the same bag (near Lopez Pt): * Fishing is allowed during August, September and October only. limit: 30 inches total length; daily bag limit: one fish. It may not seem like a big deal, but that extra little time that it takes for them to nibble it off the hook can be the difference between a hook up and a missed fish. Bag limit 10 per day * Sargo * Additional bag or size limits or other restrictions apply to these species. California scorpionfish, cabezon, kelp greenling, lingcod, and some species and keep bycatch within federally established targets," said Vojkovich. (4) Use a casting bobber and LOOONG leader setup. from the May 1 regulation changes. He said he was using green peas and green moss from the rocks as bait. The way to catch them is, use a very small hook #14 or smaller so the frozen green pea completely hides the hook. My hook-up rates increased greatly once I switched to using circle hooks, and since I release all my opaleye these hooks have prevented the fish from being hooked deep, making releasing a snap. through December at all depths. * California scorpionfish may not be retained from May through Oct. of sharks, rays, and flatfishes. (near Cape Mendocino): * Fishing is allowed year-round (except for lingcod and black rockfish; see

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