Optional upgrades include white paint grade cabinetry or raised panel doors. However, you must avoid harsh chemicals and acids. The Radiance of E-stone. These are the key benefits of Piedrafina marble. As long as you continuously clean the surface, you can guarantee life-long durability.

Keep this process as part of your daily cleaning schedule to ensure your marble gets the attention it needs. They're very similar. The manufacturer states that special resin binders give Piedrafina Marble the strength, consistency and durability that differentiate Piedrafina Marble from other products. Mixed with recycled marble, Piedrafina marble averts wastefulness. This makes it an eco-friendly option. Beautiful and warm, hardwood flooring is a classic choice. One person I talked to during my research suggested I put plain unscented original dish soap in all our bathrooms, but c'mon... how silly is that to have to do (I actually did try it and its annoying to wash your hands with dish soap in the bathroom. Cultured marble is made of marble dust, which creates a pattern that is less consistent throughout the slab. If you’re looking for high-quality marble that is less expensive than natural marble, Piedrafina marble is the right choice. It won't help with etching as they are two different beasts. In 2015, I purchased a new home from a home builder which came with Piedrafina on all our bathroom countertops. E-Stone is an eco friendly product that brings beauty and durability in to any home. E-Stone was created and developed with the builders segment in mind separating itself by combining nature with engineering to achieve the ideal size, colors and quality. It’s going to cost us a lot to replace them. A neutral PH cleaner is tough enough to fight deep stains, but gentle enough for Piedrafina marble and natural marble. Marble Gallery.

It feels cool to the touch (like a stone product should) and when you knock on Piedrafina, it feels and sounds solid. Piedrafina marble tends to be pricier than cultured marble due to its pattern consistency and similarity to natural marble. Venatino.

We've had our new house for almost 2 months and my wife was complaining about the etching until I showed her this article. I just purchased a newly constructed home and the guest bathroom has a Piedrafina countertop. Both cultured marble and Piedrafina marble are types of manufactured marble. You could enjoy your Piedrafina Marble … It's no wonder it's a popular selection among renovators. Solid slabs of Piedrafina marble come standard on all bathroom vanities, master shower surrounds, and master tub enclosures. A neutral PH cleaner is tough enough to fight deep stains, but gentle enough for Piedrafina marble and natural marble. Thank you for the article, it has educated us greatly on the piedrafina itself and there is less stress! Greystone. After a significant amount of etching, the marble still looks decent, but it doesn't pop the way it originally did; after all a majority of it is dulled from etching. Premium Mohawk carpet with stain and soil resistance system comes standard with every home and laid on top of a premium ½” 8lb pad to make the carpet even more comfortable underfoot. Piedrafina marble is more durable than natural marble because of its added resin and sealant. The more "Patina" in your Pietrafina marble, the more you've loved your home. Choose from a selection of premium Dunn-Edwards paint colors for your walls. Piedrafina marble is a form of recycled marble mixed with polyester resin and dyes. Samples shown of materials are a general representation and may vary. Showers and bathtubs are not high-traffic areas when compared to the average kitchen counter, so you won't deal with as much maintenance. If you’re willing to stay on top of regular cleanings, your marble will continue looking fresh and clean. Our stone collection consists of over 300 variations of natural stone. Natural marble is the priciest marble choice. We are located in Hayward, California and we serve the entire Bay Area: San Francisco, Peninsula, East Bay, South Bay and North Bay.

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