~ Debbie. Adults live inside with outside access to a fenced play/exercise yard. We believe that happy, healthy, top quality puppies must have happy, healthy, top quality parents! Locate Pomeranian small breed rescue. Please make contact with your chosen Pomeranian breeder by emailing the Pom breeder direct, phoning or via their website. Our high quality Poms are bred for temperament as well as quality. Although the Pomeranian is a toy breed, they are generally healthy. All rights reserved. It is impossible for the Club Executive to visit every Club member that pays to … (2020), Best Canoe for Dogs – Top 9 Picks! Contact us with any Pomeranian question you may have or if you are interested in a Pomeranian puppy. Our Poms live inside and truly are the heart of our family in our home here in southern Florida. If you're looking for a tiny dog that can easily accompany you on any car ride or a long-distance journey, the Pomeranian is simply perfect. This is why it's so important to only buy from trusted breeders and businesses when you want to adopt a dog. They usually are ready to leave at 12 weeks of age after they receive their 2nd vaccine. All my puppies are born into my hands and are raised with me here in my home. Moms have a private nursery and all enjoy a large fenced yard for daily play, exercise and swimming. * A Pomeranian breeder should have the experience and knowledge to fully understand the complex colors and carefully select the pairing of dogs that will best produce a healthy litter. Often these dogs are isolated, unhealthy, malnourished and in filthy conditions kept in small crates all day! The seller cares about their puppies and wants to make sure that they go to good and loving homes. In fact, they're one of the best possible breeds you can choose if you have kids. Unfortunately, a lot of our competitors sell puppies from puppy mills and bad backyard breeders, without any regard or care for the animals. We did some of the leg work for you and found the 5 Best Pomeranian breeders in California that put the time, money, and effort into producing healthy and happy Pomeranian puppies for their forever families. All puppies go home with: A puppy pack of food, wee pads, toys, CD of pics & video, health record, Hypo just in case kit, instructions to keep your Pom healthy, and written 1 year guarantee. I want my Pomeranians to provide years of love and devotion to their new families. Some health conditions to be aware of include luxating patellas, allergies, hip dysplasia, dental problems, hypothyroidism, eye problems, congestive heart failure, and epilepsy. Ready to find the perfect puppy? Welcome to Pomarazzi Pomeranian, "Where stars are born". Our dogs and puppies are our extended family so they're hand raised, loved and handled resulting in a very social pet. I am a stay/work from home Pom owner and exhibitor and look forward to getting to know you if you are interested in adding a puppy from me to your family. Love it!!) Thus ensuring the quality of the Pomeranian puppy's new home. This is the price you can expect to pay for the Pomeranian breed without breeding rights. Shipping is available within the US and Canada, as long as my Vet and I determine that the puppy is able to happily handle the flight. Ask me and we can find out! EVER!! However, for family pets, APRI or CKC registration may be just fine. At Uptown, we aim to make your Pomeranian adoption process as simple as possible. Many. A member of the American Pomeranian Club (APC), we breed strictly to the AKC standard using only happy and genetically sound, healthy parents to produce top-notch, healthy puppies with great temperaments and loving personalities. Colors include: Blue Merle, Blue, Blue Tri, Chocolate, Lavenders, Blacks & Parti. I will sell to other approved small breeders. thats how they are treated and expected to be treated by the new owners. Advertisement New Hampshire: Pomeranian Breeders. Pomeranians love people! I sell my puppies with a strict neuter/spay contract; full AKC registration is available to approved homes only. They will go to their forever homes with a puppy pack, food, toys, treats, health record, a piece of their baby blanket & lots of literature about Poms. We breed for the Health, Personality & Confirmation according to the AKC standard. We can put in touch with only the best-vetted breeders and businesses. exhibit Poms in the show ring. If you are asked a lot of questions about your past experience as a dog owner, what you know of the breed and your home environment, this is a good sign. They're super small, making them better suited to a smaller home than a big dog would be. Full AKC is available only on qualified puppies. Once you’ve adopted your puppy, I provide weekly photos and videos of your new Pomeranian as he/she grows up until it’s time to go home with you. All text, images and artwork protected by US and International copyright laws. Anyone is welcome to come see my kennels and how they are raised! @2005 - 2020. **Got COAT?

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