Ring of Blades + Sacred Oath give a solid damage buff to your Roaring Halberd, and with Resonant Weapon on top of that your running attacks should be hitting for crazy numbers. © Valve Corporation. I am exaggerating a little bit, but the Dark spear has an excellent proportion in its dark damage, that the Dark Weapon spell can draw upon. Roaring Halberd is a weapon in Dark Souls 2 "Halberd forged from the soul of a Skeleton Lord. I believe that roaring halberd has the highest AR, however you need to hit with the end of the weapon to get the full damage.

The coveted Blacksmith Key. 35 The multi-hit attacks on R2 and running attack with Resonant weapon are bordering on overpowered.
He is the guy sitting on a chair staring at the wall while mumbling something about the dark. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hexes: Numbness or Great Magic Barrier, Dark Weapon, Resonant Flesh, Armor: Full Looking Glass armor with the Drakekeeper armor chest piece. Not any longer. All rights reserved. Do some damage tests and consider how many opponents have great physical defenses. Acquired From.

Similar to the weapons, the spells you use as a melee hexer are completely up to your own preference; however, I’ve taken the liberty of listing the most useful spells for a dedicated melee build. Insanely strong miracle, especially with a white or gold phantom around, but it requires 4 spell slots, Enchants your shield to have 100% block against everything and increases its stability by 30, Insanely useful for those who prefer blocking over rolling, Can be useful when dealing with invaders as sound plays a huge part in detecting other players, Transforms you into a common object found in your environment, This spell is fun when ambushing people in PvP; however, it is also pretty strong in mid fight because it removes the enemies lock-on, Swing a sword made out of souls in a horizontal sweep to damage the enemies in front of you, Very strong because the hyper armor during the initial frames, Instantly does damage during the start up if the enemy stands close enough, so its usable in melee range, Useful in the Iron Keep and against Pyromancers in PvP, Set yourself on fire to deal damage to nearby enemies and yourself, Standing close to enemies while immolated forces them to attack you to ensure you die before them, which is great for baiting parries.

D&D Beyond. Syan's Halberd


Instead you want to only hit the requirements of the weapons you are planning to use.

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