Position und zurück in die V. der Spielbein-Fuß wird am Knie des Standbeins angelegt, dient dem Wechsel von Spielbeinpositionen, z.

Interweaving or braiding. B. von vorne nach hinten. If a large group of dancers are in involved, it is usually titled Coda générale. Also known as pas dégagé. It can also be performed from one foot, while the other keeps the same position it had before starting the jump (e.g.

In midair, raise the left leg into retiré, too, so your legs form a diamond shape in the air. Although ballet pirouettes are performed with the hips and legs rotated outward ("turned out"), it is common to see them performed with an inward rotation ("parallel") in other genres of dance, such as jazz and modern. Another celebrated coda is from the Le Corsaire Pas de Deux. It consists of three quick steps. The dancer stands facing one of the corners of the stage; his/her body is placed at an oblique angle to the audience. Literally, to slide. Need This term is usually used when doing barre exercises such as battement tendu and battement frappé. Lv 4.

For instance, in a ronds de jambe en dedans, starting from first position, the foot (either left or right) would first reach tendu back, then move to tendu to the side and then front, to end again in first position. A horizontal bar, approximately waist height, used for warm-up and exercises for ballet techniques. The term indicates either a turn with a quick change in the direction of the working leg as it passes in front of or behind the supporting leg, or a quick whipping around of the body from one direction to another. A jump in which the feet change positions in the air. The back leg follows making the splits in the air. The attitude position can be performed with the supporting leg and foot either en pointe, demi pointe or on a flat foot. The instep is fully arched when leaving the ground and the spring must come from the pointing of the toe and the extension of the leg after the demi-plié.

In music, Adagio means "slowly", and in ballet it means slow, unfolding movements.

It can be done in front (en avant), to the side (à la seconde), or to the back (derrière). The lifted or working leg can be behind (derrière), in front (devant), or on the side (à la seconde) of the body. In the Vaganova's method, petit changement de pieds indicates a changement where the feet barely leave the floor.

Actually, half-circles made by the pointed foot, returning through first position to repeat; creating the letter 'D' on the floor. Same for some as the term pointé. Also a movement in which the dancer transfers a stance from one leg in plié to the other leg by stepping out directly onto pointe or demi-pointe with a straight leg; for example, a piqué arabesque.

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