It is also significantly easier to find the Twisty Bridges, as they are just trenches surrounded by some parts of the Shallow Twisty Bridges, whereas Arctic Kelp Caves entrances are few. Just before the bulkhead, you can find a PDA of Marguerit describing the difficulties of gardening in Sector Zero. ImHelping Aug 13, 2017 @ 2:29pm Yeah, the story is not fully implemented yet. The base is accessible from the western corner of Lilypads Crevice, indicated by clusters of Hivemind plants.

These fragments (you need three) can be found in the Twisty Bridges as well, however they are more common in the Arctic Kelp Caves, which are large caves whose entrances are in the Arctic Kelp Forest. The facility tells Robin that "a storage capacity is found on her person". In any event, the little fellas will be A LOT bigger should you come across one again. It almost seems easier to drive the cyclops back up rather than make 15 trips.

Its blueprint can be found in two locations; the Glacial Basin and the Koppa Mining Site. The supply cache contains the blueprint for the Compass, which puts a compass on the player's HUD. The console also allows you to modify the name and color of any docked vehicles (you can also dock the Seatruck, and docked vehicles will recharge automatically). The voice concedes that Robin may call it Al-An. Hopefully, you scanned the Spy Pengling fragments in the while in the basin. If hypothermia becomes imminent, you can warm yourself up with the help of Thermal Lilies or the burning wreckage of your shuttle. If Al-An is within Robin's head upon entering the cave, he will indirectly inform Robin of its presence as well. 2 years ago. They can be found quite easily from Lead Outcrops in the Thermal Spires and Twisty Bridges. Got pretty lucky, having most of what I needed in storage. They can attack from inside caves or even from the walls. One very useful piece of technology that can be scanned in the Shallow Twisty Bridges is the Seaglide, which greatly increases your movement speed. The Ion Cube Deposit is not as in the previous game fabricated at a factory, so this can be harvested once only. It calls for another Titanium Ingot, one Advanced Wiring Kit, two Glass, three Lead, and one Power Cell. There are a couple of posters, a jukebox disk, and a few PDAs about the deceased security officer Parvan Ivanov. Given how pro tier the average veteran subnautica player is though, they could honestly cure themselves and disable the gun before such a time limit. Immediately make your way up the nearby hill by climbing the stairs, which will lead to the basin wall where the Phi Robotics Center is located. Located a site where 2 Squidsharks roam, and what looks like Precursor Technology. The wiki makes it seem like I just need to wait a little bit for a cure but then some other people are making it seem like it's some sort of craftable item. All rights reserved. Shortly after exiting the path, Robin arrives at the Drop Pod, a safe location for Robin to store and craft items. I'm not sure exactly how they're going to handle things regarding the Sunbeam, but it has been made quite clear that you can't save it, regardless of precognitive knowledge of the game's systems. The Mobile Vehicle Bay calls for one Titanium Ingot, one Lubricant, and one Power Cell. So I hatched the eggs for the special bois deep down where spoilers happen and now I'm clueless as to what to do.

If you decide to bring you Seatruck with a few modules, it's a good idea to have the Horsepower Upgrade and/or the Afterburner Upgrade installed, as these will help you pass the danger quicker. See the Seatruck page for more information on modules and upgrades. An inactive crane is found on the opposite end of the chamber, next to a desk with Alexis Riedell's investigation report on the aforementioned incident. The quickest tool to craft is the Scanner. There are a few entrances to the Crystal Caves, the safest and easiest is located in the Lilypad Islands biome and is fairly close to the large suspended island above the Deep Lilypads Cave. When you surface, you will be in a small cave with a few thermal lillies. Once Robin regains consciousness, she and the alien talk to each other and Robin becomes upset about what happened. The Spy Pengling site containing the antidote should be just under the slope. It is hard to avoid getting attacked if you park your Seatruck down inside the crystal formation, however it is possible to fit down the hole if you only have a few modules attached. Some players might encounter the events in a different order, but the general story is still unaffected. In the entrance to the Crystal Caves from Marguerit Maida's Base, several Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon fragments can be found across the bottom. Lithium can be found in several biomes, but most easily they can be located in the Purple Vents biome from earlier.

Combining it with Titanium Ingots creates an even stronger ingot. [SPOILER] What to do after using hatching enzymes? You can grab the handle on top of the module to drag it towards your Seatruck and attach it to the back. This is a fragment you can scan; all four of the fragments are inside the cavern. The voice tells her it belongs to a species called the Architects. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Your Seatruck can handle a few hits without getting destroyed and the Shadow Leviathans will ignore you for a bit after an attack. Interacting with the hologram initiates a cutscene in which an Architect consciousness is downloaded into Robin's brain. Once you've built the module, it'll drop into the water like the cabin. To use the knife, simply equip it using the number keys and then click LMB. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Subnautica > General Gameplay Discussion > Topic Details. Make sure you have enough power in the base to run the upgrade console, as well as generate oxygen. © Valve Corporation. To craft Al-An's Vessel you need access the Fabricator Base found in the deepest part of Fabricator Caverns. One of the forests can be found in the direction away from the tunnel. After this you can leave her base, and proceed deeper towards the Crystal Caves. The Cold Suit you picked up earlier is very useful in the spires, however it requires a resource you don't yet have; Snow Stalker Fur. The entrance is connected to a small system of tunnels, which is also home to several Sea Monkey Nests. Inside the Moonpool, you can build the Vehicle Upgrade Console (whose blueprint you picked up in the mining site) against one of the two smaller walls of the Moonpool. Before leaving the cave, you may want to pick up some Fevered Peppers; they are purple fruits hanging from small trees that warm Robin up when she eats them. In the mining site, you scanned the Prawn Suit Drill Arm, which can be used to mine large chunks of ore that you may have noticed in the mining site. Make sure to bring a form of light, and do your best to avoid the Squidsharks. Once you scan three pieces, you'll unlock the Seatruck; however, you also need the Mobile Vehicle Bay, which allows you to build vehicles. The former is safer, as it has no predators, but can be easy to get lost in. It is advised that you bring an Ultra High Capacity Tank, and a Seaglide with the flashlight switched on with you when you enter either the stern or the bow of the Mercury II, as they can be difficult to navigate. One is the Flashlight, and the other is the Air Bladder.

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