If I was a gear too high after a momentary slow down, the Wolf was more than happy to climb out of that power hole without shuddering. Would I spend my own money on one? The front disc offers exceptional cooling, braking and safety. Actual vehicle/accessory costs, labor and installation vary. $1,245. It’s got just enough power. Its small size makes it easy to swing a leg over, and a low, 30-inch seat height lets you plant both feet easily and firmly on the ground. Were I to keep a Wolf of my own, it’d likely get both bar end weights and a steering dampener. Nathaniel Salzman is a Chicago area designer, writer, maker and journalist. ... Wolf Classic 150 has extremely low fuel consumption and is environmentally conscious. The retro classic dash includes pods for the speedometer and a tachometer with a manual choke and 2 position ignition switch. It’s approachable. The 240 millimeter front disc brake is assisted by an effective rear drum brake. It’s light. It’s approachable. By the middle of second gear, the Wolf was carrying me along in the flow of traffic with no problem at all. The Wolf needed very little warm-up, and could easily be started without the choke when the ambient temperature was above 70 F. Yes, it's small, but that's part of its charm. There are nice chrome accents throughout, in a mix of steel and plastic. The biggest surprise was the clip-ons. 250cc would be perfect. The mid-mounted foot controls were easy to reach and the pegs were still low enough to ride comfortably. View and Download Sym Wolf Classic 150 owner's manual online. All in all though, the Wolf is every bit as “nice” as you could ever expect a $3,100 motorcycle to be. My hips had fused by the time I was 14 and I used crutches for almost 12 years before I found a surgeon in 1980 who would do total hip replacements on a 22 year old guy. It’s linear and predictable, exactly what the entry rider needs. Interested in buying a new motorcycle? Motorcycle Classics The transmission on our bike was faultless, snicking into first with only a gentle push of the shift lever and shifting through its other four gears with equal ease. The single-cylinder thumper churns away without complaint all the way to red line. Second City Scooters is located on North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago, which is right in the Wolf’s natural habitat: the urban jungle. It’s extremely forgiving and easy to ride. The SYM Wolf Classic 150 is a machine that seems to defy category. Most bikes with clip-on or clubman handlebars stretch the rider out and lean him or her over pretty aggressively. SYM Wolf Classic 150 Claimed power: 14.8hp @ 8,500rpm (claimed)Top speed: 65.5mph (claimed)Engine: 149.4cc air-cooled OHC single, 62mm x 49.5mm bore and strokeWeight (wet): 266lb (121kg)Fuel capacity/MPG: 3.3gal (12.5ltr)/85mpg (claimed)Price: $2,999 (MSRP). It’s got just enough authentic retro styling. Love its looks and price. I’d half expected to look like a grizzly bear on a BMX bike when riding the Wolf, but it really is a proper, adult size. It’s light. 1207 S. Major Street MC. Granted, some of that chrome isn’t of the heavy metal kind. Return of the simple single: The World Classic 150 rides like a real motorcycle, and looks like one, as well. It’s a motorcycle, but SYM is best known as a scooter company. And at a reported 80 mpg, maybe it really is the best of both worlds. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Register Today! Work it hard and you get a little more oomph, but it feels happiest with a gentle push rather than a full twist of the wrist. Ergonomic designed seat is comfortable for both single and double riders. With only 15hp on tap it’ll never get away from you, and reasonable torque for such a small engine (SYM claims 9 ft/lb at 9,000rpm) makes it surprisingly hard to stall, even with second gear launches. The SymWolf Classic 150 shows off its aggressiveness and power on any road. There’s a predictable bit of front end dive under braking, but it’s not at all alarming. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. There’s a flat bench seat and shiny side covers. Toured all over on the 440's too. At 7,000 rpms, it feels like it’s got another 7,000 in reserve. © SYM USA - Distributed by Alliance Powersports Inc. All rights reserved. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Pulling away from a stop is drama-free, requiring little more than a short twist of the throttle to bring the engine up to speed and a feathered release of the clutch to get rolling. The SymWolf Classic 150 shows off its aggressiveness and power on any road. Engine braking was predictable and there’s a pleasant amount of torque available. The proportions give the Wolf a lean, cafe racer look that’s brought home with the clip-on handlebars. Spoke wheels front and back are 18″ and 17″ respectively, giving the Wolf a terrific stance for such a small bike. As I think back to all the things that scared me (as a scooterist) about riding a motorcycle, the Wolf makes molehills out of each of those mountains. Join the Motorcycle.com Weekly Newsletter to keep up to date on all things motorcycling. It’s no canyon carver, nor was it ever meant to be, but you never worry about the bike’s ability to take a turn. Sure, not as comfy as larger bike, but I put 38,000 miles on that 250 in 2 years. The shape and proportion of the turn indicators and tail lights are a little bit more modern than the rest of the Wolf’s style, but I’ve certainly seen worse. When trading in at a dealership. At only 266 pounds all-in, the SYM is easy to handle. This might be an especially good approach for anyone riding a Wolf as their very first motorcycle. The headlight is equipped with H4 Halogen lamp for extra brightness and wider sight. So I’ve got a pretty good point of reference from both the motorcycle and scooter point of view in riding this little machine. It feels just a little too twitchy for my tastes. Approved for CA, Made in Taiwan with 24 Months Unlimited Miles with Tire to Tire Parts & Labor Warranty Assurance. Riders with memories of vintage singles will feel immediately at home on the Wolf Classic. Old school ergonomics make it easy to warm up to, and a touch of café styling gives it the sort of panache even the original CB125 never had. Wolf Classic 150 motorcycle pdf manual download. It’s sort of old school standard meets new school urban 20-something. The mirrors, for example, are chrome plastic, as are the instrument housings and turn signals. At only 266 pounds all-in, the SYM is easy to handle. Really good to hear the front disk is strong. Photo By Richard Backus SYM Wolf Classic 150 Claimed power: 14.8hp @ 8,500rpm (claimed) Use our Bike Finder, below, to get everything you need. Every issue  delivers exciting and evocative articles and photographs of the most brilliant, unusual and popular motorcycles ever made! The SYM Wolf Classic 150 is as charming to ride as it is to look at. Actual vehicle/accessory costs, labor and installation vary. Once fired up, the engine has a throaty growl that’s pretty satisfying. Sitting astride the Wolf, everything was within easy reach, even for someone as tall as I am. The SymWolf Classic 150 shows off its aggressiveness and power on any road. A huge thanks to Second City Scooters for giving me a run on their Wolf.

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