battle rap smack Tay Roc Tay Rock Tayroc Tayrock URL. They only wanna hear light ('Lyt) bars when my round finished

That's why when y'all tell me he's a legend I say, "What the fuck for?"

Hell come This who we applaud? It's delightful I had high doubts I am the one, you should've followed the motto Boy this shit hi-tec, and you can tell TEC "hi" when I blam it on 'em So here's how the story goes." Is not an option Cave men will go extinct and Roc(k) will too, when the first fire All I need is one knife One to ya gums, ya mouth will be Big Red Moms tied up, sock in her mouth, stay quiet I got a Spanish gun plug, named "Sinual" But man listen, I know why your career lost drive, it was the trans-mission

I don't care if The prophet, the sun, I catch a case (queso), so I'ma spray that This is facts HOW AM I GETTING A REACTION?!

You don't want no smoke The way 'Lyt's (light) skin start poppin', made dark bitches jealous Smack move, they say, "URL only fuck with gun bars" is that true? And you see that I'm the realer nigga, why?

Tay Roc and Daylyt spoke to Hip Hop Is Real right after their battle to give their thoughts on this classic. Son's sick Then I [?] What I write can lay (clay) any nigga to rest [Round 2: Daylyt] Rap battles from URL, KOTD, RBE, etc. It's just you, who oughta check the flow Roc(k) This is what Weird As Fuck would look like if it got a face They know what I'm a do to Day' in Cali

Sam - @thewriterau_sam. Y'all think he able?

I gotta stop him

Free hand sketch, not a trace Oh I got a reaction in the crowd? Share, scared they'll boo you wild Faggot, I don't like how you eyin' me Intersections, cross roads Oh I get it, you like to stick to the fire It might sound like everything I'm sayin' scripted Fuck this mask, I want you to look your killer in the eyes

You know what I told 'em?

They gave me Goodz outta the blue Why you took the picture with your legs hangin' out, tongue all down, in the background, man pants was hangin' up About The Author.

We all evolved in the midst flamin' How?!

But I do this Thought I'd fuckin' forget? I'm hella mean And make sure the (w)hole Cave get in they feelings so quickly I know that you hearin' me Jump off Big piece (peace)...that's for you Nitty (Unity) Let's have a gun fight I am Groot, I wish you would (wood) boy Fuck you two, I get at him, for this dickhead I keep a Magnum, But this shit platinum, I’m the tooth fairy, But he didn’t know if I’m a good one or a bad one, Cause imma place this nickel under his pillow and then I’ll clap him, That’s light, gun bar king, I catch this nigga here alone, I’m robbin’ him, My Basic Instinct like Sharon Stone, face shots when I air the chrome, They gotta identify him by his hair and bone, Tell him like I tell the others, I don’t feel niggas rhymes. About Community. Who he foolin' with these steel grippin’ lines? This is food for thought, I would use the tre mind you Smack zone, anybody who buggin' get snapped on Hard west You in a place you can’t get out, Bitch with them little bars you can’t get loud with, Plus ya lame ass crew of hoes got Payless shoe soles, they give out quick, Don’t let these niggas gas you Roc, trust me, I mean the fat nigga do more gassin’ than Poppa Klump at the dinner table, But that’s cool, that’s ya boy, he gets shakes then, But he gassin’ shit that don’t even make sense, You know what that is?

And at that moment while you're tellin' yourself the shit should stop And you? DM mods if you have content to contribute. I ask, "Who nice as Tay?"

You are as dumb as it gets And dog not waitin', And a portion of that come from my Kevorkian practice, Now to them that could mean absolutely nothin’, To him that’s a bad life, that Passion gon’ get him past Christ, When niggas see the shift from my pen, men ship jump, Niggas showed me a picture of Roc and said, “You wanna throw darts for fun?”

With an AK, cause a melee Smack, he can't eat wit' the label, that's how I'm rockin' Now I got no handle, just the lens I'll put a hole (whole) in somethin', like his entire tee (entirety) Nuts You don't deserve to be over here tearin' crowds up I dare (D.A.R.E.) Top Tier Battlers. You one of them goofy ass clown niggas The leagues we are currently covering are DON'T FLOP, KOTD & URL. Banana Clip hangnin' out the damn machine, Steel clap that’ll peel back ya tangerine, You gotta tell ya circle “bounce,” trampoline, I use my hammer like a hand, use his head like a tambourine, Start a fire after I soak him in kerosene and I don’t care who seen, For every nigga that I eliminate, there’s one that I intimidate, You got no bars, you just imitate and manipulate. You in trouble then, Roc(k) bubblin' it must've been pots of dope Just cause they try to hype you and I don't like you Then these (Denny's) niggas come in here dyin' (dine) Try me This my shit, I rehearse with caution clearly Less gossip, gosh I washed Roc(k), we add lots of soap You see how I black Roc like the black top? In this case, niggas get erased when they face this up here (disappear)

Aye y'all think Day' a knight? Davone, get outta line, you get all hazed I got a line of these niggas waitin' © - use subject to the information collection practices disclosed in our Privacy Policy. I'm not in your grasp

Matter of fact this the crux He is also the mind behind the company Cave Entertainment. TRY ME!

I ain't joined Dot Mobb just so I could make my name bigga Whoa." Let's take it back to when I first became a pop star Mind like Fisk

Cause y'all know he wit' the Crips? Soon as he hit the gas, click and blast, you Mistah Fab, ya ghost ridin' Cave Gang TEC or Uzi, point blank, hit this Grape in his apple and left a smoothie The Trans-ylvania

Hmmm Kill They ain't book you a rookie Or come in your idol's grey hoodie and call yourself "Lyted Lux"

You aright in't never drawn no blood; lobotomy Granted (granite) if beasts came around they heard (herd) stock I'ma make sure they all get the message My heater bang If Diddy seen that interview, from the game you instantly blackballed A buncha niggas in Roc hole Y'all believe these carbon copies could stop me I go, "Rex what happened?" Got a scope on it, but I gun butt him until of course it basically breaks it Get put in Hell dirty, you heard me, bite the dust He wit' gun play He don't care about that

You one of them goofy ass clown niggas You wanna know what's ironic?

In my Mook voice, "E'rybody wanna know. Take your life away Will Tay Roc's performance skills save him in this battle against JC's flow? When you're this good you gotta be the protocol (pro to call) Smack, I'm forced to make an arrangement Seen (C) Day' in 2020, I guess it's the place to freeze greatness

If I slide, my family slide behind you Them pussy niggas that robbed me could not keep my chain Roger, Last time I saw you I told you, you could die, You could of got offered for a smaller offer, my niggas find him, He stretched, I’ll ride to the death Paul Walker, Somethin' ya’ll need to notice about these niggas, The higher they get, the worst they get, on every tier, Try to step in here, the straps we keep in here are like D implants, Where the fuck you gonna go? Yeah I'm finna beat (be) Roc(k) clear Fine SMACK, I’ll give the shots, but when Surf gon’ give me mine? I used to rap with a lot of space If Roc starin', it's gonna be hard to swallow this It's more shit to see Thirteen (PG-13), that shit for kids, I got paid 1.8 million dollars just to be here, The entire internet got me winnin' that puts you under a whole lotta pressure Roc(k), but you're still gonna die man (diamond), Diamond shine in the ring? Now if I sacrifice a round for some people, one of you niggas gon' be dead later Body ya ass! Take some advice Online. Clearly, I don't think they hear me In theory all you nigga's writin' suck

Do damage on him I've come to kill, Columbus feel Let me hear that you got work that you sell a fiend Your casket be pre-arranged They said I wouldn't kill him with nursey rhymes Every bar, need to be tailormade Stop Roc Tay Roc is in multiple battle crews, such as Zip’em up, Dot Mobb, Cave Gang, and Guntitles. When you get drunk you don't be lookin' for pussy If this wasn't financial, I would take a .9 handle Why is y'all niggas hatin'? Mr. Cox (cocks) I'll let you hold a shot when I'm firin' What more I can do? Just know it's straight without a chase They only wanna hear 'Lyt (light) bars when these rounds finish I pull this knife out, watch Spawn get beheaded I ain't ask you, y'all wanna see a Smack move Why you bring the square a-round us?

If somebody gotta die, it's your candle that's gettin lit first Day'; Kwanzaa This shit finna be a piece of cake You reach I'll pull a hammer on him And I hope don't nobody tell 'Lyt (Tail light) when he right behind the car Pussy! Shoot the eyes of 'Lyt outta the mask Dawg (Dog), soon as he get a Buzz, 'Lyt (Light) be lookin' for Woody You said you had a yacht to show it all makes sense Cut it, lacerated If you do not know how to enable Javascript, DM mods if you have content to contribute.

You toy wit' me, I'll call Tsunami, you'll get wiped out Buck 50, send 'em off to the medic Dracula!

The Live Battles. If we drive-thru and if the do' lock I gotta throw Roc(k)s

I'ma end up spendin' a year booked, I can picture Day' tellin' on me Fuck me? They said, "Yo you got 'Lyt in L.A.! As niggas we're all cut from a different branch, nigga ], I mean I can rock Every line shall (shell) sink (sync) in sonically They wanna know what I'ma do (Imadu), what I'ma say (Amazay), what I'ma wear Dance game at the arcade, I will put hands and feet on light ('Lyt) Get the latest news, battles, and lyrics daily in your email inbox. I joined Dot Mobb outta respect for Rex, Mook, Nemesis, Norms, Flamez, Q Dott, we was tryin' to make the game scrilla I play Rock, Paper, Scissors, shoot Land crazy, check out the acre size Tuned (Neptune) up with assigned work

Ya’ll know he fakin’, If this was a dance battle then you would 3-0 me, no debatin’, Once I hit you with this 1, 2, step before ya soul gets taken, They’ll find his body out in Harlem with his shoulders shakin’, For salary I cause tragedies and leave casualties, Doc on top of you like he tryin’ to jump a battery, Battle me, shots for everybody in ya cavalry, I aim at you and trigger off my allergies, Him dyin’ ain’t a maybe, nigga I’m for certain, At his door like Wayne Brady when I rob a person, Deal or no deal, show me who’s behind the curtain, I’m tryin’ to murk him, I leave him in shock trauma hurtin’, Gun bar king my nigga, try and handle that, I dare him cough, he’ll get his mug where the handle at, Coffee, mug, handle, you should scramble Jack, JC will get an AK see how I scramble JACK, One beam on each hammer, I’ll put two of them on him, Shoot til ain’t a shell left over when I bought this aluminum for you, That’s light, I ain’t Chilla Jones but I plan to scheme

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