And I still do? We could pick an entire patch of mushrooms, much in the same way that we could pick all the apples off an apple tree and not harm the tree, because the actual mycelium “or roots” of the mushroom (figuratively speaking) are under the ground and unseen to the naked eye from the surface. Why not get a nice blend of all the amazing medicinal mushrooms we have available to us now for a wide variety of immune-enhancing benefits? For many users this is ideal and Chaga can replace their daily cup of coffee.

And the big take home point that Robert (who is a botanist & mushroom expert & has worked as an herbalist for over 40 years) is making is that Chaga is a conk that is sterile. Ibuprofen can increase risk of heart attack or stroke. It is slow, sloooow growing, taking years to develop. Chaga Natural harvests Chaga in Siberia for precisely this reason.

While side effects are certainly uncommon, they are not impossible. Chaga grows in a specific bio-region & on a few types of trees—& most of the research done on Chaga involves the birch hosted type. Check the website for farm visit days. What I was taught about Chaga is that it isn’t to be sprinkled on everything like a condiment-it needs to be prepared in a certain way to be bio-available to the body (like most medicinal mushrooms). This can be especially helpful as cold and flu season kick off. These common, everyday pain relievers have known side effects that we risk when we take them for a headache or other ailment. If you are unsure about whether or not Chaga is right for you, it is always best to talk with your medical professional about your specific needs. A few days of trail and error should help you discover a Chaga schedule that will keep you alert and awake when you want to be, and also allow you to fall asleep when necessary.

RXList informs that Acetaminophen or Tylenol can cause nausea, stomach pain, rash, or jaundice. While the tea has a variety of healthy applications, it is also necessary to understand whether or not there are any significant Chaga side effects before you decide to start using it regularly. The mushrooms ARE the apples so to speak. Comment. Part of a herbalist’s learning journey is to work with and use plants to understand their effects first hand in the body, and I will eventually use the 5 year old Chaga sitting in my cupboard so I feel I “know” it’s medicine better (luckily it’s rock hard nature means it doesn’t degrade like many other dried herbs).

This will help keep you safe and help your doctor make important decisions regarding your care. nts from birch trees. As it matures, it concentrates many healthy compounds found within the tree in its own cells. Chaga can lower blood sugar. Household medicines that most doctors consider very safe have significant side effects. In most cases, adding Chaga to your diet will be fine, but it is important for your doctor to be aware of all of the medications and supplements you are taking. However, it is generally thought that Chaga is safe for most people. What is generally not appreciated is that the sterile conk, or living organism, is only found on one in 20,000 birch trees. It is especially common in Russia where it grows abundantly on birch trees. Chaga is a mushroom that promotes health and well-being. You can build up your health so that you won’t have to turn to other household medications to relieve your ailments. Great Flavors To Mix With Chaga Mushroom Tea, Chaga Mushroom Benefits Your Immune System With Antioxidants. Much of that was informed by a mentor who understood the limitations around growing and using chaga, and fiercely felt it should be protected & respected. Dandelion leaves? Knowing some of the potential impacts on your body may help you make an informed decision about wether or not Chaga is right for you.

A lot of mushrooms are “good for us”. Severe side effects include allergic reaction such as hives or swelling. Chaga grows only on birch trees., Copyright © 2017 Dionne Jennings, YEG Herbalist, Your email address will not be published. Some readers will immediately react in denial, but the reality is chaga where found in a birch stand will often inhabit several trees in only that specific area. It is always wise to talk with your doctor before you start any new supplement regimen to see if there are any concerns or possible interactions with your personal health conditions. Chaga can also concentrate toxins that are found within the birch tree. Cultural history of the Chaga. Do you know how often I use Chaga with clients now or have used it in a protocol for clients while in 3 years of student clinic?

Start using Chaga during your daily health regimen. But really “odd” is the operative word here-rarely is more likely.

However, the effect is strong enough that some users find they shouldn’t drink Chaga late in the afternoon or evening. I was wondering, for instance, if anyone might peg me as being anti-Chaga. Chaga tea has made waves in recent years due to an increase in popularity from being featured on various talk shows, websites and even magazines for its potential health benefits. The last thing you want to do is boost an immune system that is already too active. Chaga tea has made waves in recent years due to an increase in popularity ... but there are some people that should be aware of the down sides. When working with plants & people, we do our best in our intakes & assessments to match the right plants with people, and Chaga isn’t for everyone.

It is often said to give a sense of mental clarity and a boost in energy similar to that of caffeine. Overharvesting chaga stands means that when the birch finally succumbs and falls down, the microscopic fertile fruiting bodies may not present themselves to release spores and infect another tree. It could be necessary to avoid Chaga all together. A batch of those kale chips? It could cause some minor problems.

Auto-immune disorders such as Lupus and Multiple Sclerosis happen when the immune system is over active and is attacking normal, healthy cells in the body. We have been selling Chaga at wholesale price for the last 5 years and now have thousands of satisfied customers. Common Avena sativa in the form of oat straw in tea or a preparation of fresh milky oatseed. But can chaga tea actually be dangerous?

This is an amazingly nutritive plan high in minerals, nourishing to the nervous system, helping burned out, exhausted, anxious, frayed & frazzled people all across the land get back to their centre. Medicinal Plant Conservation Certificate Program, The Center for Medicinal Plant Conservation. I also suspect that if most people had to harvest Chaga themselves-involving ladders, trees, axes/sharp tools, muscle strength, more sharp implements, and then had to cut this meteor-like rock hard mass into smaller, more user friendly pieces, using more muscle power (THEN process it to break down the cell wall &/or powder it so that it’s actually useful in the body) we also wouldn’t be having this conversation. Or possibly anti-Chaga-user! The four types of birch trees Chaga grows upon are yellow birch, white birch, heart-leaved paper birch and cherry birch trees. There’s something to be said for working with plants in your bio-region, and Chaga is of the North. I may not be a Chaga expert simply because I seldom use it-for myself or others. However, it may not be worth the risk if you have an auto immune disorder. Many people steep Chaga chunks or powder into a tea and include it in their daily health routines. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Chaga concentrates components, such as betulinic acid and antioxida. Yes, I know David Avocado Wolf says so. Home » Blog » Are There Any Known Chaga Side Effects? (I’m sure there are botanists & mycologists all across the land that are rolling their eyes over my oversimplified analogy-yes I know fungi aren’t plants:)—but you get the idea. But wild harvesting all the Chaga in the north can’t support the morning beverage habit of all of North America & beyond.

I’m not anti-Chaga, but I am pro-conservation. Yup, oats. You can’t have plant medicine to support the people if you don’t have plants (or fungi!). Because Chaga is rare and can be expensive, some distributers may blend other mushroom fragments with their Chaga to get each unit to the appropriate selling weight. Oats can literally be easily & sustainably grown all across the continent (in our own backyards, even) used by the masses, and are good for…almost everybody. Knowing the possible interactions of Chaga with other diseases is an important part of creating a beneficial wellness routine. This occurs during a short one- to two-day period of time and has rarely been witnessed. This is also an expected and desired effect for many Chaga users, but there are some people that should be aware of the down sides. Many Chaga users typically report an increased state of alertness after consuming the tea. Some people totally disagree with that. (I suspect that if Chaga could bring people back from the dead but smelled and tasted like dog feces, we wouldn’t be having this conversation:)).

In fact, the word ‘Chaga‘ is derived from ‘чага‘, which is the old Russian word for mushroom.This hard to pronounce Russian word, ‘чага‘ stems from Komi-Permyak, which is the language of the indigenous people living near the Ural Mountains. Some people say, oh, it’s ok to harvest chaga as they only grow on dying trees anyway. Other birch stands, infected with different medicinal mushrooms, such as tinder conk (Fomes fomentarius) and birch polypore (Polyporus betulinus), will not have populations of these valuable sterile conks. It is precisely these beneficial, active compounds that can pose a potential risk for those with specific health indications. Chaga is a mushroom that is steeped into a delicious tea, rather than eaten raw or baked. Chaga is a very safe mushroom to consume. Fall 2021: Sept. 6 - Oct. 15, UNITED PLANT SAVERS   PO Box 147, Rutland, OH 45775. Let’s take a closer look at what chaga tea really is, and uncover any potential health risks that may be lurking inside each up. This special tea makes a warm and cozy drink on a fall day. We get testimonials every week from people who are telling us how their health have improved since they drink Chaga tea.

It’s a special medicine for the truly depleted, for certain types of cancer therapy & we should have it available for those that need it. This healthy mushroom poses very little risks and can offer immense health benefits. It has all the benefits of caffeine without the addiction, headaches, or jitters. If you are being treated for a specific complication or are taking medications of any kind, talk with your your prescribing doctor before adding Chaga into your regular routine. Basically all of North America. But much of that is also that we have many other options. A fungal parasite found on birch trees, Chaga is a hardened, blackened, crusty formation that looks like a bursting tumor. Many people add several cups of Chaga tea to their daily diet to promote health and wellness. Spring 2021: April 12 - May 21

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