Just make sure you are using only one electrical system connected to the same fuse box.

Even if you don’t have an old router, you could get one from a site like eBay for a small price. This will set up a our second "virtual" wireless network. - Network configuration should be Bridged. Choose a channel far away from the channel the primary router is using. (That and remembering the old password.) Save it. However, we're not quite done. The only thing you need to do here is give it a new SSID, one that's different from the main network. Same SSID, but now the areas furthest from my primary router get excellent signal strength and great network performance. When operating as a gateway, the SBG6400 serves as a modem and a router and keeps the devices in the Local Area Network (LAN) hidden. I have been using powerline and additional “cable router” for some time, but not doing anything clever with channel selection, DHCP etc. If you need better Wi-Fi in corners of your house, but don’t have a lot of money to make this happen, try this first to see if it works for you. Walk around your area with this app on and see what signals are present and stay away from any strong channels.

Head to DD-WRT to find out if your router model is supported and download the latest release. 4. If you are in a Wi-Fi dead-zone or a place with weak wireless signal and you want to have a greater effective range of the wireless signal throughout your home or office, you may select Repeater/Bridge Mode of your 11ac wireless access point (If the host AP’s SSID is …

In a dual-band router, the second band is the 5GHz band, and not all mobile devices support it. 2. Under the virtual interfaces section, you can choose a different SSID so that you can connect to that router specifically if you're closest to it. Click on the Wireless Security tab. Click on Basic Settings. Click on it. To set up the router as an extender and a wired-to-wireless bridge, just follow these steps: 1.

There are a few different scenarios here, but for all of them, you'll need to install the Linux-based DD-WRT to replace the old router's default firmware--and give it not only more options but also enhance its performance. It can be the same as or different from your primary wireless network. But what if you have a dual band router? - Change the Security Mode to match the one used by your main router (WPA2 is most common). Now we just need to connect to the primary network. View Instructions To modify the settings of your WiFi modem: Open a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)

This is the one that you'll connect to if you want to connect to the extender rather than the primary router. The Ethernet cable to the old router should be plugged into one of the normal (usually 4) LAN switch ports. We are just looking for information about your Wi-Fi settings to use in setting up the second router. If you would like to configure your StaticIP on Arris modem, follow a few easy steps. One thing you didn’t mention was not to use the WAN port on the old router. On your router’s homepage you just accessed, find router name, channel, and security type. Down the bottom you'll see a button: Site Survey. Write down the default gateway address of the primary router. The only tricky/technical step was using a laptop connected via Ethernet to the old router to get it set up. A wireless repeater takes the signals from your main wireless network repeats them on another. To repurpose your router as a Wi-Fi repeater, you will need the following items: First, you need to identify your current router’s IP address, which channel it broadcasts on, and the security type it uses. Success! Is Windows the greatest cyberthreat to the 2020 US election? That means that wired devices that you connect to its LAN ports (like TVs or game consoles) will also be connected to its wireless network. 8. For example, put your base router on channel 1 and your old router is on channel 11. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. Finally, you may have to go into Setup > Basic Setup and change the router's IP address--to be on the same subnet of the primary router if you're creating a bridge, or on a unique subnet if you're in repeater mode. Even if you don’t have an old router, you could get one from a site like eBay for a small price. For this step we will not be changing anything. By installing the free DD-WRT firmware on the old router, you can turn it into a wireless bridge or repeater.

If you've set up passwords for both, your wireless device should automatically choose for you, based on whichever has the strongest signal strength.

- Local DNS is also the IP address of your main router. Security time. The section will expand. I was able to lock my primary Cisco/Linksys router to Channel 11 and the secondary NetGear router is on Channel 1. For example, if your main router's IP address (that's the IP address you use to access its admin interface) is, you could set this to

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