RVH Lifestyles customizes Heavy Duty Trucks to carry your recreational gear and vehicles, while also towing fifth wheel RV’s, horse trailers, race trailers, and boats. For smart cars, this provides a single-point pull from the existing tow hook placements – no additional cross bars or tow positions needed. ? At the end of the rebuild you typically have an engine with a 2 year/200,000 mile warranty. Redwood-Volvo HDT-Scion IQ. After that, the computer performs all shifting, both up and down – there is no “clutching” required for gear changes. A 30″ box is required to do this – so you have to allow enough room behind the rear axle in the planning stage. volvo 780 single axle toterhome car horse rv hauler hdt automatic cummings, 2013 Redwood 40KB-42' 5th Wheel RV & Volvo HDT Toter & Scion IQ Car Combination. But adding custom boxes increases the price quite a bit, and runs counter to the goals for the modular bed. The VNL610 (Gen I) and the VNL630 (Gen II) are medium height sleepers (10' 10" without the roof fairing) and a 61" long sleeper. Shown below is a steel drom “in the raw”. The leftmost truck is a Volvo 780. New or used – we can build you the truck you need. Our Volvo 610 (the white truck, shown to the left) was a short wheelbase conversion, measuring 182 inches. Tie-down option. A VNL610/630 Volvo has clean lines and a raised roof integral air ride sleeper which rises up to just below the roofline of most 5ers. There are also VN830 and VN880 models in the Generation II line. Additional information on the modular body can be found HERE. The wheelbase is just a little over what a crew cab dually pickup truck wheelbase is (6” more), and the total truck is just a few feet longer. ? We can also do chicken lights on the truck itself.

? I get the license question fairly often. Here is a video with further information about tow vehicles. The medium height provides a shorter profile when the truck is going to be used as a daily driver. Yes, that is one million. The Volvo sleeper cab models come in a short height, medium height and two "condo" heights. volvo 780 single axle toterhome car horse rv hauler hdt automatic cummings. It would not be much more today. RVH Lifestyles sells two or four-year warranties that cover all the major engine parts, in addition to the transmission, pollution control systems, differential, turbo, etc. Later we added just the drom box. hauling of large loads, even though they may be rated to safely handle the load. Youngsville, North Carolina. We mark everything and provide terminal strips and a load center for your future use as you add components. We also offer nationwide warranties on all our products – or for your existing truck. Collectively we have over seventy years of RV experience, with over twenty-five years of full-time RV living.

It is oriented towards a more “sports-utility” market. It is far superior to wet paint or even bedliner. All the stock drom boxes have the same exterior dimensions. Volvo RVs for sale. Like the medium height sleeper with a fairing, the 13' 3" height of the "condo" sleeper is to be close to the height of a commercial box trailer. 2007 Volvo T780 HDT In it's prior working life, was a Fleet OTR hauler. We support any brand of 5th wheel hitch – ET, B&W, Comfort Ride, Trailer Saver, etc. Any truck purchased from RVH will come with at least a two-year warranty, but you can place a warranty on your own truck. You do not have to come to Kansas – these are easily installed at your location if you have access to the appropriate equipment and resources. The Generation II Volvos started in 2003 and are recognizable by the larger grille and vertical headlights. Sized for your truck layout. Chicken lights. This coach is capable to support your full time living or traveling for many years. We do not want to break down on the side of the road or be stuck someplace. You use the mirrors, and you use the side and backup cameras. This truck carries a smart car. Depending on your state you may need an upgraded license or you may be able to drive on a “car” license. Height can be reduced if desired. Some people are intimidated by the size of a semi-truck (HDT, or Heavy Duty Truck). A microwave can be installed in a cabinet above that drawer. On our premium beds we color match to the truck. The picture below shows the mini-bed with a smart car, ramps, and an ET hitch. The under the driver/passenger side fairings, if present, are released with handles. The mini deck is a partial flatbed designed to accommodate deck cargo like a smart car, motorcycle loader (like a Rampage, or just chocks), ATV, golf carts, etc. LED lighting Upgrade ? But it has a condo you can live in and a car on the deck. Load your clothes and food, turn the Volvo key, put the auto-shift transmission into "D", then travel smoothly and safely as far as you desire. This system can also be sized to accommodate a 2-door Jeep on deck, so you can haul your Jeep to a trail-head/event, and live in the truck. Central Vacuum ? No clutch, Eaton Auto-Shift 10 speed transmission. The 630 and 670 are the same cab, except the 670 is full-height. Hitch placement is a critical element that interacts with the bed. Browse our inventory of new and used RV Haulers For Sale at TruckPaper.com. That goes back to how semi-trucks are expected to perform. There is one berth across the back of the sleeper with storage below it. Custom Smydt 30,000# air suspension 5th wheel plate. You can start with any of our deck modules and add side boxes or other components. ? So it is easy to find service for the truck – far easier than for a pickup truck. It can be built up – over time – to the full bed with side boxes. Our Volvo 780 had a D16 Volvo engine in it. On steel products, all surfaces of the drom are fully powder-coated black. There may be cabinets behind the driver’s and passenger’s seats. 450 HP Cummings engine. We can also single the truck, or reposition the axles as needed. In addition to our flagship fully skirted bodies, we also produce a modular body that can be built in stages and is more economical. With the fifty degree Volvo wheel-cut (how far you can turn the wheels) you can maneuver far better than any pickup. As you can see, Volvo trucks fill a lot of needs in commercial trucking circles. If using the present lighting, it may have to be brought up to DOT standards with proper side markers and reflectors. the same as a crew cab dually, and it maneuvers better.

It allows storage for two 12’x1’ smart car ramps (or equivalent). And the fender mirror(s) allows you to easily see the blind spots.

Single or tandem – the modular body is available for any truck style, size or brand. This is a much larger engine than the ISM, and would cost in the $20,000 range to rebuild. Also 2-5/16" Gooseneck (40,000#) and 2" receiver. 2012 Scion (High) IQ: ?

, not the actual weight) plus the trailer GVWR is over 26,000 lbs you need an upgraded license – in the case of a truck/trailer you need a Class A Exempt (“exempt”, meaning exempt from CDL regulations). Like the VN 660, the VN 770 has windows for the upper berth. It is far more comfortable than a pickup pulling an equivalent size trailer since it has all air ride; air ride suspension, hitch, cab and air ride seats.

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