There is no silver bullet in art research, it's just a matter of lots of patience. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Some art researcher IDed the painting by a fingerprint of the artist! Once you have a comprehensive list, then approach a local auction house or art dealer and ask for their suggestions. Of course, you might have either the original or a copy by another artist, but I suspect that if your picture has a printed label with the name of the picture on it, and possibly the name of the publishing company that created it, then it's very likely just a print. Living artists will sometimes buy back earlier work, and it can often be worth approaching the artist, or his or her designated art dealer, before placing a picture up for auction. You may have to accept that not all artwork is identifiable and that sometimes you have to live with the mystery and just enjoy the picture for what it is.

Rule 2 does not apply when replying to this stickied comment. Maigret In Montmartre,

I'm afraid I don't offer a personal research service. @JasonBermas (@lynndoodles) January 22, 2019 Definitely Dershowitz with his little pee pee out as u/RoseBobtail mentioned.
Answer: Both Tom Lieber and George Lemmers are listed artists whose works often pass through auctions and galleries. Ha,ha.

Pretty sure that's Clinton on the TV to the left, Trump on the mushroom to the left of that -- it's a wonderful depiction of Trump. It's been donated to raise funds for an animal charity.

The Joy of Painting would eventually be carried by more than 275 stations, spawning an empire that would include videos, how-to books, art supplies and certified Bob Ross instructors.

Answer: Sorry Alvin, I don't offer this service, but even if I did, it's quite possible that your picture's artist might never be identified. That said, rare and valuable items are uncovered every day. Most important as Maria stated - Les Wexner the head of the snake.

Senator and was assassinated during his run for the presidency. Amanda Severn (author) from UK on July 01, 2020: There are currently four listings of paintings by this artist on Things to remember when trying to decide if your picture is a forgery: Forgeries can be very hard to spot, and it takes an expert on a given artist to give a definitive answer. A forgery only becomes a forgery when there is an attempt to deceive. Jesus Deposition,

I assume she is an artist local to your area, and for this reason I suggest that you ask advice from an auction house or art dealer closer to home. It took her years of research to prove it but she did. My artwork has an artist signature, but how do I know if the artist's work is valuable?

Question: I have several paintings that I believe to be of value. The majority of his original oil paintings were donated to charities or to PBS stations. The difference between a copy and a forgery is that the copy is not pretending to be the real deal. Not sure who's the one between him and Andrew, looks like Bezos maybe?


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