It is better to stay less than 30 minutes than to stay more than. If you want to relax, limit your sessions to 20 minutes. You’re staying in the sauna for too long 4. Haha. You might hear that some people are active after a sauna session. Your Body Is Not Used to Infrared Sauna Yet, Why You Feel Worse and Sick After Infrared Sauna, Your Infrared Sauna Is Stimulating Your Body With Artificial Fever, You Are Staying In The Sauna For Too Long, So Why Do I Feel Worse After Infrared Sauna, Some 11 Health Benefits of far Infrared Sauna, Truth About Infrared Sauna Calories Burned, 19 Frequently Asked Questions About Infrared Sauna. You DO NOT need to heat the sauna to it’s max temp, You’re just starting out. Low blood pressure is dangerous if you’re pregnant, have just consumed alcohol, or have unstable angina pectoris. It does take time to recover and adjust. Today, I want us to consider a question that is common with infrared sauna users: Why do I feel worse after infrared sauna?

Your sauna temperature is too hot for you. Pro tip: Drink plenty of water 10 to 30 minutes before you go in for your sauna session to avoid dehydration. For anyone new, to infrared saunas, you’ll know what I’m talking about. We get a commission if you click through any of the links on this website and ultimately make a purchase. However, if you’re on medications, have implanted medical devices, or have a medical condition — whether acute or chronic — you should be cautious. Some people may not even be able to do that and that is fine.

Artificially raising your temperature to over 100F is similar to having a fever, Your blood pressure will drop a little, so you may experience palpitations. Infrared Sauna Dangers to Be Conscious About? According to a 2018 systematic review, the negative signs and symptoms of sauna use include: One small 2013 study found that continuous sauna exposure, which consisted of 2 sauna sessions per week for 3 months — each lasting 15 minutes — demonstrated impairment of sperm count and motility. Our Office: Because I painstakingly had to learn it when it happened to me. You can stay longer to reap more benefits. This is why after your sauna, you should jump into a cold shower. Dr. Sharma says the dry heat generated in an infrared sauna can cause you to become overheated, and if used for a prolonged session, it can also cause dehydration and even heat exhaustion or heat stroke. While that might be the case for some, especially if you’re a regular sauna user, for a lot of us, especially if you’re new, that’s not ideal.

Benefits and Disadvantages. There is also potentially another aspect that affects some, but not all of you in this situation. I thought it might be worth it adding a few other tips to help you through the process. To put it correctly, this question is common mostly with first time infrared sauna users and not really with people who have become accustomed to infrared saunas. Train the body and the mind I say. It’s because your body is being exposed to an unnatural heat, so your body thinks it has a fever, bit odd isn’t it. Then once you are comfortable with the temps and you can handle it, work your way up from there. This however does not affect the quality of the information we share on the site, and it does not affect the price you will pay for any product. The recommended time is around 30 minutes for an infrared sauna session, but you don’t need to stick to that exactly.

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