Check the setting. o������Јv>d=;�* 9��9�k};�U,��;����7F-�/?0�����;t�[� �Ɓm�`_X���! Our biased differential relay is an old static relay which has interposing CT (ICT) on both side. In modern Numerical Relays, this elimination of zero sequence current do not need such connection of line CT secondary. Therefore, line current in AS = (100-x) A. Why? -Working & Types of UPS Explained. Next you might ask why we didn’t connect these CTs in delta? This also have one more advantage. The source provides no positive or negative sequence current to any fault. [V� Uj��kN�3�ϡo����hl Twhl�#kf��4�w�/�L ��%B:T*�CiDaNR5��2�}l燶���j��є�Tt�&����� ��r_�2V��K�� In case of single line to ground fault in STAR side, fault current in line will contain zero sequence current component but due to DELTA connection of CTs, this zero sequence current will circulate around the DELTA loop. If-0 = zero sequence current; X2 = zero sequence reactance; By principle, the single line to ground fault will develop and equivalent network where all sequence networks are connected in series. When the system fails, the three phases become asymmetrical, then the decomposition of the amplitude of the negative sequenc. I��k� ��� �ۖ��PY޷��0���1�}�q�e�~�m�v;ۛq8Ax.�3Ë+��oئtMGY��\[�0�������㛍�;~qIm�~�P�W�_#�2�r�E���>KU��^�^\��AY����eEu�r��0��Z�^y+��D�?8u���%��:}���Kyu��;�t��y���#�X{Wu�C�榰��[+�q�6��Q�J��G�S�_�xV�ZǻV&w�:;i���EU%� ��b��J�T*�E�7�7�Z���!ׇ�,����s�����R"�2Uֈp���|#�n�f7�]qB�9>��$�ņ'���݈���X��V�0v�oW�8����: 4*K#��ДzE�2��6��rE��^��gq�+?�7�'��4ت�w�z��S՚�z�ZĀj��W���ë���,�L�3���IM@3Q�Z(3����f��`�, �Kr�6i#�*��-��Y���JW&\��s�@ē�����y�X�5.x� �9>�T���q�x[[D�nZ���NͲe��i �̴�0��*i|�/����"�H�7��-](�N�����sZW. If the CT input to relay is Ia, then the input from differential calculation of relay will be (Ia – I0). What the numerical relay does is that it calculates the zero sequence current as. Zero sequence voltage is a three-phase line in a phase or two-phase ground generated, the size depends on the degree of grounding, metal grounding, non-metallic grounding, is the grounding resistance. During fault condition in Star side on transformer zero sequence current in delta side?? Zero sequence power at the point of failure, the fault point of the zero sequence voltage is highest, the distance from the fault point in the system the lower the zero sequence voltage, dependinge and zero sequence of the degree of measurement (sometimes only one of them), so by detecting the two should not be normal The weight of the system, you can know the system out of the problem (especially when the single-phase ground zero sequence component). An example is a three-phase wye-grounded-delta transformer connected to the line on thewye side. Since 100 A of current is flowing in winding PN of star side, therefore, the current in corresponding delta side of winding AB will also be 100 A as voltage ratio is assumed unity. May I know for the zero sequence filtering to work, how should my ICT connection be? Thank you so much… I am an engineer working in 400kV substation.

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