Setting up a company in line with the principles of social business is always challenging. A social business is an enterprise which does not distribute any dividend, but instead invests profits in social projects. When we founded Uni2grow — an NGO committed to awarding scholarships to university students in Africa — in Lugano in 2012, what was crucial for us was to create a model not solely reliant on donations.

Instead, we wanted to create a real business, one which generated its own, sustainable income. To cut a long story short, we subsequently founded Uni2grow Cameroun (U2GC), a software company based in Dschang, Cameroon. Staffed by promising young local IT professionals, U2GC is an official partner of Appway.

Global interconnectedness and the Internet supported us in rising to the challenge of providing opportunities to talented young people in Dschang. We have undertaken several small projects for Appway clients, at first through Appway, and then, over the last two years, interacting directly with end clients. Today, we can count projects with major European banks and a couple days of work with a Chinese bank among our successes. Picture this: a Cameroonian business working on a project for a China-based bank to implement the software of a Swiss company!

Our activity has mainly focused on document management, and a recent collaboration with a start-up has given us the chance to develop solid skills working on the workflow engine of Appway 6 and Appway 7.

Appway has been a unique partner for our NGO as we have grown. We will always be thankful to the company for the support and trust they have placed in us as they challenged us to deliver. Uni2grow Cameroun has never compromised that trust, maintaining high-quality standards and producing the expected project deliverables over the course of our partnership.

Western Africa: Uni2grow Cameroun

Uni2grow Cameroun has seven members of staff. The CEO is a Cameroonian man with an Italian passport, who returned to Cameroon after ten years in Italy. Clients establish direct contractual relationships with Uni2Grow Switzerland, the contractual counterparty of Uni2Grow Cameroun.    Read More Here

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