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Open Hospital Is a free and open source hospital management software created by an Italian association Informatici Sienza Fontiere (ISF). This project was launched following a meeting between the founders of ISF and Dr Mario Marsiaj, coordinator of Saint-Luc Hospital in Angal, Uganda.

  • Patient management
  • Visit management
  • Patient Hospitalization
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory management
  • Reports generation
Open Hospital in Cameroon
Open Hospital in Togo
Open Hospital in Togo - Dédomé experience _eng
Open Hospital in Togo - Dédomé experience _fr


Thanks to the participation of Uni2grow Cameroon Ltd., this software is actually used in several health centers in Cameroon since 2017, particularly in the western region, namely:


Catholic medical center of Foumban - Nord

Since 2019


Catholic health center of Magba

Since 2020


Catholic medical center of Tonga

Since 2020


Catholic health center Lafé - Baleng

Since 2020

Center Town Year
Hospital St. Vincent de Paul Dschang 2017
Catholic medical center of Foumban - Nord Foumban 2019
Catholic medical center of Tonga Tonga 2020
Hospital St. Gothar de Dédomé Dédomé, Togo 2020
Catholic Medical Center of Batcham-Fielah Batcham 2020
Catholic Health Center of Koptamo Koptamo 2020
Catholic Health Center of Lafé-Baleng Baleng par Bafoussam 2020
Catholic Health Center of Semto Semto par Bandjoun 2020
Catholic Health Center of Magba Magba 2020
Swiss Hospital of Mada Mada 2021


Uni2grow Cameroon Ltd., center of expertise

Open Hospital for Francophone Africa


Installing Open Hospital is crucial, to efficiently deploy hospital management software by checking prerequisites, installing necessary components and configuring it for hospital operations.


A competent team is in charge of the complete training of Open Hospital users for the mastery of the functionalities, the management of the patient files, the planning of the resources in order to optimize the management of your health establishment.


We provide maintenance services by fixing bugs, updating, monitoring performances and providing support to keep Open Hospital running smoothly.

Upgrade and follow up

The new versions of Open Hospital offer improved features, optimized performances and bug fixes. This upgrade meets up with the changing needs of healthcare facilities and optimizes hospital management.

Hospitalization management

Adopt Open Hospital for a management of
optimal hospitalization

With Open Hospital, you benefit from a complete solution to efficiently manage the operations of your healthcare establishment, from monitoring patient files to resource planning. Simplify your hospital management while saving costs with this free software.

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