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The Swiss Uni2grow scholarship is offered to students at the University of Dschang every year. The aim of this scholarship is to offer these young people the opportunity to attend school under the best possible conditions, in order to optimize their academic performance. Every year since 2011, students selected on the basis of academic criteria and socio-economic conditions have been awarded 1,000 Euros or 650,000 XAF (at a rate of 65,000 XAF / per month for 10 months), in addition to tuition fees, irrespective of the amount of tuition.

Required qualifications for
the scholarships

Specific region
Being a student residing in the city of Dschang.
Academic excellence
The student must have a high academic level.
Financial needs
Scholarship for students in financial needs.
Community commitment
Social activities, leadership.


Application guide for our school scholarships

For this academic year 2022-2023, 19 students from the Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Management, Computer Science, Law, Bilingual Literature, Biochemistry and Earth Science sectors have been selected and will also benefit from academic support and a support in the community implementation of their 100-hour activities.

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